Lamborghini Urus v BMW X7 M60i: DRAG RACE

Thanks to Bav for providing us his Urus:

Can a 7-seater SUV remove the mighty Urus? Well, it's time to find out!

We've got Mat lining up in the New M60i, and he's facing off against Yianni in the Urus! So let's see how the two compare.

Beginning with the , it's packing a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet, that benefits 530hp and 750Nm. It drives all four wheels, but the 2 extra seats at the back definitely contribute to the weight, with this tipping the scales at 2,675 kg!!

When it comes to the Lambo, it's a whole lot lighter, weighing in at 2,200 kg! It's likewise up on power, with its 4-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 650hp and 850Nm of torque.

Undoubtedly the Lambo will walk this, right? Or has BMW downplayed its power figures? There's just one method to find out … LET'S RACE!

Dyno Drag Race:

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Urus v Cayenne GT v Design X v Trackhawk v X6M:


83 responses to “Lamborghini Urus v BMW X7 M60i: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Lambo or BMW… Which is best?

    1. Tanwier Suliman Avatar
      Tanwier Suliman


    2. Dennis Adebiyi Avatar
      Dennis Adebiyi


    3. Raptile07 Avatar

      Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT vs. Lamborghini Urus Performance vs. Aston Martin DBX 707 vs. Ferrari Purosangue. That would be epic 👌

    4. Rob Avatar

      Lambo for me. Like Yanni as well

    5. Big Glock 47 Avatar
      Big Glock 47

      Lotus Evejar vs ferrari sf90 vs Remac nevera….

  2. MrHushCrush Avatar

    When I saw the title “Lamborghini URUS”
    I knew Yanni must be here 🥳

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Lambo Urus always has the advantage over X7.

    2. L Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan no sense he s talking about yanno

    3. G Leek Avatar
      G Leek

      Same 😂😂😂

  3. Musa Malinga Avatar
    Musa Malinga

    That x7 is still crazy quick for it’s size though

    1. Poseidon Guy Avatar
      Poseidon Guy

      The only Italian company that can make good looking SUVs is Maserati..

    2. Bene Lorand Avatar
      Bene Lorand

      @Poseidon Guy The stelvio looks good imo.
      Well at least they look better in real life.

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Poseidon Guy Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione better than X7.

    4. BlindingLights Avatar

      @Poseidon Guy the facelift X3 looks awful, the Stelvio is wayyyyyyy prettier to look at.

    5. Poseidon Guy Avatar
      Poseidon Guy

      @BlindingLights looks goofy with that nachos grill at the front

  4. Afri Car Avatar
    Afri Car

    A huge 7 seater completing the quarter mile in 12.5s is crazy

    1. S8ER01Z Avatar

      @Youcallthesebagels? the Durango? Completely false

    2. BRR BRR Avatar
      BRR BRR

      @Jesús Rodríguez Valencia well the video is about stock cars. any car modded can be faster. i can buy a honda put turbo in it and beat both these cars for under 10k but that’s not the point. it’s what the car does from factory that matters

    3. Jaszm Avatar

      i’m surprised that it took the Urus off the line initially lol

    4. S8ER01Z Avatar

      @Jaszm bad launch on the Urus. They run low 11s with a proper launch.

  5. Vinny Maposa Avatar
    Vinny Maposa

    The X7 actually performed surprisingly well considering it’s a house with launch control.

    1. EPTDY Avatar

      @Baller Simpson land rover uses bmw engines now

    2. EPTDY Avatar

      @Alex its still X5 size not X7

    3. MadRvss876 Avatar


    4. Not politically correct , Avatar
      Not politically correct ,

      @EPTDY They don’t,all JLR engines are now their own,they haven’t used BMW engines for a while.

    5. Damien_ RSA Avatar
      Damien_ RSA


  6. Adam Everett Avatar
    Adam Everett

    Please measure the stopping distances. That way we can compare the stopping didtances of different cars from different videos

  7. Yianni Avatar

    Lambo all day everyday my favourite saying 😂


    when will we ever see mat and yanni do a quarter mile on jogging shoes?

    1. NiceMercs Avatar

      mat’s scared

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Snake Eyes what about Citroen Xantia and a Jogging Suit?

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @NiceMercs what about Xantia?

    4. ZARIF AMSYAR Avatar

      Oh i would love this

    5. Russell Avatar

      They already mentioned they’ll never do it.

  9. Chris L Avatar
    Chris L

    These SUVs get any bigger and you’ll need a C1 licence to drive one 😱

    1. Asian sex symbol Avatar
      Asian sex symbol

      The Urus is not that big, dude. 🙄

    2. SenszR Avatar

      @Asian sex symbol the X7 is 🙄

  10. Sarin Babu Avatar
    Sarin Babu

    Man… X7 being that heavy and fast felt like a mammoth on steroids💥😐

    1. Sarin Babu Avatar
      Sarin Babu

      @Purwanti Allan what?

    2. Miklas Krys Avatar
      Miklas Krys

      @Purwanti Allan2700kg…

    3. death mark Avatar
      death mark

      @Purwanti Allan 2.6 tons

    4. Just a Minute Avatar
      Just a Minute

      @Elia Allegri Are u high? X7 is a Luxury car, we saw Urus vs X6M lol.

    5. K-Dawg Avatar

      Should be x5 vs the urus

  11. Liam Dickson Avatar
    Liam Dickson

    Can’t wait till they get hands on new M3 touring for some drag races, will be interesting to see it next to RS6 and against the M5

    1. Adrian Graf Avatar
      Adrian Graf

      @adrian steranka we will see, the touring will perform better than you think 😉

    2. adrian steranka Avatar
      adrian steranka

      @Adrian Graf OK, now I get it. I stated that the 2 cars that Liam Dickson mentioned are not in same performance category. Then someone changes the car so that the specs will be closer. Then bmw fan boys jump in stating the M3 will be excellent. It probably will be. Nice size vehicle with great power. Should be fun. But not a strong competitor against RS6 unfortunately. Best to you all!

    3. Panther Dxn Avatar
      Panther Dxn

      @adrian steranka bmw says 11.7 for the sedan but we all now the estate will be faster than 12.2 bcuz bmw are the biggest understators of their cars performance. Rs6 does 11.6 all day on an unprepared surface so I think the M3 touring might be identical in time with the rs6

    4. Adrian Graf Avatar
      Adrian Graf

      @adrian steranka compare the time on Nürburgring from both cars, then you will have your answer. Maybe next time 😉😅

    5. Kiss Gergő Avatar
      Kiss Gergő

      @adrian steranka Given the M340i touring did 12.3 on the carwow drag race I think it’s safe to assume the M3 touring will be a fair bit faster than that

  12. Nishaan Singh Avatar
    Nishaan Singh

    I mean it’s obvious the urus was gonna win considering the X7 is pretty much like a yacht. But I have admit, even though it lost, it’s pretty fast for its size and it didn’t do too badly considering it’s down on power and torque. Imagine if they made an M Competition Version of the X7M 😤. If it were X5/6M Comp, the Urus would have lost very easily…

  13. The Pugilist Avatar
    The Pugilist

    That X7 is pretty damn wild for his house size lol

    1. Acid Rain Avatar
      Acid Rain

      it’s mid suv size, house size it’s escalade/lincloln aviator/jeep grand wagoneer/ford excursion/dodge ram/chevrolet silverado etc

    2. Patriots7690 Avatar

      @Acid Rain a 7 seater is not a midsize

    3. Alex Avatar

      Lol what a joke of a car. You wanna say the Bentayga Speed is not a “house”? Look at its specs!

    4. Pascal Hug Avatar
      Pascal Hug

      @Acid Rain I think a C7 is not a mid size SUV. Your examples are Pickups and not SUV

    5. Acid Rain Avatar
      Acid Rain

      @Pascal Hug it wasnt about class of car, it a was about “house size”

  14. Dave Kennedy Avatar
    Dave Kennedy

    Those Urus are extraordinarily CAMP! Specially so with Yammy behind the wheel haha!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree, Dave Kennedy. But TVR TUSCAN SPEED 6 also says hi.

    2. Lover boy Avatar
      Lover boy

      x6m also says hi

    3. Dave Kennedy Avatar
      Dave Kennedy

      @Purwanti Allan love a TVR!

  15. Sierra Mike Avatar
    Sierra Mike

    Amazing how far motor engineering has come. A full blown heavy SUV doing supercar drag times, not only that but amazing tech, luxury and with safety packages.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      I am impressed by the Urus more.

    2. AiexielPlays Avatar

      bro all your comments have been all about praising the urus. we all know it won but with the car it got compared to the results weren’t even that bad. smh

    3. Rares Radoi Avatar
      Rares Radoi

      @AiexielPlays dont mind him, this guy’s a clown. I literally had a period of few months in which I stopped watching carwow, but after coming back I remembered this guy instantly. He’s always hating on something, especially BMW.

    4. AiexielPlays Avatar

      @Rares Radoi oh really wow thanks for letting me know about that lol

    5. Rares Radoi Avatar
      Rares Radoi

      @AiexielPlays yeah idk, I never like arguing on ppl on the internet and the same goes here, but this guy just seems to annoy a lot of people 🤣

  16. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat never fails to wow us with all these insane drag races, reviews and videos!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree man.

    2. AʂʜɪҨ Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan that’s a bot😂

  17. My crazy reviews Avatar
    My crazy reviews

    That X7 is incredible for how heavy and big it is amazing. Imagine the engine at its 625hp 😮

    1. MoD_Invasion Avatar

      Not the same engine. The new X7 has a S68 V8, which has no higher poweroutput than this. The engine you mean is the S63T4 which was used in the F90 M5 for example. But I agree since the S68 is a new engine there could be some insane cars build in the future

    2. qwerty qwerty Avatar
      qwerty qwerty

      Next gen m5 probably will have around 700hp

    3. My crazy reviews Avatar
      My crazy reviews

      @MoD_Invasion yeah well it is the engine that goes into the next gen M5 so I’ve very excited since the next gen E63s is going 2L hybrid lmao

  18. Ken S Avatar
    Ken S

    That is impressive for what the X7 can do. Maybe next time use X5m Comp?

    1. JR188 Avatar

      They already raced a Urus vs X6M. The X6M won lol

    2. lamakicker69 Avatar

      When the new x5m with the fully tuned version of this engine comes out is going to be insane lol

  19. Johannes Avatar

    The fair comparison would be X5 M vs Urus, but I understand you need to film what you can get your hands on. Fun to see regardless!

    1. Jose S Avatar
      Jose S

      They’ve done the X6M vs Urus. That one was very surprising because the X6M won outright

  20. rorocirca1989 Avatar

    Wasn’t a massive fan of Yanni at first, but as he’s relaxed and become more comfortable on camera and being himself he’s actually one of my favourite guests on all these YouTube car channels.

    1. megarensmusic Avatar

      The Greek you love to hate and hate to love. He’s cool once you stand up to him😂

    2. Corleth Avatar

      Not sure he was ever really uncomfortable on camera, he has presented his own tv series about his wrapping business and car customizing business. The Wrap Job and Yianni: Supercar Customiser.

    3. jamviator Avatar


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