Making the ULTIMATE Mini R52 Cooper S – ‘Project PP’ Ep.1 | 4K

I have been set an obstacle by the men at in Newbury. They have offered me this low mileage R52 Mini Cooper S Cabriolet and asked me to turn it into the coolest Mini Taxi in the UK. I've talked to my mate Darren at to pull this task together and get the and truck ended up by the end of April to come on the Podium Tours driving tour I am going on.

In this video we introduce the , detail the issues it has and detail our plans that include comprehensive work to the engine, bodywork, suspension and brakes and interior.

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Video Contents
00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – The Car
02:32 – The Engine has problems!
06:23 – Plans for the body styling
08:27 – The Exhaust
10:12 – Wheels, Suspension and Brakes
13:47 – The Interior

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21 responses to “Making the ULTIMATE Mini R52 Cooper S – ‘Project PP’ Ep.1 | 4K”

  1. Gareth English Avatar
    Gareth English

    Can’t wait to see what you do to the R52 but that sneaky shot of the GP in the background 😍

  2. John S14a Avatar
    John S14a

    Well this is going to be interesting. Look forward to watching the progress and seeing how it all turns out.

  3. Neil Barden Avatar
    Neil Barden

    Great stuff. Had the six CD changer in my first R53 and never used it as I liked listening to the supercharger and exhaust more. And a cheeky guest appearance from a GP Legend. 😁


    Looking forward to this. I must admit that when you mentioned that the engine was in a sorry state, it seemed like a great candidate for a Vintage Voltage style conversion. I appreciate that it’s not really ‘vintage’ though 😂.

  5. MINIstry of Speed Avatar
    MINIstry of Speed

    Great looking R52. Glad you’ll be helping to save it 👍

  6. Gothic pagan Avatar
    Gothic pagan

    The guys who gave you that car are utterly roofless.

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Derum…Chaaa 😂

  7. Dickie Mcvitie Avatar
    Dickie Mcvitie

    Interesting…🤔 Will be nice to see once it’s all done. I’ve got some nice ceramic wax and lovely leather cleaner that would set the car off nicely 😅

  8. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Looking forward to watching the journey of the transformation of this mini. Great challenge considering the timeline available

  9. Mruppertrinity Avatar

    Had one exactly the same as this (but in better condition) and loved it. It only made an appearance in warm/dry weather and was real fun. Sold it last August. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.

  10. Charlie W Avatar
    Charlie W

    Looking forward to this series and the final car!

  11. Andrew Kay Avatar
    Andrew Kay

    Nav, Climate, Cruise, H/K and Heated seats, quite a spec! Has the chilli pack too given the leather and Xenons. Plus the JCW bodykit and the R90 wheels this would have been an expensive car back in the mid-2000’s!

  12. Damo drives Avatar
    Damo drives

    Looks like a good base to build on but as I am finding with my R53 they are an absolute money pit but I love the supercharger. Until I got mine I did not realise how small they are compared to the latter generations of Mini. Enjoy the build 🤜

  13. Nirodha Avatar

    What would be cool: If you raffle off the car when it’s done and I win it 🎉😂

    Awesome content fellas! Looking forward to this. So happy you are doing a whole series with MINI content Ped. It’s why I found your channel in the first place!

    Mulgari does crazy cool stuff so looking forward to what you guys will make of this. I have high expectations 🙂

  14. Gary Rendle Avatar
    Gary Rendle

    Brilliant! More Mini content! It’s what brought me to the channel in the first place. Love all the other stuff too, but really looking forward to this. And when are you getting an f56 track day car Pete? If Joe can have his M2…….. Tell Mrs. P “It’s for content! “ LOL 😉

  15. George Malek Avatar
    George Malek

    Can’t wait to see this transformation. If you had time and the budget. Manual swap it !

  16. DM 800 Avatar
    DM 800

    Wonderful and very exciting project. Cannot wait to see the progress and the finished result ….. Go PP Go

  17. Footey 7 Avatar
    Footey 7

    This should be a fun one mate !! Looking forward to the outcome on this one and hoping we get an idea on the budget involved too. 🍻🇨🇦👍🏻

  18. Mini Schrauber Avatar
    Mini Schrauber

    Go for it! I hope to get some inspirations for my old but loved R55.

  19. Gregg Davies Avatar
    Gregg Davies

    Superb, we have a dark silver Cooper S from new – 2006 – in the family. Love it. Really interested in this… May well follow in your footsteps, I’ve been toying with ideas for it, but it’s too nice!! 👍

  20. Paul Carrington Avatar
    Paul Carrington

    Those wheels would look super cool on my log splitter 😉👍

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