My Audi R8 has GONE!

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It's time for Mat to say goodbye to his R8 Spyder!

He's been running this drop-top supercar for nearly 9 months now, but regretfully, the time has actually come for it to return to .

The list of everyday chauffeurs that Mat has actually run in the past is definitely amazing. From a Porsche 911 & BMW M5 CS through to an Audi RS6 & AMG G63, it's a list of cars and trucks that needs no intro whatsoever. The question is, can the R8 compare with these supreme makers?

Well, in this video, Mat will go through all the good & bads he's revealed with this automobile. From how unbelievable the marvelous 5.2-litre is, through to tiny details like the lack of ISOFIX points, he'll cover everything concerning this supercar!

If you could choose his next day-to-day motorist, what would you pick? Let us know in the comments!


54 responses to “My Audi R8 has GONE!”

  1. @Hertha_Tribe Avatar

    Sehr tolles Video, es hat mein Leben verändert🤪

  2. @user-fd6hl2zq4y Avatar

    Your audi R8 was my faveroute of your daily drivers oh i loved it but the only problem was the soft limiter ❤

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Did Lotus Elise 2011 has soft limiter too??

    2. @gullible119 Avatar

      ⁠@@purwantiallan5089stop meat riding your lotus

    3. @ralphkbauer Avatar

      The soft limiter turns off, as soon as you do what the car is build for, driving and not disturbing your environment.

    4. @rasherbasher8203 Avatar

      @@gullible119 it’s not got one. It’s a bot I think. Messages/comments complete and utter nonsense .

    5. @v-klasse9448 Avatar


  3. @jacksgamesandtoys8003 Avatar

    (1st) nice audi r8 sadly it got out of production but I did see 3 in my 10 years of car spotting (2008,2020,and another 2020)

  4. @soulasssassin Avatar

    So, in short, you don’t R8 this car very high?


    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Lotus Europa S.2 1968 also has better sound than this Audi R8 Spyder.

    2. @gabriel3192 Avatar

      Bruh what the damn video, he said that he loved it

    3. @shakedlevi5686 Avatar

      You R8!

    4. @0Y02USH Avatar

      Ba-dum tiss…

    5. @j_k_rz Avatar

      This makes me ir8 (irate) 😡😆

  5. @anony-mousex Avatar

    7:55 well Matt maybe if you put the ‘good stuff’ in when you fill up it might actually perform up to spec when launching!

    1. @Taylor___ Avatar

      I reckon you’d lose a minimum of 30 horsepower running E10 vs Shell V power.

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@Taylor___30bhp? Thats quite few then man.

    3. @ethop8273 Avatar

      The bad launches seem to be an issue with the gearbox shifting too early or late. the “good stuff” does not have a noticeable impact on how the car performs. it does aid in engine health especially in bigger engines like these as it lowers the risk of engine knocking so he should still be buying it.

    4. @robinnautica9773 Avatar

      That’s to expensive it’s not his car and you can tell

    5. @dobermankd Avatar

      It’s a press car loaned by Audi.

  6. @HJW018 Avatar

    6:30 Jo, Mat spent all of the holiday money on petrol. 😂😂😂

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Or perhaps on V6 TDI Petrol engine.

    2. @timfagan816 Avatar

      ​@@rasherbasher8203 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. @Vuxchen Avatar

    These cheap shiftpaddels confuse me. Audi has original full aluminium paddels in the RS6 and RS7 part number is 4K0951523F and i retrofitted them into my 2.0 tdi a4 😀 And they would just work plug and play in the R8…

  8. @R8FKL Avatar

    The magnetic paddles I installed on mine are so satisfying… and only cost £100.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      £100? Wow. Thats very cheap. Its also on par with ECU tuning parts.

    2. @R8FKL Avatar

      @@purwantiallan5089 ECU tuning parts for £100? Where from? People charge upwards of £200 for copy-paste remaps.

  9. @bigphilswheels Avatar

    My Golf convertible does the same heater trick. When you lower the roof, it remembers the last heater settings you had with it down, hot or cold! Brilliant. 👍👍

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Is the Elise 111R 2004 has the same heater trick?

  10. @daritter Avatar

    youve launched the car in manual mode every race, then it forced itself to shift, unlike the launches that worked the dash said M1S which means the gearbox is in sport, in the launches that have bugged you it was in M1(you need to shift the car) and then when you redlined it the gearbox shifted itself to M2S

    1. @simondale3980 Avatar

      Agreed that is what it looked like to me too. Short shifted into second, probably because all four wheels span up.

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@simondale3980did he short shifted it into 4th gear straightaway?

    3. @dsung7986 Avatar

      yup, the green “shift up arrow”, which would only appear in manual mode is right there, what other cues are needed? he’s done this with other cars as well in previous videos, they all magically “get bogged down” in a drag race…

    4. @lalinisatoryt Avatar

      Yep, I agree. Seems like it

  11. @ScotRail380018 Avatar

    The R8 is such a special thing. Perfect combination of understated design with an absolute gem of an engine. It’ll be sorely missed.

    As for a new daily driver, if it’s another convertible, probably either a Mercedes-AMG SL 63 or an Aston Martin DB12 Volante.

  12. @juan-carlosfrancois8498 Avatar

    You’re Mat Watson and I’m watching Carwow 😂🔥

  13. @houserhythm Avatar

    That low rumble is what I always loved in the old 6.2L NA AMGs.
    Ever since I was a kid I liked that kind of sound way more than the high revving, high-pitched Ferarri kind of sound.

  14. @goatmonkey2112 Avatar

    Loses a race to a Lamborghini, badly. Two weeks later…

    1. @yog-sothoth37 Avatar

      It wasn’t the loss, it was how it happened. I haven’t seen Matt so angry, ever.

  15. @kofiaddo-oc4kt Avatar

    Mat’s impression on how the R8 launches is top notch😂😂

  16. @Gedalneil Avatar

    I’ve owned a V10 Plus for three years. You didn’t XPEL (ppf) protect, you aren’t putting premium fuel in, and you are under valuing an average of 17MPG on a V10. You should launch in sport, not performance. Performance mode takes traction control off. The carbon ceramics grind at slow speeds. If you clean it, the surface needs to be properly lubricated or you will scratch it. Most of your complaints are your errors (respectfully). I replaced my paddles with carbon fiber ones, but agree with the plastic paddles. The reverse camera is garbage, agree. You are putting S class expectations on an entry level super car. Love your spec (mine is Nardo). I wish you’d actually read this.

    1. @marko_M2003 Avatar

      Hi, r8 V10 plus (2nd gen) is my dream car and I’m seriously considering owning it one day.
      Do you think this car is worth that much money? Do you have any advice? Tnx

    2. @AvocadoAtrocity Avatar


    3. @oskarskalski2982 Avatar

      I bet he didn’t ppf it, or put premium gas just because it wasn’t his, so he didn’t want to add his own money that wouldn’t come back. If this was his I think he would do all those things.

    4. @MitchellS46 Avatar

      You say you owned the car and I do no think Mat owns these cars. Correct me if I am wrong. Some people want to own a car and some people just want to drive a car. There is also a difference in how people take care of a car and when you have to “give it back” you obviously care less. Same as if you own a house or if you rent one if you ask me.
      Noneless I own my car and fill it up with E5. I bett my car costs as much as one R8 brake disc.

    5. @AvocadoAtrocity Avatar

      @@MitchellS46 He’s a car reviewer. He should be treating these cars like gold to get the most out of them for our sake.

  17. @JuliaSchiffer-kx2lm Avatar

    I’ve had a Gen 2 for 7yrs and it’s been a perfect car. Didn’t kerb mine either, hard to see how that could be dragged into a negative about the car

    1. @lurkinnnhornet6521 Avatar

      And your profile picture says exactly *how* you can afford to have the R8…

    2. @Astro_78 Avatar

      bot + copy paste comment

    3. @lurkinnnhornet6521 Avatar

      @@Astro_78 ahhh, cheers 🍻

    4. @nicksnerotw5925 Avatar

      Bot alert! Created 8h ago

  18. @davehemmerman2749 Avatar

    I wonder how our us mere mortals without adaptive cruise and matrix lights manage our day to day lives. Glad the car helps you out after your long shift at Carwow 😂😂

  19. @VailingGoose Avatar

    Roof down and the sound alone must be a satisfying experience.

  20. @GameRiot Avatar

    Put E10 in that car …

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