New 900hp Lotus Eletre R SUV driven with 1/4-mile TEST

Mat's finally got his hands on the !

The Eletre is the first SUV ever created, and Mat's ready to discover if this all-electric has what it takes to take on rivals like the Tesla Model X Plaid!

For starters, let's have a look at the looks. From the front end, there's a sloping bonnet and an entire host of vents, and if anything it advises us a bit of the Lamborghini Urus! However, unlike the Urus, every vent you can see on this cars and truck serves a function – there's no fakery here! Moving down the side you'll keep in mind there are black surrounds around the windows and on the side mirrors, and around the back, there's a set of small spoilers, a bootlip spoiler and a few more vents to assist improve performance.

Step within and the excellent appearances continue! The interior has a sporty feel to it, with high-quality products discovered throughout the cabin. There are a variety of physical switches which feel quite tough, and even the tiniest areas or buttons are made to feel pricey. What's more, there's a choice of 3 screens – a little digital dial screen for the driver, a huge infotainment screen, and after that a little screen for the traveler to use.

The quality continues through to the back seats, too, where there's the alternative to add two sports seats similar to what you'll find in the front! These can also be electrically operated.

There will be 2 versions of the Eletre on sale, and both come with dual motors and a 112kWh battery. The entry-level Eletre & Eletre S can produce 603hp, while the range-topping can produce 905hp! What's more, the R should have the ability to hit 60mph in under 3 seconds! When it pertains to price, the Eletre starts from ₤ 89,500, rising up to ₤ 120,000 for the R edition.

But is it worth it? And should you choose it over the similarity a Tesla Design X Plaid? Stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:38 Style
02:54 Interior
06:54 Rear seats
08:27 Boot
10:06 Batteries & Motors
10:40 0-60 & 1/4-mile
12:21 Eletre R Driving
16:53 Verdict

Tesla Model X v Ferrari SF90 v Aventador SVJ:

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59 responses to “New 900hp Lotus Eletre R SUV driven with 1/4-mile TEST”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Name a better looking electric car. We’ll wait…

    1. Anchy Ivankovic Avatar
      Anchy Ivankovic

      Audi e-tron GT

    2. Arnold Ikedichi Okpani Avatar
      Arnold Ikedichi Okpani

      Mustang Mach E

    3. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      We need a Hyundai Getz sx on this channel day 199

    4. AG Boi Avatar
      AG Boi

      the model x plaid and the lucid gravity since it’s an suv

    5. BeanApprentice Avatar

      You’re kidding, right? This thing looks bloated as hell.

  2. Alexander Avatar

    I mean, for this kind of money, it far exceeds other SUV in the current market, I really like it personally. If I had the opportunity to acquire this one, I’d do it in a heartbeat

    1. Ant 88 Avatar
      Ant 88

      @The Saif Creations  so cant i ask you what do you know about its reliability then? and its *advise too “dude I’d learn to” spell before being funny😂😂😂😂 and you missed a *do😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Andrew Dalton Avatar
      Andrew Dalton

      ​@The Saif CreationsThe x model starts at 94 Grand. Are u talking about the Y model?

    3. Scnottaken Avatar

      @What’s Good My Guy and these higher class of SUVs outclass gas powered ones there anyway. Going 0-60 <3s is a different class of speed altogether than going 0-60 in <4s. That’s a 25% increase in acceleration. Not as fast as.

    4. Panos Avatar

      A big IF!

    5. The Saif Creations Avatar
      The Saif Creations

      @Ant 88haha so funny 😂😂 so when you don’t have an answer you start picking on spelling 😂

  3. Iron Blue Avatar
    Iron Blue

    The inside was really good

  4. YouTubeCommunity Avatar

    First 200 miles must be a blast.

    1. Furqan Hussain Avatar
      Furqan Hussain

      @Carter Rogers I understand why you’d think that, but that’s not actually the case. EV’s tend to have a lot more technology and computers which cost far more to repair when they go wrong compared to the easily replaceable parts on an ICE car. A couple of recent studies – one by Consumer Reports in the U.S., and another one by Which? in the UK – suggest that electric vehicles are considerably less reliable than gasoline ones, at least in the first four years of ownership.

    2. vibeslide Avatar

      @Carter Rogers Yeah, battery life time is legendary on electric cars, no moving parts!

    3. Tim Austin Avatar
      Tim Austin

      ​@Furqan Hussain those studies mainly highlighted things that aren’t unique to EVs but more prevalent, like fancy door handles.

      The actual drivetrain components are significantly more reliable.

    4. AJ F Avatar
      AJ F

      @Tim Austin not if you compare it to a lexus per say. Try to find an ev with an original battery that lasted over 200k miles.

    5. J J Avatar
      J J

      ​@AJ F plenty of EVs out there with galactic miles on its original battery. It was mainly the air cooled Nissan leaf batteries that gave that bad rep.

  5. lTheDopeRaBBiTl Avatar

    Lotus accidentally discovered how to make the car more fun with that rear wheel steering bug😂

    1. K M Avatar
      K M

      Reason why rws shouldnt be a thing

    2. XFDADX Avatar

      @lTheDopeRaBBiTl People with non-brown eyes are disabled but it’s not really an issue, is it?

    3. Francisco Andrés Montes Torres Avatar
      Francisco Andrés Montes Torres

      Is this a Polestar 3?

    4. Freek Hoekstra Avatar
      Freek Hoekstra

      Accidentally switched the torque vectoring to the opposite wheel, for extra squirrelyness

    5. Tony Dwietwarze Avatar
      Tony Dwietwarze

      ​@The Echelon Todd Howard;) Elder scrolls

  6. Sumba Listens.  Avatar
    Sumba Listens.

    Woah, Lotus. This car is actually REALLY good! 😂Potentially best SUV in its class

    1. Connor O'Beirne Avatar
      Connor O’Beirne

      @Francisco Andrés Montes Torres dude it literally says in the TITLE OF THE VIDEO that it’s a Lotus Eletre R

    2. k-mo Avatar

      @Ant 88 just winding the guy up. Folk are too serious

    3. Karl K. Avatar
      Karl K.

      IX M60 is just as good

    4. Thunder Pants Avatar
      Thunder Pants

      Crap, looks like any Asian heap. Just pick a badge and throw it on. That vs a Urus, no contest

  7. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    2.99 second 0-60 is crazy to get your mind wrapped around despite how heavy this is. I wonder what its drag coefficient is???

    1. armoredp Avatar

      Drag coefficient really isn’t relevant to 0-60. You could get a box to accelerate that fast with the right transmission/engine/tires.

    2. tren133 Avatar

      @Gord66 Geely has been on a roll lately, with every single one of their latest EVs built on their new SEA platform looking like winners: Zeekr 001, Lotus Eletre, Smart #1, Volvo EX90, Polestar 3 and 4, Zeekr X. Sadly their even more affordable EVs and PHEVs sold under their Geely Galaxy and Geely Geometry brands (like the super cheap and super cute Panda Mini) are China only. Zeekr X is coming to Europe, though, and it is super cheap in China. If it doesn’t get too much more expensive it could be a big seller in Europe.

      Edit: Oh and also the weird looking Zeekr 009 MPV, and even a fully electric PICKUP!!! (Radar RD6).

    3. Juan Ramirez Avatar
      Juan Ramirez

      Remember its preproduction not heated tyres

    4. KingofInterns Avatar

      ​@Vasil this car is way nicer than tesla model x. Design, materials, build quality and ergonomics. Not even close.

    5. Dylan Avatar

      Drag difference would have a negligible effect on 0-60 time

  8. Ghost 227 Avatar
    Ghost 227

    Never been into electric cars too much, but this one is very nice – lots of very good features, nice build, nice space. I like it!

    1. Neojhun Avatar

      The same reason why I like Holden HSV Supercharged V8s is the same reason why I like Pure Electric Cars. The reasons why I hate some ICE cars especially 4 Bangers is the same reason why I hate the 100% Petrol powered Toyota Prius. Funny how things actually work in reality and not based on misconceptions.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Neojhun Ren Hazuki, one of the characters from Liella also loves electric cars like this Lotus Eletre.

  9. A R Avatar
    A R

    I just Love how Matt always has a sly dig at Mercedes and their terrible build quality 🤣

  10. h g Avatar
    h g

    So its a well build, practical Lotus SUV!? Sounded strange when it was shown the first time, but now seems REALLY good! But how can you so easily gloss over the 60W USB-C charger in the back? That’s so amazing to finally see, so one can actually charge a Laptop in the back without any annoying dongle or adapter!

    1. Not again Avatar
      Not again

      Yes, i noticed that rare feature too

  11. D T Avatar
    D T

    Well. This explains why Mat Watson was in Shanghai Auto Show. He was invited by Lotus to review this electric SUV in China.

    1. rustler08 Avatar

      in West Taiwan*

    2. James OuYang Avatar
      James OuYang

      ​@rustler08 In ur dreams lmao

  12. ahmed abdi Avatar
    ahmed abdi

    Really not a fan of electric cars but what lotus has been doing lately both with petrol cars like Lotus Emira & this electric SUV Lotus Eletre has really made me think about looking into electric SUVs. For that price, the quality of both the interior & exterior it’s a great package & if I was searching for an electric car this would be it. Wow Lotus keep the great work

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Ren Hazuki and Kanon Shibuya both are a fan of electric cars.

    2. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      ​@Purwanti Allan Nobody asked

    3. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      I bet it is really lovely and if I had the money, I would definitely buy it. But, as Jeremy Clarkson once said with the Citroen C6, watch it flop.

  13. Some_One_001 Avatar

    That interior is how it should be done. Physical buttons where they should be, a good screen, quality interior, and the interior design defiantly the best from all the EV’s ive seen. Putting this car on my short list to purchase.

    1. superlupo16armin Avatar

      The colours are terrible though…

  14. Max Straesser Avatar
    Max Straesser

    Massive win for Lotus. By far the best car in its segment.

  15. Big Daddy Swole Avatar
    Big Daddy Swole

    I’m not an SUV person at all but I’d buy this 💯 😍

  16. Illuminati Destroyer Bear Avatar
    Illuminati Destroyer Bear

    I love that they made the wheel arches round instead of the ugly trend to square them. Over all I like the design of it inside and out.

  17. Noel 718 Avatar
    Noel 718

    that’s a futuristic yet somehow traditionally luxurious interior. Exterior seems kinda weird looking but that interior is 10/10

  18. Azzy B Avatar
    Azzy B

    This is definitely my favourite SUV currently on sale right now 🙌
    Great job Lotus 👏

  19. Sonny Man Avatar
    Sonny Man

    9:44 “Oh. I think the car is pleased to see me”.

    Love Mat. That line had me chuckling.

    1. Sawela Gebashe Avatar
      Sawela Gebashe

      😂😂I though I was the only one who heard that

  20. Kasem B Avatar
    Kasem B

    The amount of luxury, quality and performance you get from that price is actually insane. Potentially the best SUV on market

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