Lamborghini’s new Twin-Turbo Ferrari Killer!

The Lamborghini Huracan disappears, and we have actually got our hands on special footage of what we think the follower will look like!

The group of specialists have actually invested hours examining spy photos of the upcoming replacement to the Huracan, and this is what they think it will appear like!

So exactly what has altered with this new vehicle? Well starting at the front, it looks unlike any recent ! It comes with incredibly thin headlights, coupled with hexagonal daytime running lights that advise us of a traditional rally vehicle's lights!

Along the side the shape is quite similar to the existing Huracan, while at the back the automobile seriously reminds us of the all-new Revuelto! And we'll be truthful, we believe it looks definitely terrific!

Nevertheless, the style isn't the only thing that's going to change. We expect the marvelous 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 to be replaced, and switched with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8! Not only that, but it'll likewise become a plug-in hybrid! That may be bad news for you perfectionists, but hybrid technology has one big benefit – it'll push the power output above 800hp!!

So what do you consider our render – have we got it right? Let us know in the remarks!

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52 responses to “Lamborghini’s new Twin-Turbo Ferrari Killer!”

  1. yungdadi Avatar

    I expected more professionalism from this channel than making unconfirmed information look like it is from the manufacturer

    1. D Avatar

      They did mention that it’s unofficial and that it’s from their Carwow designers..

    2. yungdadi Avatar

      @somerandomfella  they should have mentioned that in the title, too. This channel is too big for click baits

    3. Raime Avatar

      @D they should say it from the first second of video, I thought its real for a moment, he literally said “its new lamborghini huracan replacement” which is confusing.

    4. BrainFuck10 Avatar

      ⁠@D yeah but Yianni literally called it the new Huracan…

    5. F7 Avatar

      It looks like that under the camouflage

  2. Giorgio M Avatar
    Giorgio M

    I do agree with Yianni, the huracan replacement does look very much like a mclaren from the back. And the shape is too much like a huracan. The Revuelto looks way better, even though i hate how it looks from the rear, especially compared to how great the aventador looked from the rear. The 296 looks way better than this.

    1. BrainFuck10 Avatar

      Dude…this is not the official design, it’s a render by CarWow

    2. GH0ST Avatar

      ​@BrainFuck10 I guess that render car took some inspiration back from gta 5 or smth

    3. PUMBA Avatar

      @GH0ST fr lol was about to say that

    4. Alexis Taylor Avatar
      Alexis Taylor

      I agree so much about the Revuelto. From the front it’s a beast, from the back…

    5. Gourab Das Avatar
      Gourab Das

      ​@BrainFuck10Previous renders of Carwow were pretty close to reality, they would only have minor changes atmost.

  3. Pawcio2115 Avatar

    All it needs is a V10

    1. Jody Brown Avatar
      Jody Brown

      And an entire redesign coz it looks bad!!

    2. Maikeru Avatar

      For other manufacturers (BMW M5, Audi S6/RS6), the switch from V10 to V8 has only brought advantages: more power, better reliability and lower fuel consumption. I know it’s a sports car, but I think a V8 can be a lot of fun. They can leave out the hybrid.

    3. 2022IsTheBest Avatar


    4. Tony Valdez Avatar
      Tony Valdez


    5. Solar Past Runner Avatar
      Solar Past Runner


  4. SoManySpiderWebs Avatar

    Twin turbo makes sense people have been doing that to Huracans for years getting crazy power

    1. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      Don’t just expect those crazy horsepower figures when Lamborghini adds turbochargers to their engines, from the factory!

  5. zeesiiij Avatar

    5:58 best bit in the video….. your welcome! Looking forward to the new baby lambo!!! 😅

  6. bismarchiavelli Avatar

    Don’t clickbait us Mat. Be a professional and call this a render from the start.

    1. Paradoxical Avatar

      You identified it as a render so I don’t know why you care.

    2. Jody Brown Avatar
      Jody Brown

      I see what you mean but its a technicality really… The title implies but doesn’t explicitly state, if you know what I mean.

    3. LordManhattan Avatar

      @Jody Brown It’s not an official car yet. It’s a render. A lot of people won’t see this as a render, and think it’s a newly announced/released model! The title doesn’t state that this is pure imaginary stuff that someone at CarWow made

    4. Sergio Ferrero Pérez Avatar
      Sergio Ferrero Pérez


    5. darius Avatar

      ​@Paradoxicali ve clicked on this video expecting a new lambo

  7. s ss Avatar
    s ss

    The gallardo is still the best looking baby lambo to this day

    1. Vevisa Avatar

      The Superleggera Gallardo and Sesto Elemento are the best cars Lamborghini have created imo

    2. van ngir Avatar
      van ngir

      ​@VevisaSesto Elemento should be road legal. they’re the only Lambo I like excluding the urus but Urus is simply an Audi underneath

    3. David Lee Avatar
      David Lee

      I agree

  8. MirrorPortal Avatar

    Lamborghini needs to keep producing NA V10 and V12 cars. If they want to try electric or hybrid, make a different model, but keep what’s proven and loved by everybody in production.

    1. Stephennn Avatar

      they literally can’t. they have fuel consumption regulations to meet and they can’t just say “screw it” and do what they want.

    2. Yuri Barbosa Avatar
      Yuri Barbosa

      @Stephennn Even if lambo attach a eletric system make it hybrid ? So how they can makle Revuelto with even bigger engine ? That seems cost eficiency sharing a old VW/Audi/Porsche/Bentley v8 twin turbo…

    3. Emelia Nortey Avatar
      Emelia Nortey

      Just let it go Articles Show. GET A TECHINCA. V10 IS DEAD

    4. Stephennn Avatar

      @Yuri Barbosa well firstly, the revuelto barely made it past regulations. and for it to actually do that, audi and the rest of vw group needed to have evs and hybrids to take down the emissions.
      Also if you listened in the video, the engine won’t be a 4.0TT V8 shared with tons of VW group cars, it will be its own V8 hybrid engine used only for the huracan successor.

  9. Wanyoike K. Avatar
    Wanyoike K.

    Mat still needs a bit of a tutorial on Revuelto pronunciation😂

  10. Vanneker Avatar

    Awesome, but the taillights should have been pushed apart further by 12″ imo.

  11. Rogue Zonda Avatar
    Rogue Zonda

    damn that render looks awesome hopefully this is what it will look like.

  12. Kipkirui Arap Ng'etich Avatar
    Kipkirui Arap Ng’etich

    Renders are getting really good these days. I didn’t realise it wasn’t real until you mentioned it.

    1. YLPB Avatar

      But it’s a render

    2. total killer Avatar
      total killer

      it’s still real to a point it’s made and there are spyshots

  13. Michael De Kock Avatar
    Michael De Kock

    Yeah, I was quite relieved when Mat said it was a render (a bit too far in CarWow, being a bit clickbaity there). It looks good, but the rear is too much like a McLaren. I hope the final version is more Revuelto-inspired. My guess with the powertrain would be a twin-turbo V8 with an electric motor, specifically the engine from the Urus. I doubt Lamborghini – or VW for that matter – would go through the effort of making a new engine or making significant changes to the existing 4.0L like changing it to a flat-plane. Instead, it will likely be like an Aston Martin – great styling with a dirty and intoxicating engine noise.

  14. MasterFlores35 Avatar

    It looks nice, but it’s fallen short of how the Huracan looks like aesthetically for me. This reminds me of a car that GTA makes when they mix two cars together lolz

  15. 💘TAP BELOW👇 Avatar

    The hexagon DRLs are a massive no. It looks like an afterthought and designed by a 4 years old.

    1. Chartreux Avatar

      It’s not what the new Lamborghini will look like.
      “This could be what the new Lamborghini Huracan Replacement will look like” is how carwow should start the Video.
      But Matt says “This IS the all new Lamborghini Huracan Replacement” is really misleading and i don’t understand why carwow does that.
      Be better Guys

    2. Ihtesham Khan Avatar
      Ihtesham Khan

      the whole car is a massive no. hope this just stays a render but the revuelto is hideous as is this replacement. lamborghini has lost its touch big time.

  16. SON OF SAM Avatar

    Hi carwow Matt
    Little request ..
    You know how some Supercars have offset pedal positions (yes lambo the worst offender)
    It would be great to learn which cars have such off set driver and pedal positions and if there is a difference between RHD VS LHD market cars.
    And more in the topic of brake pedal feel in comparison to “normal” cars .
    On many sports cars with carbon or performance pads , discs : on how they require u too relearn the way you brake a car. For example You hit the brakes wanting to slow down a little … don’t feel like it’s slowing down so u stomp again as hard as possible and guess what , abrupt stop..why u have zero feel at all.

    Many LAMBO RHD Cars the pedals are offset to left so badly u can’t drive without using left foot braking. your brake pedal is where the rest pedal or clutch would be . Easier in LHD markets pedal offset or the right.

    So please if you can … tell us which cars do that …

  17. Adz AA Avatar
    Adz AA

    It would be nice if they kept the v10 5.2 with a hybrid turbo 💯🙌

  18. lefon wastaken Avatar
    lefon wastaken

    Rear looks insane. Absolutely love it. But the front.. meh, I like that they haven’t covered the front with stupid y lights, but idk how I feel about those day time running lights

  19. Vasilică Timiș Avatar
    Vasilică Timiș

    Forger about that Turbo V8 that’s definitely going to be the RS6 one with a few shiny things. If it’s going to replace the V10, how about cutting of 2 cylinders from the current one, downsizing it to that sweet 4.4/4.2 liters, make it high rev (about 8500/9000 rpm) keep it NA and adding some electric power just like in the new Revuelto. Give it that 680-700hp and it would be more than enough for a “baby” Lamborgini

  20. IRIRyoullneverfindmeIRIR Avatar

    WOW, who do Carwow comission for these renders?! They look really realistic!!

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