New AMG SL 63 v BMW M8 v Audi R8: DRAG RACE

Thanks to for providing us their M8!

We have actually got our hands on the brand new 63, and Mat's ready to see if it has what it takes to lower a few of its closest competitors – the M8, and the Spyder!

So let's see how the three compare. Beginning with the , it's powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 which is good for 585hp and 800Nm of torque. Power is sent to all four wheels by means of a 9-speed automatic gearbox, and it ideas the scales at 2,048 kg. But not only is it fairly heavy, it's quite pricey, costing from ₤ 172,000!

Then alongside it we have the BMW M8. Raise the bonnet and you'll discover a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet, which benefits 625hp and 750Nm. So it's up on power compared to the , however it's likewise up on weight, tipping the scales at 2,100 kg! The good news is it'll leave a slightly smaller dent on your bank balance, with the cost starting from ₤ 142,000.

Then lastly we have the R8 Spyder. It's powered by a 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 that can put down 620hp and 580Nm of torque. Power is sent out to all four wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and it's the lightest automobile here, weighing in at just 1,695 kg.

So will the all-new SL 63 win it? There's just one method to find out for sure … LET'S RACE!


76 responses to “New AMG SL 63 v BMW M8 v Audi R8: DRAG RACE”

  1. @RevXRC Avatar

    Mat, do you realise it took you 8 minutes to start the race?

    1. @ynaadsvfx5023 Avatar

      Yea so long

    2. @KULI247 Avatar

      They waffle along for ages

    3. @ynaadsvfx5023 Avatar


    4. @vct51 Avatar

      pointless race at that, real one took more like 10 xd

    5. @ayanrahman9371 Avatar

      yal remember when the races used to all be 8 mins max 😂. Just yapping is 8mins now

  2. @ebosejoy8746 Avatar

    Thank you carwow for a wonderful year of car review with zero disappointments, I wish you and everyone else here a happy new year in advance

    1. @Dazza5007 Avatar

      Agreed 🎉good job glad I found this channel , looking forward to 2024 races etc , just hope not too many EV races as so boring 😂

    2. @anthonypena6322 Avatar

      Yes, I agree that it was a wonderful year. Late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all of the Carwow watchers around the world!

  3. @danielshinerock1526 Avatar

    Still a Audi V10 would be good! A race with these cars in the dry would be good.The only way we would see the real quarter mile times of these cars.

  4. @itsJairy Avatar

    All three cars are stunning but the elegant amgs are my absolute favourites

    1. @matmul4850 Avatar

      Only one AMG there

  5. @AL71B Avatar

    I never get tired of the sound of that Audi V10. Absolutely the best sounding engine. Shame on Audi for cancelling it.

    1. @colthall6420 Avatar

      No shame. They’ve given us decent looking v10 na sports cars for over 10 years! 🙌🏽

    2. @jimbruttan69420 Avatar

      “This car put us back on the map”
      “Yeah, cancel it”

    3. @Ar1AnX1x Avatar

      @@jimbruttan69420 they’re probably cooking up something that could be better, these companies aren’t that stupid, are they?

    4. @Bongz187 Avatar

      LFA and Carrera GT have entered the chat

    5. @apennatie1499 Avatar

      Dodge Viper has entered the chat.

  6. @qaisqk7490 Avatar

    The channel became more about matt winning the races than about car races.

    1. @nothingbutice3833 Avatar

      He’s a goof

    2. @ahmadmoon72 Avatar

      I dont see a problem with that

    3. @hyper.rsa.5414 Avatar

      Fr bro

    4. @trackingcalin1988 Avatar

      More about driving skills than cars.

    5. @Elvis-mg6vb Avatar

      Yep, and when he doesn’t win there’s plenty of excuses why he didn’t but should have. 😊😊 as was the case once again here

  7. @No-Name360 Avatar

    The Mercedes have impressed everyone with having the least power and weighting similar to m8 it’s very close well 👍 done

    1. @alok5065 Avatar

      The merc had the most torque tho

    2. @dcky4548 Avatar


    3. @vladimirtomasek6380 Avatar

      😊p😊😊😊 😊

    4. @qwertyqwerty-zi6dr Avatar

      Sl has 50 more nm and it s 52 kg lighter than m8, while m8 has 40 hp more

    5. @Introgamer14 Avatar

      Guys – Torque doenst make you quicker. Horsepower does as it is a product of Torque and RPM. The more Torque just comes through an overboost of the turbos.
      Technically AMG did the best job here

  8. @dzontravolta3952 Avatar

    That Audi , the sound 🙆🔥 i just don’t understand why the launch is so bad , it bugs always.

    1. @tonybrg999 Avatar

      Well it didn’t after the first two but ye, annoying that it takes a few tries

  9. @alexis1052 Avatar

    As a hardcore BMW guy, I gotta admit that SL63 is just freaking beautiful

    1. @danielshinerock1526 Avatar

      I agree. It is a beauty. I test drive the M8 and it is a lovely classy car. Long distance cruiser.I will have a test drive in that Sl soon.

    2. @CircumcisedUnicorn Avatar

      @@dominikdbdbwhat do you drive? Fiat 500?

    3. @jerrydino1310 Avatar

      ​@dominikdbdb you’re boring dude. Seriously

    4. @jerrydino1310 Avatar

      It’s the newest car here

    5. @framey9703 Avatar

      @@dominikdbdb bmw lives in your head rent free as i can see from all of your comments on this channel 🤣

  10. @Miketekbuilds Avatar

    Amazing how all 3 cars keep it in a straight line in those weather conditions

    1. @jabariphillips8855 Avatar

      The difference good tires and well engineered drivetrains/electronics can make

  11. @umarpatel6447 Avatar

    The funniest moment 22:22 Matt and Rory explaining what went wrong while Sam gives out the one liner 😂

    1. @milinddixit6583 Avatar

      I was hoping Sam would explain why the SL was waddling side to side for the whole of that brake test. Weird way of shifting braking power but clearly it worked.

    2. @umarpatel6447 Avatar

      @@milinddixit6583 same 😅

  12. @bcraftin7846 Avatar

    Matt cheated and threw a tantrum until he won the drag race! SMH BIG UP to the SL63. 👍🏽

    1. @LaniSimelane Avatar

      Matt never wants to accept a loss 😅

    2. @MahmutEkinci Avatar

      As a guy who loves BMWs, i gotta admit the SL63 is a very good car. Better than the R8

    3. @lloydbonafide3398 Avatar

      Yeah he does it all the time. He has to win lol.

    4. @manilove2pwn Avatar

      you must have to have a IQ of 63 to pay almost 200k for that merc

    5. @bcraftin7846 Avatar

      @@lloydbonafide3398 😂 Facts!

  13. @mrbreathtaker7031 Avatar

    The Mercedes did way better than i thought and yes it does look good

    1. @pete64041 Avatar

      They all look good i would take the one that won’t get smoked at the light lol

    2. @mrbreathtaker7031 Avatar

      @@pete64041 tbh I’m not sure which one like in the drag race they all won but if i had to chose I’d the audi but not a convertible one i really hate soft tops

    3. @kevinmitchell766 Avatar

      @pete64041  Stop racing from stoplights. It’s dangerous. 😀

    4. @lloydbonafide3398 Avatar

      ​@pete64041 you should take the one that is quick, comfortable, good on corners, maybe the one that gets you more or less attention, the nest interior thats your happy to look at everyday. But hey if speed is your thing go for it lol.

    5. @henzo7087 Avatar

      BMW did better

  14. @shelby9118 Avatar

    Surprisingly the Mercedes did a great job 👏 😂 it’s been a long time

    1. @unknown_4656 Avatar

      Mercedes always does a great job

    2. @nasirmahmood4034 Avatar

      Mercedes is mother fucking

    3. @shelby9118 Avatar

      Compared to the competition no, let’s be real bro

    4. @Introgamer14 Avatar

      ​@@shelby9118I mean let’s be honest.
      Merc always did a great job, which doesn’t mean winning drag races all the time.
      BMW had issues with their launch control for almost a decade.
      Audi bogged down in a lot of races.
      Merc being comfortable, elegant and powerful at the same time leads to their success.
      Merc all day every day

    5. @Leo_0088 Avatar

      @@Introgamer14not really in most of the drag races the bmw wins over the Mercedes

  15. @user-mx6qk3jw9x Avatar

    shouldve shown the fastest drag race times for each car instead of the times just for the last race. But on another note that SL is hands down the best looking car by a mile, has the perfect balance between elegance and sportiness.

    1. @vladislavdimitrov4646 Avatar

      Man, not everyone in the world likes the swoopy rear end and the triangular headlights that has nothing to do with the soft graphics of the whole car.

    2. @bongiswatsabedze3009 Avatar

      I also thought they would, seems a little biased to only show the times where the audi won.

  16. @lars.v9113 Avatar

    Considering the SL got less than 35 hp than both the M8 and R8 , and weighs a lot more than the R8 , it did a fantastic job!

    1. @Mr.A687 Avatar

      In fact, the SL63 AMG could have won, but its driver did not drive well in the last 2 rounds.

    2. @ayanrahman9371 Avatar

      @@Mr.A687nah it just bogged. not his fault and in dry conditions would be dropped by the m8 and r8

    3. @waverleyjournalise5757 Avatar

      @@ayanrahman9371 so what you mean is that the m8 and r8 have terrible traction control

    4. @gyula6516 Avatar

      De sl has much much more torque tho

    5. @alalal123421 Avatar

      hideous car though

  17. @MrLebetaSir Avatar

    The SL is to die for.

    1. @manilove2pwn Avatar

      you must have to have a IQ of 63 to pay almost 200k for that merc

    2. @mk3tsi Avatar


  18. @jajahmal8780 Avatar

    Would love to see this race in dry conditions! 😊

  19. @zk9058 Avatar

    It’s a shame it rains so much across the pond, I’d love to see this drag race in the dry!

  20. @sds2954 Avatar

    Coming from a BMW guy, i have to admit that SL is a beauty. Though it is the newest of the bunch. I also have to give props to the M8 and the R8. They are gorgeous in their own right and have aged like fine wine

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