Lexus RZ450e – So nearly the perfect EV ! | 4K

The all-electric is so almost the ideal . Quality interior, excellent tech and striking looks. It has fantastic flight quality and is a comfy location to do a long journey. Nevertheless, for me it has a problem that avoids it from being the complete bundle.


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27 responses to “Lexus RZ450e – So nearly the perfect EV ! | 4K”

  1. Richard Berridge Avatar
    Richard Berridge

    If this were predominantly a ‘second’ car, the range is just about acceptable. But for the price, it would have to be the family’s principal mode of transport. The range kills it. I’m a Lexus owner and I so wanted this car to be amazing. In so many ways it is. But that range…. 😢

    1. justice Avatar

      all EVs should be considered 2nd cars

    2. Andy Scott Avatar
      Andy Scott

      Only if your poor, your circumstances might mean its no good for your family, but the rest of us don’t care.

    3. Tesla-Spectre Avatar


    4. justice Avatar

      @Tesla-Spectre can’t rely on charging stations yet

    5. Tesla-Spectre Avatar

      @justice of course you can. At least here in Europe definitely for all EVs and in general for a Tesla anywhere where there are Superchargers. i drove 50000km with my Model 3 LR in 1.5 years and it is as easy as before with my Mercedes c220d, never back to combustion engines.

      Do you have experience with an EV yourself? And wher do you live? I travel all across Europe and it is mega easy.

  2. Peter Harrison Avatar
    Peter Harrison

    Thanks for the video 👍🏻
    I went for a BMW iX over this, simply preferred the interior, infotainment and more space.

    1. Alex !M Avatar
      Alex !M

      No comparison, the iX is light-years ahead in … every aspect really, except price (the Sport is the same 69k as the basic Lexus)

    2. John Wilkes Avatar
      John Wilkes

      I just added my experience of road trips in my iX40 here and I have to say, the car has been a revelation to me!

  3. Alex !M Avatar
    Alex !M

    Another great video, Ped. You are excellent at telling the “minuses” without upsetting the press office … Like everyone else, I’m very disappointed by Toyota Group’s position on EVs; it looks like they are trying to tell us that petrol hybrids are the best solution and propose “CAFE Compliance” vehicles on the range without really believing that people will buy them. I’m starting to think that the relevant channels (you, Transport Evolved, Carwow, Electrifying, Fully Charged) should use 3 performance indexes and emblazon each video with them: one is Miles/KWh (Km/KWh), two is a “real world range”, three is a “value index” taking into account the MSRP/RRP of the car. Because until you mentioned the price, all was going well … in fact, your one is level 3 out of 4, and it’s the first one offering an electric tailback. At 69 grand! Note that, for example, there is no mention on the website of the air conditioning technology, but the Toyota offers a heat pump from the basic level … 46k£. The other thing is that developing a car and systems is expensive, but the software on that screen reminds me a lot of the one in the 2022 Toyota CH-R I had as a courtesy car. I expect something exclusive at that price — not a reconditioned Toyota Corolla dashboard. Like you, I would be disappointed that there aren’t gaz lifters for the froot. On a size note: I’m not as tall as you. However, I tried to enter a BZ4X in which the seats and steering wheel don’t retract automatically: because the floor is higher than expected, and the previous visitor had left the seat in a “smaller adult” position, my legs were stuck under the steering wheel, making my exit rather ungracious!

  4. drxym Avatar

    Toyota has some serious discrepancies between their claimed range and their actual range.

  5. Lee Van Queef Avatar
    Lee Van Queef

    The rear seating position looked horrendous. The floor must be high in the back. Range is mediocre at best and undoubtedly compromised in colder weather. As always, fantastic content 👍

  6. John B Avatar
    John B

    Nice car but I agree with you.
    If I had that budget, I’d be looking for more range.
    Great review as always.

  7. George Daville Avatar
    George Daville

    Hi Ped, great unbiased review as always, but seriously £69k and an abysmal range, who is going to buy this car new? SH they will struggle also I feel. Shame, because as you say it is a nice environment.☹️

  8. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    Thanks for this one. Definitely a bit marmite. I like the look but the range is an issue as if often the case with EVs. For any EV to be a realistic proposition it needs to do 250 miles in my view

    1. Barry PURKIS Avatar
      Barry PURKIS

      I settled on 200 miles after careful analysis of my driving pattern, together with a willingness to compromise over long journeys and a more restricted budget.

  9. Philip Cardin Avatar
    Philip Cardin

    Good review. Too much money for too little range. It doesn’t matter how “nice” , or luxurious it is.

  10. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    One road test found that on the mechanically similar Toyota bZ4X, the charge curve dropped off very sharply quite early on. But I’m uncertain if this was a pre-production model and if the issue has since been resolved.

  11. Samuel Hayden-Smith Avatar
    Samuel Hayden-Smith

    Having driven a lot of EV’s and owned them, for me personally 300 mile (real world) is the minimum you need in order for the car not to be an inconvenience. Now for the most part you don’t need a lot of range for day to day but for those trips a few times a month, if I’m spending £40k+ on an EV I don’t want to be inconvenienced. The Tesla and the supercharger network works so well With real world range and performance it’s ruined my ability to enjoy other EVs currently. Still waiting for improvements in 3rd party charging in the UK so more people can benefit from having an EV should they want one (or be forced to have one at this rate)

  12. RetroClinic Avatar

    Good review, and I too was disappointed by the range, and also the charging speed, which in real life is nowhere near the 150kW, the charging curve is really quite bad as well, so while it goes easy on the batteries, giving that 10 year 90% guarantee, it makes for much longer charging times.

    The best option Lexus do at the moment are the plug in 450h+ models, either the RX or NX if you don’t need the bigger size. Gives you that 30-40ish miles full EV mode for those “runaround” journeys, then the petrol engine to back it up on longer trips.

  13. Stephen Ford Avatar
    Stephen Ford

    A few things for me. I am inclined these days to ignore range to a certain degree, and look for the highest rapid charging level (without cold or rapid gating, of course). It’s not a case of a bigger battery pack but greater efficiency that gets my attention. With battery minerals the way they are (and likely to be in the foreseeable future) its up to battery and car manufacturers to find the break through. That is, stop putting such large packs in vehicles, but instead wringing the most efficiency out of whats is available. I’d gladly drive on less than 200miles per charge whilst on a longer range trip if I know I could rely on a charging point that gave me at least 80-90% charge in 15-12 minutes. A break every 160 miles is pretty well what is recommended anyway.

  14. Kevin Cross Avatar
    Kevin Cross

    As always Lexus come up with a striking looking car. You can tell a Lexus from a mile off (wether that’s a good or bad thing is down to personal taste of course), but they stand out.
    My perception of them has always been the luxury side of the market, and that they clearly do in bucket loads, but as everyone is saying, that range is a killer.
    I wonder if they’d be better to go the Mirai route and use a hydrogen fuel cell rather than full ev???

  15. Roger Newsham Avatar
    Roger Newsham

    I’m not sure you quoted the miles/kWh figure for this 71kW battery?
    As well as temp, I would also add speed and topography – we have found that these three elements really matter on longer runs. Our Zoe on a motorway run of 180 miles (238m summer range) at 60/65mph will easily handle our destination (30% remaining), but on the return journey, there are steeper and longer inclines, reducing the range and inducing the associated anxiety – we then travel max speed of 62mph until the range indicator settles down on the flatter sections , before picking up the speed with often 7% charge remaining. When it is colder, we need a return journey charge, limited by availability of charge stations. Incidently, we also need to maximise charge levels to 100% to do this, or a 3hr journey with destination charging becomes a 3hr 30min trip with a quick 20min recharge on route. You can’t get that time back… Lexus price per usability is poor here.

  16. db Avatar

    EV’s are still some way from practical. That rear seating position with typical EV knees up looks really uncomfortable for any long distance travel and the range (real world) is abysmal for that price point. Great review as always Ped 👍

  17. Nick Webb Avatar
    Nick Webb

    Such a good review as yours always are and it’s very honest. It’s obviously very good, it’s a Lexus. However personally it’s definitely not for me, that range is an issue for the price. Just my take on this but find the top of the dashboard looks messy, over fussy,
    Well built with many excellent touches but there’s a lot on the market to tempt buyers away.

  18. Philip Parkes Avatar
    Philip Parkes

    Hi Ped
    Interested as always to see what’s new in the block with EV’s, and whilst I have has a sneaking admiration for the Lexus brand, this does not do it. 75k almost a joke. Rear seat room does not look comfortable, I can imagine complaints from passengers relegated to the rear. Numerous other foibles would have to say a definite NO😥

  19. Matt Nunn Avatar
    Matt Nunn

    I’m amazed by how little range some of these brand new EV cars are getting. I have a 2018 BMW i3 and it manages 110-120 miles on a charge, has a frunk and a trunk and is perfect for around the city, for me that makes a brand new, relatively big car (so lots of space to fit the batteries and all the gubbins) feel rather embarrassing if they can only (in the real world) get around 200 miles . It seems that most of the major car manufacturers are having a hard time building an EV with decent range. Especially when you compare them with the dedicated EV companies like Rivian, Lucid or Tesla who are getting in the 4-500 mile range out of their cars.

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