MotoGP Bike v Rimac Nevera v Turbo Hayabusa: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everyone who help set up this race:
– @RedBullMotorsports
– @BikeWorldTVshow
– @TTSPerformance

Can the almighty Nevera remove 2 of the fastest motorcycles on earth? Well, it's time to learn!

We've got Mat in the Rimac, and he's lining up versus legend on the KTM and a !

So let's see how the 3 accumulate. Starting with the Rimac, it's packing four electric motors, and they combine to produce 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm of torque! It's likewise real estate a 120kWh battery, so naturally, it's pretty heavy, weighing in at 2,300 kg. It's likewise super expensive, being available in at around ₤ 2,000,000!

Along with Mat, we have the bike. It's powered by a 1,000 cc engine that can produce 270hp and 120Nm, and of course, it is SO much lighter than the Rimac, weighing just 157kg!

Then finally we have the Hayabusa. But this is no typical Suzuki Hayabusa! It's had a supercharger fitted to it, and as a result, its 1.3-litre 4-cylinder engine produces 380hp and 340Nm of torque! This bike is equally light, tipping the scales at simply 257kg.

So how will this one play out – will the Rimac nab the win? Or could among the bikes declare the chequered flag? There's just one method to find out … LET'S RACE!

MotoGP Bike v Porsche 918 Spyder:

MotoGP Bike v 1,100 hp Lambo Huracan:

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72 responses to “MotoGP Bike v Rimac Nevera v Turbo Hayabusa: DRAG RACE”

  1. Hello There Avatar
    Hello There

    Dani…that launch is just mental. Chris is easily the bravest man on that field.

    1. C M Avatar
      C M

      My f150 is faster than that turbo trash hayabusa

    2. Hello There Avatar
      Hello There

      @C M that’s nice. But are you capable of launching said Busa?

    3. Jorge SP Avatar
      Jorge SP

      @C Mu must have a lot of power to beat the busa

    4. JVKE PLAYS GAMES Avatar

      ​​@Hello There I would love to see him try launching THAT Busa and hopefully come back apologizing lol

    5. Hello There Avatar
      Hello There

      @jvkecuzwhynot  not even the Turbo Busa. Something more manageable, like a 1290SDR. It’s easy to talk smack when you have 4 wheels to lean on.

  2. Mat Watson Cars Avatar
    Mat Watson Cars

    Pls show your respect to Danny and Chris for their skills and bravery with an appropriate emoji. 🤯🤟💪

    1. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.


    2. NIKI123BXD Avatar


    3. Harz Avatar


    4. Ravi Prasad Avatar
      Ravi Prasad

      💥🤯damn there riding skills are bonker 💯💯🗿🗿

    5. GaryGatch Avatar


  3. revhead929 Avatar

    It speaks to the quality of Carwow races when someone can run a 9.6 sec quarter and come a distant third

    1. BBV Avatar

      Right?!! That’s mental.

    2. Pedigree Ato Avatar
      Pedigree Ato

      That’s absurdity mate

    3. Venerated Mortal Avatar
      Venerated Mortal

      I wish they would show mph

    4. Sina Morovati Avatar
      Sina Morovati

      Exactly! Unbelievable!

    5. Dovydas * Avatar
      Dovydas *

      ​@Venerated MortalWhy would they? Kmh is the most popular metric in the world

  4. Inzanecookie Avatar

    The fact that Dani can launch that bike just as good as an electric hypercar with computers doing everything for you is fooking mental

    1. Arthur Zakaryan Avatar
      Arthur Zakaryan

      It is but Dani isn’t your average MotoGP rider of course so it’s not a complete shock. The man is one of the most experienced and talented ever in the sport so I’d expect nothing less.

    2. Augustus Maximus Avatar
      Augustus Maximus

      ​@ArthurZakaryan23 just “mehhh” eh?

    3. Anton Peterson Avatar
      Anton Peterson

      Back in the day, Dani was one of the so-called ‘aliens’ of MotoGP along with Rossi, Lorenzo & Stoner. It’s a shame he never got a top tier MotoGP title.

    4. CedricGTR Avatar

      Im pretty sure you would do it better

    5. Tirah5 Avatar


  5. Mark Monroe Avatar
    Mark Monroe

    The electronic wheel slip and wheelie controls are simply amazing on the MotoGP bike. Unreal.

    1. Petru G Avatar
      Petru G

      Would that technology help the busa launch better?

    2. T LXR Avatar
      T LXR

      ​@Petru GDefinitely

    3. Anonymous Pirate Avatar
      Anonymous Pirate

      Yeah, KTM does have best Launch control in MotoGP compared to Ducati s

    4. Benny Lloyd-Willner Avatar
      Benny Lloyd-Willner

      He did cheat a tiny bit at the start, but still impressive.

  6. TheSickSymphonie Avatar

    Dani’s incredible skill aside, this shows perfectly what unbelivable crazy machines they are riding in MotoGP

    1. Gerdie Avatar

      Yeah I can’t believe how well he can launch that GP bike. And how fast it is. Pulls away from a 1900HP electric car

    2. snmn midld Avatar
      snmn midld

      Seriously! Hides so much power on such a little engine, incredible to be able to control those machines is insane

    3. slackerm1 Avatar

      @Gerdieno chance those rimracs really make 1900

    4. James W. Avatar
      James W.

      Agreed my 2009 R1 has only 140hp and is an animal on the public highway. I cannot imagine what it would be like to ride a 270-hp monster that is lighter than my street bike.

    5. Rhys Williams Avatar
      Rhys Williams

      ​@slackerm1they do but its split over individual wheels around 450 per wheel. I can’t do 1900 through the back wheels

  7. MattLaggs Avatar

    Seeing Dani’s face when he launched the Rimac. Put a massive smile on my face, and I’m at work! (Shhh)

  8. Ðraconas Avatar

    That Hayabusa is all the proof anyone needs that there is such a thing as too much power

    1. XtreeM FaiL Avatar
      XtreeM FaiL

      I believe you forgot the word “no”.

    2. Aatesh Kamalakkannan Avatar
      Aatesh Kamalakkannan

      too much power isnt an issue if he had traction so he just isnt running the right setup

    3. Ðraconas Avatar

      @Aatesh Kamalakkannan If he didn’t have too much power he wouldn’t have traction issues 😂pray tell what the “right setup” is when you’re running 380hp on a 270kg bike?

    4. cc mxdia Avatar
      cc mxdia

      i assume better tyres, prepped surface. prepped tyre heat etc@Ðraconas

    5. Prone Avatar

      @cc mxdia defeats the purpose of all the HP if so many conditions need to be met.

  9. David Avatar

    Dude, the fact that you upload every day is amazing. That means that you race almost every single day and that is even more amazing.

    1. mocioclistu Avatar

      They film multiple races in one day and release the video’s separately.

    2. lewis graves Avatar
      lewis graves

      ​@mocioclistu it would definitely make sense to do that😂

  10. Harry Kelly Avatar
    Harry Kelly

    8.5 seconds on a no prep surface and no fancy suction is impressive af

    1. BlitzkriegRap Avatar

      And on street tires, street legal passenger car. Impressive is the wrong my friend – this is the single biggest leap in performance numbers since the car itself has been invented over 150 years ago. And no I’m not into electric cars.

    2. ryan wilson Avatar
      ryan wilson

      @BlitzkriegRapit also costs 2 million pounds, I’d hope it would hit those times with ease..

    3. wss Avatar

      @BlitzkriegRapRoad tyres have more grip on the road than racing slicks.

    4. BlitzkriegRap Avatar

      @wss In the wet or cold only

    5. BlitzkriegRap Avatar

      @wss and this isn’t a road

  11. GT22 Avatar

    I like how he tightened the seat belt when Matt laughed at his quickest car driven to date Porsche 918

  12. rbarbetta1978 Avatar

    This was one of the best Carwows. Dani’s enjoyment is infectious and Chris is just bonkers. 😂 The way that Busa was shaking its head all the way down the track was insane. That thing needs 2 steering dampers!

  13. Rhed Mallinder Avatar
    Rhed Mallinder

    Extremely shocked by the launching capabilities of those gp bikes, I knew they was quick but wow I didn’t expect them to be that quick off the line

    1. Chawa's Wild Adventures Avatar
      Chawa’s Wild Adventures

      Still got beaten by a street legal car that weight 2tonnes

    2. VRodrigues46 Avatar

      @Chawa’s Wild Adventures Yeah but it has 4 wheels and a lot more traction, you can say whatever you want, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s harder to launch, that GP would’ve smoked that Rimac, it was closing the gap once it got going.

    3. Mark675 Avatar

      ​@Chawa’s Wild AdventuresStreet legal car that you will never see cus its 2 million quid 😂

  14. Grumpy RC Modeler Avatar
    Grumpy RC Modeler

    I’m not a bike guy but that MotoGP bike keeping up with the Rimac is seriously impressive.

    1. juneao Alfred Avatar
      juneao Alfred

      It’s the opposite for me.

    2. wss Avatar

      Keeping up? It was faster until it got ratio’d by the gears.

    3. wss Avatar

      @juneao Alfred A bike designed for twisty tracks is faster than a 2000hp electric road legal drag racer. The bike can turn and brake and have that straight line speed at the same time. The MotoGP bike is faster in a straight line and would leave the rimac in the dust on a track.

    4. GUEST Avatar

      @wssyeah but it’s also car vs bike, bikes are supposed to be faster than a car so it’s impressive for the car

    5. Ponagatso Mogano Avatar
      Ponagatso Mogano

      ​@juneao Alfredi was just about to say😂the most impressive thing is the rimac beating supabikes

  15. Francisco Soares de Oliveira Avatar
    Francisco Soares de Oliveira

    Love Dani Pedrosa’s humble style ❤🏆🇪🇦

  16. J_Laf Avatar

    Can you imagine going 300+kph on a motorbike?? Such huge respect for Dani and Chris!!

    1. SHANNON SA Avatar

      Done it on a R1.

    2. Mike Avatar

      They do 360kph on a track, within meters of each other, and then out brake the guy in front of them..

    3. Bunty Avatar

      Check ZS Motovlogs He did 340+ on H2R In Pakistan on public roads

  17. Amelia : Your dream come true Avatar
    Amelia : Your dream come true

    Those motorcycle enthusiasts display remarkable courage. It’s truly exhilarating! Carwow is achieving tremendous success with their recent content releases. It appears they’re consistently delivering fantastic drag race videos nearly every day.

  18. Lifestyle By AV Avatar
    Lifestyle By AV

    Dani pulling off that Moto GP bike is outlandish 😳 … And mad respect for Chris for daring this drag with broken bones ❤
    Rimac doing it in 8.5s … What an absolute mental machine 💪

  19. RCruz FPV Avatar
    RCruz FPV

    Mat’s laugh when Dani said the fastest car he drove was the 918 was hilarious 😂😂😂

  20. R2 D3 Avatar
    R2 D3

    Danny is such a great guy! He is still missed on the MotoGP grid!

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