MID-WEEK 180 – Behind the scenes of the podcast and trackday news !

A a little various MW180 this week. I shot it on our first day recording the . The 2nd time Joe has actually assisted provide the Mid-Week 180.

If you have an interest in the Track Roadway and Race at Goodwood on Thursday 25th May then all the info you need can be found here …

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21 responses to “MID-WEEK 180 – Behind the scenes of the podcast and trackday news !”

  1. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    I will enjoy listening to New Podcast 😊

  2. Michael Kember Avatar
    Michael Kember

    Evening all hope everyone is well and staying dry. Looking forward to the Podcast.

  3. Stephen Spink Avatar
    Stephen Spink

    What I’m I doing? Waiting to watch Mrs S on TV saving lives at Leeds doing brain surgery!! Well proud. Bet nobody has been doing that before 😂 👍. Can saint for the podcast when does it go live on Apple Podcasts? S.

    1. Russell G Avatar
      Russell G

      Not done that exact thing, but my Good Lady was front and centre when Reuters took some ‘stock’ footage during lockdown, so she pretty much appears on news at 10 etc etc whenever there is a hospital related story, she is the blonde on the phone wearing the full moon suit breathing apparatus, and masked to boot 🙂

    2. Stephen Spink Avatar
      Stephen Spink

      Mrs S is in the awake brain surgery, brain tumour surgery. she’s testing the patient while awake.

  4. Stan Elder Avatar
    Stan Elder

    I like the adult version of the classic Ladybird book – “How it Works – The Baby” !

  5. Breeze Racing Avatar
    Breeze Racing

    Subscribed when there was just 6 subscribers on the channel, quite proud of that 😊. Looking forward to the podcasts.

  6. kevin d Avatar
    kevin d

    Evening everybody and can’t wait to listen to the podcast from work to home

  7. Jimmy Avatar

    Let’s go Drive Torque!

  8. Will Stillo Avatar
    Will Stillo

    Really looking forward to this podcast

  9. Brumsgrub Avatar

    Hello everyone, looking forward to this podcast and where it goes. Good luck to you both

  10. Christopher James Avatar
    Christopher James

    Given you are both keen peddlers too, maybe some cycle content with Paul in the future?

  11. Christopher James Avatar
    Christopher James

    Would you do a pod to give thoughts on subscribers own cars if they mailed photos/ details in, Pete/ Joe?

  12. Christopher James Avatar
    Christopher James

    Waiting for the next walk and talk with the pups 👍

  13. Michael Baker Avatar
    Michael Baker

    I agree Podium place does the best coffee around and cool place to look at beautiful cars

  14. Simon Davey Avatar
    Simon Davey

    “Pup walk and talk with Joe in tow” Boom💥 You’re welcome and good night.

  15. Rori paddison Avatar
    Rori paddison

    Very much looking forward to the podcast guys, good luck with it!

  16. lawrence gatt Avatar
    lawrence gatt

    ❤ thanks for the program. We’re is the place .

  17. Stef ABtv Avatar
    Stef ABtv

    Look forward to the first episode chaps. 💪

  18. lawrence gatt Avatar
    lawrence gatt

    ❤ the big photos on the wall 🇦🇺🏁

  19. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Hi Ped agree we need another walk with the pups. Also be great for you and Joe on a pod cast discuss this relentless move by the whole car industry down the EV route with no real alternatives solutions be looked at other than hydrogen. It’s not just ruining the future of the cars we love to drive but also it’s costing jobs for example Honda closed Swindon plant mainly as a result of its move to EV. There’s some hope with moves by both German and Italian Governments but if we are not careful the joys of driving with a manual or V8 etc will be gone forever.

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