Look at all that banana storage!


29 responses to “Look at all that banana storage!”

  1. @jjsolo3070 Avatar

    Geez its only been 3 minutes and theres so many butt bots. Its ridiculous 😮‍💨

    1. @ASADBEK_GG Avatar

      And you are one of them.

  2. @shiv5314 Avatar

    Its the best car for minions yeahh

  3. @mehuljena932 Avatar

    Those bananas wouldn’t be enough to satisfy these bots here….😂

  4. @L4ftyOne Avatar


    1. @orcas99 Avatar

      Cry about it

    2. @kennethawesome Avatar

      It got your attention

    3. @yungboicontigo9278 Avatar

      I agree. Ignore the 2 Comments above me

    4. @orcas99 Avatar

      @@yungboicontigo9278 womp womp

  5. @jmoney8580 Avatar

    The music lol

    1. @automation7295 Avatar

      I guess you never seen Minions movies?

  6. @Yannis-27 Avatar

    Je n’ai jamais vu une vidéo si pourrie

  7. @joxzoom Avatar

    Fiquei surpreso com o interior bonito desse Nissan. Qual é o modelo?

  8. @srrevere3042 Avatar


  9. @dimitriishere4714 Avatar

    Banana for scale

  10. @JonoConstantini Avatar

    What the hell is going on?!

    1. @automation7295 Avatar

      I guess you never seen Minions movies?

  11. @JuliaDean-nv8bp Avatar

    You’re a banana Matt and if you fit in the car…then I agree it’s storage of Bananas is indeed dynamic.

    1. @anomius8112 Avatar

      The bots are evolving

    2. @eren52370 Avatar

      bro accidentally commented on his bot account 😭

  12. @Billy12346 Avatar

    Bananaaa 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  13. @ninthundertow Avatar

    Matt has lost his bannas(marbles) at this point…

  14. @itsx_acey Avatar

    What has content come to 🥱

  15. @apersunthathasaridiculousl1890 Avatar

    I haven’t heard that song in awhile… wish I didn’t heard that song for another few decades 💀

  16. @nithinjames4531 Avatar

    This guy is just outright hilarious…😂

  17. @gandalfkenobi0077 Avatar

    I love the carwow creative department 😂😂

  18. @petyo_ Avatar

    My 21yo Hilux had this storage

  19. @randomshorts130 Avatar

    You’re Wrong Mr. Carwow It’s Potato Storage…


  20. @youngmatthew8 Avatar

    In homage to the 5’4.5” Rebecca

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