Lexus ‘Rolls-Royce’ 7-Seater – the £200,000 LM and all the best new cars at the Shanghai Auto Show!

Mat has travelled over to China to go to the Shanghai Motor Show, and he's about to provide to you his A-Z list of the very best vehicles due out over the next couple of years!

There are a whole host of different vehicles here, of all various shapes and sizes. For instance, he'll take a close look at the BYD Seagull – a little all-electric hatchback that will cost from simply ₤ 10,000! What's more, the range-topper will still have actually a declared variety of 252 miles. There are, of course, a host of other Chinese vehicles on show here, consisting of the all-electric Hiphi Y and Hiphi X (no rewards for thinking where the inspiration for the names came from).

However it wasn't just Chinese brand names on show. There were all-new cars from global, world-renowned brand names here. BMW unveiled the i7 M70, the 660hp edition of the all-electric 7 Series. The brand new Polestar 4 was also unveiled, in addition to the new Volkswagen ID.7 saloon.

Not just that, but there are a number of insane vehicles on show, consisting of a huge off-roading camper van called the Armadillo!

In any case, this is one video you do not wish to miss! The only question is, what's your favourite vehicle on show here? Let us know in the comments!

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63 responses to “Lexus ‘Rolls-Royce’ 7-Seater – the £200,000 LM and all the best new cars at the Shanghai Auto Show!”

  1. TheBreakfastLover Avatar

    This Lexus “out-Maybach’ed” the EQS.

    1. Arapaima Gold Avatar
      Arapaima Gold

      Not until you ride it.

    2. Lloyd Bonafide Avatar
      Lloyd Bonafide

      Then the Mercedes becker jetvan crushed the lexus van. I mean, even the Mercedes truck matt showed in this video was more luxurious. But yeah, the eqs is ugly as hell.

    3. KaypangAsli Avatar

      Much better looking than mercedes EQ series.

    4. kaetos03 Avatar

      Nah. Looks basic and bland…plus theyve thrown Matt off… so F Lexus.

  2. Nobey Avatar

    Thought the Alphard and the Velfire is already very luxurious but damn.

    1. تعلم وتعلم لو Avatar
      تعلم وتعلم لو

      The only choice is BYD 😁😁

    2. bobouistic Avatar

      I love alphards, they are awesome, spacious 3.5L V6 4WD is what I’d get to take my family on safaris in what is essentialy a sofa.

    3. Der unsichtbare Avatar
      Der unsichtbare

      China The price increase of this car is very unreasonable Once reached
      2 million RMB Previous generation version
      Crashed in Guangxi last year The back door wouldn’t open and the boss was burned to death

    4. SHIVAM ARYA Avatar

      @Der unsichtbare in china every foreign car brand has some or the other safety issue video going around on social media, just look at tesla. I wouldnt take chinese social media or news reports as proof for anything in car safety

    5. 750li Avatar

      Alphard is meant to be luxurious, Velfire isn’t really. It’s a 50/50 status within Japan. (Which I assume is similar spec to their export models)

  3. Dzon Travolta Avatar
    Dzon Travolta

    Mat is really putting some effort to make great content . 👍

    1. sonicstep Avatar

      Yeah! A pity he didn’t Vaseline his fingers before giving us a peep at that glitzy Lexus people carrier.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @sonicstep this Lexus apparently Alphard 2.5.

    3. manilove2pwn Avatar


    4. Bob JOHN Avatar
      Bob JOHN

      Does he own car wow

  4. Tom S Avatar
    Tom S

    It look absolutely awesome! Quite a bit like most EVs in Europe already on the road here. The America offering (I think America only offers Tesla for Europe?) look terribly outdated.

    1. Tom S Avatar
      Tom S

      BYD cars and buses are coming to Europe as a landslide. Already EU made BYD buses are at last in the Nordics 50% of all busses. All other BYD cars have started selling here and are absolutely overwhelming all other manufacturers – even overselling European brans.

    2. Tarkan Bashllari Avatar
      Tarkan Bashllari

      Over here in Albania we’re having a Chinese invasion on our motor scene. MG and BAIC already have official dealerships here, Dongfeng sell theirs at the BAIC dealership (for whatever reason) and we’re also getting some China-specific models of other manufacturers (VW ID.6, Honda e:NP1)

    3. TsLeng Avatar

      @Tarkan Bashllari lucky you. The latest Chinese cars or Chinese specific models are great.

    4. Tarkan Bashllari Avatar
      Tarkan Bashllari

      @TsLeng I can’t even lie China have really leveled up their automotive game in the last decade. Some of the models they come up with these days are almost impossible to be perceived as Chinese, that’s how good they are

    5. TsLeng Avatar

      @Tarkan Bashllari the Japanese advanced to meet the Europeans and American cars. Korean did the same doubly quick. Chinese cars same but double again from Korean speed. That’s what it is.

      It’s fascinating to see

  5. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
    Just a YouTube Commenter

    It was great to see the Revuelto get shown in this video. So looking forward to a drag race and review compared to the Ultimae.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Amin. Wish we also see Alphard vs LFA drag race.

    2. protagonist Avatar

      BYD U9 will bye bye the Revelto. Lamborghini is living in the past and regulation will kill it if it doesn’t changes.

    3. Ericship8 Avatar

      @protagonist the byd is slow asf kid

  6. David Keenan Avatar
    David Keenan

    Matt being thrown off the Lexus stand is a badge of honour.

    1. demonstructie Avatar

      @TsLeng good thing we’ve got bootlickers like you who stick up for the people that absolutely need the help of people like Mat to shift the stuff they’re trying to sell and then berate them for doing exactly that.

    2. Mäýüŕá Vïřůš Avatar
      Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

      @Purwanti Allan Because it is under the same chassis as the Alphard but more expensive here in SouthEast Asia especially Indonesia top of the range Alphard with the Executive Lounge trim and a V6 cost north of 180k knowing that this Lexus LM if it ever to enter it would cost 4 times or 5 times more than the inline 6 Supra

    3. rustler08 Avatar

      Damn CCP

  7. Dave D'Video Maker Avatar
    Dave D’Video Maker

    I would love to see Tank vehicles all across Europe, including the UK, the 27 EU countries, Switzerland, Turkey, etc.
    Also Haval vehicles (it’s worth noting that Haval is currently offered in Bulgaria but no other EU country or the UK).

  8. KAVELAB Avatar

    I love the design of the HiPhi Z, glad that they bring it to europe.

    1. Adrián Minárik Avatar
      Adrián Minárik

      looks like a gtr

    2. Everyday Cats Avatar
      Everyday Cats

      $100,000 for sale right now here in China.

    3. P N-L Avatar
      P N-L

      ​@Adrián Minárik Yeah, first thing that came to mind 🤔

    4. KAVELAB Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan Why do you think that it will be that much? I know that $100’000 in China doesn’t equal that in Europe, but $300’000 seems very steep.

    5. ahmedp800 Avatar

      GT-R rip-off, still looks cool.

  9. Andre Avatar

    Hi Mat, looks like you’re enjoying your good self at the show. As you sure should…Very nice description of all vehicles. Thank you and all the best…Andre..

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      These SUVs apparently are as amazing as it gets.

  10. Celeb Story. Avatar
    Celeb Story.

    0:00 – Intro
    0:41 – Mercedes Truck / Motorhome
    2:25 – BMW i7 M
    2:50 – MBW XM Label Red
    3:38 – BYD Cheap Electric Car
    4:37 – Some other BYD’s
    4:45 – HiPhi Y Electric Car
    5:23 – HiPhi Z
    6:03 – HiPhi X Electric SUV
    6:34 – RF – M
    6:50 – KARLMANNKING (Concept)
    7:18 – New Lamborghini
    8:08 – New Lexus Mini Van
    10:25 – Lotus Autonomous Charging Solution
    10:55 – Lotus NYO
    11:31 – Nissan New Concept Car
    11:58 – Polestar New SUV / Car
    16:17 – New Porsche Cayenne
    17:22 – TANK SUV
    17:56 – New Chinese SUV’s
    19:26 – Xpeng G6
    19:35 – Zeekr X
    20:48 – Wrap up with Rolls Royce Cullinan


    1. Rasher basher Avatar
      Rasher basher

      Cheers pal

    2. Kaushika Weerasinghe Avatar
      Kaushika Weerasinghe

      Not all capes wear heros 😌

    3. Ruth OConnor Avatar
      Ruth OConnor

      thank you

    4. CH1LLY05 Avatar

      You’re welcome

    5. Yoda Son Avatar
      Yoda Son


  11. Tram. Avatar

    I love it when he makes videos on these auto-shows!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Imagine if they made one.

  12. Jason S Avatar
    Jason S

    “I’m not supposed to show you this.”

    Proceeds to show us everything.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Matt being proper Mat.

    2. Jake102 Avatar

      That’s why we love him

  13. Chartreux Avatar

    Those are my very favourite Videos from Matt! Leading us through a Car Show.
    Dont get me wrong i love the Reviews etc. as well. But these are even more fun and interesting to watch!
    Prost & Cheers from Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Chartreux, these SUVs looked cool.

  14. A S Avatar
    A S

    That Hiphi Z is the most cyberpunk thing I have seen in real life. It’s insane and I love it.

  15. ljubomir djurovic Avatar
    ljubomir djurovic

    Fantastic content Mat! I truly enjoy the videos. Also, I am quite impressed by the Chinese EVs. I never even heard about some of these brands, but the design and specs are impressive especially for the quoted prices!

    1. ljubomir djurovic Avatar
      ljubomir djurovic


  16. Encore Du Avatar
    Encore Du

    20:21 The Zeekr X only has automatic doors in the front and the rear button can pop out the rear door (manually operated). And for people who haven’t heard of this brand, Zeekr is basically a Chinese version of Polestar based on the same SEA platform from Geely (which owns Volvo), its first car Zeekr 001 is a large EV shooting brake and quite successful in the past two years.

    1. Mick Mm Avatar
      Mick Mm

      ​People in china don’t know much about polester 4 but they do know zeekr 001 as a better option than benz s class and bmw i7

    2. 茅嘉浩 Avatar

      @Dan25 All these brands: Volvo, polestar, Lotus, Zeekr are now owned by a Chinese company Geely. They sometimes share platforms and other techs like Volkswagon do

    3. faith osadebe Avatar
      faith osadebe

      Soon, European cars won’t be anywhere near chinese cars.. Geely just bought Meizu to integrate their software into their cars.. Avatr has Huawei already.. The Chinese are going crazy.. If they can work on their cars efficiency and charging speed, only tesla will be the only EV Company that can match them..

  17. Morenikeji Akingbolagun Avatar
    Morenikeji Akingbolagun

    I am actually on my feet clapping my hands for you,
    you are truly a car journalist, Being able to do all of that with that crowd is amazing because i can imagine how loud that room was. i could see other journalist but they were in one spot. you have my respect. Good Job

  18. Allan He Avatar
    Allan He

    Very happy to have met Matt at the show, pleasantly surprised when he came to the Lamborghini stand to cover the Revuelto. Great coverage of the show and love the content. Keep up the good work.

  19. Vizion4040 Avatar

    Matt and his team was able to make a video look so professional with so many people around. Impressive.

  20. TheArmoredChurchill Avatar

    The BYD Seagull is absolutely fire! Cheap due to implementation of Sodium Ion batteries, which are more sustainable than Lithium Ion. Has good range for the size. Absolutely what I wanted to make when I finished my university degree!

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