MID-WEEK 180 – Hyundai Kills the i20N & i30N – Death of the Hot Hatch ?!

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Hyundai have revealed completion of production for the and ! Does this spell the end of the hot hatch as we know it or will their amazed Ioniq5 N offset it?


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23 responses to “MID-WEEK 180 – Hyundai Kills the i20N & i30N – Death of the Hot Hatch ?!”

  1. @anthonyfinch4401 Avatar

    Is it 6pm already? I better leave work! And yes a longer formate update sounds good. Always find these interesting. Why not add more.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Oops but at least you got 2nd 😜👍

    2. @anthonyfinch4401 Avatar

      @@PetrolPed indeed and just shows how much attention I’m paying to work at 4pm lol.

  2. @jasonshaw1628 Avatar

    🤞on the service Pete. I like this chilled format👍

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Thanks 👍

  3. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    9:57 Much better than the alarm 😂

  4. @charliew7597 Avatar

    Much better than the countdown and alarm, everything needs a refresh now and again.

  5. @jw9691 Avatar

    Picking up my new 24 plate i20N on saturday, first proper car. Sad too see it go but hopefully will help the resale of my car in future, might turn out to be a modern classic.

  6. @stephenprice7088 Avatar

    Much prefer the longer formate, informative and entertaining, thanks

  7. @johns14a Avatar

    Nice one. I prefer the longer format.

  8. @stevecompton7197 Avatar

    Like the longer format

  9. @michaelkember8102 Avatar

    Well missed that upload at the earlier time!! Some of us have to work!! Liking the new format.
    Had a double blowout on my then Tesla M3P at 21.00 on a Friday night on a deserted country lane in deepest Peak District with no phone signal!!
    Had to walk 1 mile to a farm to get help, ended up leaving it in the farmers yard for 48 hours before I could get anyone out to fit some new boots.

  10. @SirRounded Avatar

    Also, big yes to not-rushed mid-week 180s!

  11. @Russell_G Avatar

    Yup, more relaxed format works for me Pete!

  12. @BMW7series251 Avatar

    Really like the 10 minute format Pete. Just right, cheers, John.

  13. @andrewcubbage1007 Avatar

    Longer format is definitely better, more Wednesday videos like this one please!

  14. @MrRsamorrison Avatar

    Love the new format Pete. Less rushed 😊

  15. @tomashley5869 Avatar

    Thanks Pete! The 180 sec timed video was great, but this 10-minute version is even better! Cheers, Tom

  16. @fishatethecat Avatar

    Longer format works really well. I prefer it as long as it stays under 10 mins. Saw Ruby at Goodwood the other day and she’s looking good!

  17. @global_nomad. Avatar

    ten minutes is great length…more calm and easy to shrink if necessary, agree the 180 was often hectic and content got squeezed out

  18. @wynhughes9072 Avatar

    The new format is a definite improvement👍

  19. @alasdairwilson4806 Avatar

    Like the new format.Good thinking.Friday sounds fun as does the live Drive Torque evening.Wish I could get there.

  20. @trev8591 Avatar

    New format works, Pete. Much more information and not as rushed.

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