Mazda MX-5 Miata Generations: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everyone for providing us their vehicles:
– Mk1:
– Mk2:
– Mk3:
– Mk4:
– MX 5 Owners Club:

This one's for you, fans … We've got our hands on every generation of , and they're going head-to-head in a drag race!

So let's take a look at how these four RWD pocket rockets compare. Starting with the Mk1, it was launched back in 1989, and it's powered by a 1.8-litre naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder that can produce 131hp and 152Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels by means of a 5-speed handbook, and it ideas the scales at 990kg.

Along with it, we have Mat in the Mk2 facelift. This was launched in 1998, and under the bonnet, you'll discover a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder that can put down 146hp and 168Nm. Similar to the Mk1, power is sent out to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual, but this vehicle is slightly heavier, weighing in at 1,065 kg.

Next up is the Mk3. It's powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder that can produce 160hp and 188Nm, and this time power is sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed handbook. It's the heaviest cars and truck in this line-up, tipping the scales at 1,100 kg.

Then lastly we have the most recent , the Mk4 – and it's the anniversary edition! It's real estate a 2-litre 4-cylinder under the bonnet, and it'll come as no surprise that it's the most powerful cars and truck here, producing 184hp and 205Nm. Power is sent out to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual, and it weighs in at 1,030 kg.

So will it be a tidy sweep for the Mk4? Or could we see among the older automobiles nab a surprise win? There's just one method to discover for sure … LET'S RACE!

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51 responses to “Mazda MX-5 Miata Generations: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which MX-5 generation is your favourite?

    1. Jared For Speed Avatar
      Jared For Speed

      1st gen

    2. HotwheelsUser Avatar

      The og duh.

    3. THE NOISE Avatar

      Gen 2

    4. TheBigMoist Avatar

      agreed@THE NOISE

  2. Robert Juries Avatar
    Robert Juries

    Carwow never ever disappoints

    1. Pietro Ghezzi Avatar
      Pietro Ghezzi

      Not sure about that

    2. Dragon Avatar

      Yeah great videos every time. But for me now I don’t like these cars

    3. SSHHABBA 1234 Avatar
      SSHHABBA 1234

      It does

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Dragonwhy u dont like those MX-5 cars? Its actually cool.

  3. Wave Man Mike Avatar
    Wave Man Mike

    As a Mazda and VW salesman, I’m fully on board!!! 🌟

    1. THE NOISE Avatar


    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Big GG!

  4. savethemanual Avatar

    The drag race we didn’t know we wanted but needed

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. But wish we got LMDh drag race next.

    2. Andrew Watson Avatar
      Andrew Watson

      That was the slowest roof drag race in an MX5 NC I have ever seen though even though it won. You can put it up and then down combined in less than 5 seconds if you know what you are doing.

    3. Mad Medz Avatar
      Mad Medz

      I suppose ur right🤔🤔

    4. Ragga Muffin Avatar
      Ragga Muffin

      Wanted it for yearssssss😂

    5. TJ Avatar

      The comment we never want but always get

  5. Fridayyy Avatar

    I love how Mat mentioned in the 911 S/T video, how much he loves the MX-5 gear box and shifter, and here it is, a MX-5 drag race video 😅

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      MX-5 gearbox somehow more convenient than Gen 7 NASCAR Stock cars.😅

  6. 𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐫𝐞 // 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚𝐡 Avatar
    𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐫𝐞 // 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚𝐡

    Thank you so much for the carwow team and Mat himself to make this become true, I’m pretty surely that everyone obviously wanted to witness a generation drag race of this classic beautiful MX-5 from Mazda, Mazda themselves have really come along.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Wish we also got a drag between Viper GTS-R and Viper GTS 2002.

  7. Emanuel Ferreira Avatar
    Emanuel Ferreira

    Now this is something else. Affordable pleasure trough the decades

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Very affordable. Only $18.900 on Mazda MX-5 1980s and $20.600 on 2022 MX-5.

    2. Emanuel Ferreira Avatar
      Emanuel Ferreira

      @Purwanti Allan your right, thats why i don’t have an ND. I refere in comparison to the other cars they dragrace

  8. Jaroslav Mrázek Avatar
    Jaroslav Mrázek

    Would love to see Lancer Evo generations drag race.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Or Lancer Evo All Gen vs Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car?

  9. Mantulisme Avatar

    I like how the roof race is more competitive than the drag race.

  10. Fuzzynutter Avatar

    This one got me in stitches 😂😂😂. The laughs, that radio issue (especially around 18:20) and the banter between them all is brilliant and pure comedy gold.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Approven hundred percent.

    2. Adi Löwe Avatar
      Adi Löwe

      Am ded😂😂😂

  11. Lucazed Avatar

    This video is the closest to an old TopGear episode for the humor and the car related topic. Congrats guys, you nailed it!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. milos raznatovic Avatar
      milos raznatovic

      Difference is top gear was scripted. This one is original

    3. Anthony Johnson Avatar
      Anthony Johnson

      Thought the exact same!

  12. IAm Tbang Avatar
    IAm Tbang

    This was unexpectedly one of the greatest Carwow videos of all time.

    Sam’s braking was remarkable. Really wanted to see him give it another go.

    1. gobee Avatar

      Did you notice his downshifting too? It certainly was remarkable.

    2. Dingle Berry Avatar
      Dingle Berry

      @gobeefound that so funny. Was really cool, I don’t think i’ve seen anyone else downshift on the brake test. he was trying hard to win

    3. Mrs. Marvel Avatar
      Mrs. Marvel

      @Dingle Berrymaybe because his car doesnt have abs lol?

    4. Anthony Johnson Avatar
      Anthony Johnson

      He really wanted that W. Definitely tell he’s the most competitive one of the lot and why he’s a pro haha.

    5. gobee Avatar

      @Mrs. Marvel Yeah we know that… We’re just saying that it was fun to watch how determined he was and the skill required to do it close to perfection.

  13. Richard Read Avatar
    Richard Read

    Loving the banter between all the drivers, good laughs and innuendo… reminds me of the Top Gear trio. Very entertaining 😂

  14. Juraj Benak Avatar
    Juraj Benak

    The editing was spot on in this one! Kudos to the team 😄

  15. ehmar Avatar

    Honestly, Thank You guys! As a Mk-4 RF owner – this was exactly what I needed! Made my year!!

  16. Kendell Lewis Avatar
    Kendell Lewis

    This was so much fun to watch😂😂
    You guys truly made my day lol😅

  17. Audrius Baranauskas Avatar
    Audrius Baranauskas

    Racing driver Sam truly lived up to his name with that brake test!

  18. mmrahman82 Avatar

    Probably the best episode of carwow I’ve seen so far.
    Absolutely enjoyed this, the banter between the 4 of you was hilarious.
    Just need to do a car tour episode and we’ll be on to a winner.

  19. Ayush Malpeddi Avatar
    Ayush Malpeddi

    Honestly this was definitely one of the best drag races. It would have been even better if it was a 1.5l MX-5 ND. Regardless the top gear race was beautiful and way more entertaining than some of the other drag races I’ve seen.

  20. Madison, single again Avatar
    Madison, single again

    I don’t even watch these drag races to watch fast cars at this point. It’s just the jokes and the conversations. Amazing!

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