Lambo v Ferrari v Aston v ???

Own up … Who's selecting the ?.





35 responses to “Lambo v Ferrari v Aston v ???”

  1. PraetorianGuard Avatar

    The Aston has the best sound in my point of view, I like the deeper sound of the exhaust

  2. Hedz T Avatar
    Hedz T

    That Ferrari screech is just so iconic though

  3. who said kissin homies before sleep's gay? Avatar
    who said kissin homies before sleep’s gay?

    812 has an amazing sound tbh. You cannot go wrong with ferrari v12s…

  4. Millyonz 258 Avatar
    Millyonz 258

    The SQ7 sounds like a silent fart

    1. Hyatt Gotti Avatar
      Hyatt Gotti

      Coz it’s got a soft limiter which mufflers the sound a little bit

    2. El Sereno Avatar
      El Sereno

      @Hyatt GottiThat’s not the reason. Also soft limiters don’t muffle sounds. That’s what (surprise) mufflers do.

    3. Tshiamo Sithole Avatar
      Tshiamo Sithole

      😂i suggest seeing a doctor if your farts sound like that🤣

    4. Stego 675 Avatar
      Stego 675

      because it is not SQ7 but a V12 Diesel…

    5. Millyonz 258 Avatar
      Millyonz 258

      @Stego 675 It would still sound like a silent fart (BUT DEADLY)

  5. MrSoiSauce Avatar

    The Aston sounds deeper, but I’ve gotta go with the Lambo. It sounds a level of insane and unhinged that neither the high pitched Ferrari nor the low pitched Aston can match. All sound amazing tho

    1. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      I disagree. You just like the Lambo’s note, that’s it. No need to give further explanation and how the Ferrari is behind when it sounds way better than the Lambo imo.

  6. V Venkat Avatar
    V Venkat

    SQ7 sounds like a vacuum cleaner .. SVJ is brutal

    1. ssmithracing Avatar

      @Philipp diesel V12??

    2. Philipp Avatar

      @ssmithracing jup

    3. alami ali Avatar
      alami ali

      @Draggy654 oms9ème et de la IIIe IIIe IIIe siècle de mon mot0 pour 7mp8o0oppo Philip Schiller po 0

    4. alami ali Avatar
      alami ali

      @Draggy654 mop

    5. Jeff P Avatar
      Jeff P

      Actually my vacuum cleaner is louder

  7. Filip Avatar

    That Aston Martin is for me. Love the throaty sound.

  8. Luxcaradvice Avatar

    a straight piped Mercedes S-Class V12 from 1995 with Brilliant exhausts

    1. Lavish Jaat Avatar
      Lavish Jaat

      Effspot has one

  9. MLuqman01 Avatar

    SVJ’s because it’s very aggressive and loud af. But Aston Martin DBS’ sounds very deep tho which I also love.

  10. Felipe Lopes Avatar
    Felipe Lopes

    Sq7 sounds like that smoking uncle you see once in a year

  11. sanda ngcobo Avatar
    sanda ngcobo

    Whoever authorized that “soft limiter” rule needs a lifetime jail sentence

    1. Akhash Dhillon Avatar
      Akhash Dhillon

      Or public execution

    2. dontrunwithscissors Avatar

      Greta Thunberg

    3. v ace Avatar
      v ace

      Thank the EU “leadership”. By 2035 it will be illegal to produce and publicly sell cars that run on petrol or diesel. Fuccin insanity. Green tyranny for our asses because we let others decide.

  12. Tshiamo Sithole Avatar
    Tshiamo Sithole

    I think the SQ7 wins this battle, agree?😂🤣. Sad part is, going forward cars will sound more like the Audi or Tesla.

  13. A2KLAU Avatar

    SVJ – I’m ready! 812 – Bring it on! Aston – I’ll keep this classy! SQ7 – Why am I here?

  14. Biranchi Narayan Mohanty Avatar
    Biranchi Narayan Mohanty

    That DBS is just giving some adrenaline vibes


    I do love the Lambo and the Aston but Ferrari V12s always sound phenomenal

  16. Simnater Croc Avatar
    Simnater Croc

    To think people know cars but busy saying SQ7 is just disappointing those who know know it’s an RS🙆‍♂️…(Q7 V12 tdi)

  17. AleVale1412🇮🇹 Avatar

    As a Italian, I say the Aston Martin😍

  18. tayyeb bijapur Avatar
    tayyeb bijapur

    I would really love to hear the sweet and beautiful sound of that V12 812 SF for sure

  19. Jeffrey Pluemjit Avatar
    Jeffrey Pluemjit

    Personally I like the Aston, such a deep sound.

  20. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Italian car makers like Lamborghini let us enjoy the sound of their cars!

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