My Porsche Courtesy Car could prove VERY expensive ! | 4K

I just recently had my Boxster in for a major service and the courtesy car they offered me could prove really expensive!

I simply had to do a quick review on the new Macan T and give you an appearance aroung the Centre Portsmouth show room.


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31 responses to “My Porsche Courtesy Car could prove VERY expensive ! | 4K”

  1. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    That must have been a whie ago as there was no work on the garage/barn going on

    1. @Yorkshiremadmick Avatar

      Yep big continuity error 👍🏻

    2. @greenyrog Avatar

      Check out the trees, no leaves

  2. @billynixon5573 Avatar

    Kelly @ Porsche Portsmouth is excellent in the service team. You’re not always guaranteed a Porsche though as a courtesy car, I’ve been given an Audi Q5 previously!

  3. @paulgarrad1581 Avatar

    In theory your non-standard exhaust should mean they’ll decline an extended warranty. Good luck.

  4. @heathoatmeal Avatar

    You are going to let the dealer wash your pride & joy….are you mad?!!!!

    1. @rotorhead5006 Avatar

      In fairness, we’ve seen Ped wash a car before… 🙈

    2. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Oy 😮😂

    3. @rotorhead5006 Avatar

      @PetrolPed  I only say it out of kindest, Peter!

      You know it’s true! 😄

    4. @harrycummings6501 Avatar

      @@rotorhead5006My metallic black Boxster had the softest paint I’ve ever had on a car… was terrible, washing it was a worrying event.

    5. @rotorhead5006 Avatar

      @harrycummings6501  I can imagine. Seen too many horrors at dealerships, and elsewhere, so don’t let anybody loose on my cars now!

  5. @colinhankers917 Avatar

    The pot holes are everywhere mate we should tell all mp when they want your vote

  6. @johns14a Avatar

    Service cost wasn’t too bad really, considering it’s a Porsche. Less than I was expecting you to say anyway, even before the discount. It’s true what you say about courtesy cars. When my i30N went in for a service once, they lent me the fastback version. I liked it so much I bought it, after a bit of haggling!

  7. @Hoddle10 Avatar

    Agree re Courtesy car, recently had my Cayman serviced at Porsche Norwich and they put me in a brand new Taycan 4S

  8. @JamesTurnbull-qq4xr Avatar

    Manual gears button is on steering wheel Pete

  9. @peterbowsher1257 Avatar

    Porsche the corporation like all the big manufacturers set the service intervals not the engineers. I like any engineer would recommend changing oil yearly or 5-10,000 miles. This will greatly extend the life of the engine, exactly what the manufacturer does’t want you to do, after all they want you to buy more cars. Also if you only keep cars for short periods without high miles you won’t care either. A perfect example of this is BMW M5 V10 rod bearings, prone to wear and expensive to repair. I know a BMW specialist who works on these regularly and he has told me that ones that had regular oil changes above recommended never have problems but the ones that don’t, you can set the date they will have to be done. I’m sure there are many other examples.

  10. @DarrenDancey Avatar

    Porsche do NOT always give you a Porsche courteous car. Porsche Swindon have given me a Kia the last two times I visited!

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Ah 😢

    2. @jamiesprake7398 Avatar

      Surely not, actually taking the biscuit, I would actually refuse it 😂

    3. @davidbovine Avatar

      Picanto? 😉

  11. @sailingman71 Avatar

    The v6 Macan is the sweet spot.

  12. @kevinnunn1 Avatar

    Porsche club discount at my Porsche Dealership is only 10% & Portsmouth are offering you an extremely good deal at 25% & keep making these excellent videos & enjoy your Boxster too.

  13. @davidthegolfer Avatar

    Pete, as a PCGB member for no extra charge you can get an Esso card which gives you 6 p per litre discount on 98 Ron fuel. You can use that card on ANY car. Saves money.

    1. @robinhosleftfoot Avatar

      Is this available for other brands like MINI owners clubs?

  14. @MoJoAssets Avatar

    So true about courtesy cars! I’ve had 6 Porsches since 2009, and driven every car they have.

  15. @aj-audi6565 Avatar

    TWO years – wow, I remember you picking that up. How time flies 🎉

  16. @briangriffiths114 Avatar

    I usually don’t give the Porsche brand much thought as I’m currently besotted with a local carpenter’s Maclaren, but that dealer’s showroom was incredible!

  17. @ghowells5433 Avatar

    If you pressed the M button on the wheel it would have given you manual PDK gearshift. The Macan is a great car, after three years just sold my GTS and got a m3 touring

  18. @stephengossop9191 Avatar

    I took my 911 to Porsche hull for its last service, booked a curtesy car a month or so in advance like you say.
    They brought round an Audi A6!!!
    I was so disappointed I just said I’d wait in showroom while they completed my service.

  19. @paolozanetti7298 Avatar

    Hallo from Switzerland! I own a 718 Boxster which i love and – interestingly – services cost exactly the same as in the UK. At home we also have the latest Macan S with GTS trim and suspensions. After a Macan diesel and a Macan S, this is by far the better one to drive. Amazingly sporty and comfy for an Suv. Always enjoying your videos 👍 Best

  20. @jonathanboreham8717 Avatar

    Thought the boxer was getting chopped in Pete what a show room my next car is a boxter always wanted one thanks for the service costs happy motoring 👍

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