Koenigsegg v 1000hp Audi TT v Porsche 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everybody for providing us their automobiles:
: @wam_barn
– Audi TT RS:

Now THIS is what you call a drag race line-up!

We have actually got Mat back in the Koenigsegg Agera RST, and he's taking on versus the almighty and an incredibly tuned Audi TT RS!

So let's see how these 3 leviathans compare. Beginning with the Koenigsegg, it's powered by an unbelievable 5-litre twin-turbo V8 that provides an eye-watering 1,360 hp and 1,573 Nm of torque. It's geared up with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and sends all of its power to the rear wheels. It's likewise very light, tipping the scales at 1,395 kg, and it's valued at a cool ₤ 3,500,000!

Together with him we have the ever-reliable . Powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six, it can put down 650hp and 800Nm of torque. It suggestions the scales at around 1,640 kg, and it's valued at ₤ 180,000.

Then we have the tuned TT RS. It's powered by a 3-litre turbocharged gas engine, however the power output has actually been enormously turned up! As an outcome, it can now put down an extraordinary 950hp!! It's also quite light, tipping the scales at just 1,450 kg. However, it has one crucial problem compared to the other competitors – it's only geared up with a manual gearbox!

So the Koenigsegg's the most effective cars and truck here, however will the RWD prove to be its failure? There's only one way to discover … LET'S RACE!

Porsche 918 Spyder v Porsche 911 Turbo:

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82 responses to “Koenigsegg v 1000hp Audi TT v Porsche 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    What else should we race against this Koenigsegg?!

    1. Kifayat Gulzar Avatar
      Kifayat Gulzar


    2. SamTV YT Avatar
      SamTV YT

      Chiron Vs Agera RS Vs Kawasaki H2R it’s most fair and closest race ever
      2023 Moto GP bike vs F1 car vs Rimac Nevera
      Use 2004 F1 car or 2017-18 F1 cars those were fastest F1 cars in straight line

    3. A1nbABDULLAH💜 Avatar

      Bugatti Chiron

    4. Romania4K Avatar

      Dacia Sandero

    5. Gazil Avatar

      Tuned lambo?

  2. EPIC RANVEER Avatar

    The 911 turbo s is always impressive!

    1. Knight Ride963 Avatar
      Knight Ride963

      True, amazing engineering

    2. Giorgi Murvanidze Avatar
      Giorgi Murvanidze

      We got it bro, the same on every video. We know it’s quick.

    3. Crazy things Avatar
      Crazy things

      Very very

    4. Prayas Dash Avatar
      Prayas Dash

      I fear not…
      Like earlier it did 10.1 seconds on the 1/4 mile
      Then recent races showed 10.2 seconds
      And now it did 10.3 seconds, it’s depreciating

    5. TerminaQ Avatar

      @Prayas Dashnot perfect conditions. Watch drag times, they manage to make 9.7 seconds

  3. joel alex Avatar
    joel alex

    Even though I know how special the car is, but the Porsche 911 Turbo S never ceases to amaze me

    1. Lourenço SS Avatar
      Lourenço SS

      The Porsche 911 is the best car in the world!

    2. Tomi Brian Avatar
      Tomi Brian

      It took a hyper car to beat Porsche’s nurburgring record. If they wanted to make a car faster than the Koenigsegg, they can

    3. carholic1336 Avatar

      ​@Lourenço SSmaybe in your dreams lol!!!

    4. carholic1336 Avatar

      ​@Tomi BrianSTOP TALKING crap

  4. Mat Watson Cars Avatar
    Mat Watson Cars

    Huge thanks to my mates at @wam_barn for lending me their cars. Show them some love!

    1. Clomp Avatar


      jk love the videos ❤

    2. VikiN Norway Avatar
      VikiN Norway

      You yanny and one more guy should do a topgear” special “episode buying cheap cars and trying to cross countrys.

    3. EnzoNotFerrari Avatar

      Ofcourse I gotta send love, something I never experienced…..

    4. ADplays Avatar

      BMW M3 Touring vs Audi RS6 Performance 🙏

    5. C43_YUVI Avatar

      I’m EARLY ! 🎉

  5. Ibrahim Ajineh Avatar
    Ibrahim Ajineh

    Let’s not ignore the fact that when the Koenigsegg started to get back into it, it made the already impressive Porsche feel like it’s standing still

    1. Vasilhs Spouras Avatar
      Vasilhs Spouras

      You mean AT LEAST koenigsegg made the the porsche look like its standing still when it started to get back into it . Because dont forget this agera has more than double the horsepower with 250kgs lighter , probably better aerodynamics and couple of million dollars expensive.

    2. Thb bs Avatar
      Thb bs


    3. Kuro Keiku Avatar
      Kuro Keiku

      @Vasilhs Spouras exactly mate like wtf if you remember 765lt is also RWD but beat porsche this Koenigsegg is slow af for the price

    4. Jovan Trendmaker Avatar
      Jovan Trendmaker

      Lets not ignore that porsche is 300kg heavier than konogsegg and stopped 4 car lengts before lol. And it woull kill this egg on nurburgring. Pathetic

    5. Saiph Avatar

      @Kuro Keiku yeah well dont forget the 765 has half the hp of the koenigsegg, its not easy to have traction with 1400hp rwd

  6. Azhar Azeez Avatar
    Azhar Azeez

    That 1/2 mile run though. Couldn’t properly see the koenigsegg crossing the line. Damn, the speed 🔥🤯

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. 460kph bro!

    2. ckapka AA12 Avatar
      ckapka AA12

      It’s actually 1/4 mile according to my calculations 🤓

    3. Azhar Azeez Avatar
      Azhar Azeez

      @ckapka_AA12  either way, it was lit 🔥 👌.

    4. millionbutcher A Avatar
      millionbutcher A

      ​@Purwanti Allanit was 305, to hit 460+ it needs like a mile

    5. Gaming God Avatar
      Gaming God

      you need skills to drive that monster koenigsegg which i think he doesn’t have the koenisegg can beat the bugatti too

  7. deaks25 Avatar

    Holy Crap that 911!! I honestly thought it was there as a yard-stick to show how fast the other two were. It kind of reiterates the meme the Porsche bhp is different from everyone else’s bhp! Genuinely impressive.

    1. Willard Wade Avatar
      Willard Wade

      Also all about traction. If the Agera were AWD, it would probably go thru the 1/4 at around 180 mph or more. The 911 is truly a sprinter, whereas the Koenigsegg is a tad slow on the start, but is a Marathon giant.

    2. Rapunzel Avatar

      Mate, the issue is all about traction. An AWD Koenigsegg will be in SF90 and Nevera territory.

    3. -Jöö Avatar

      10 year old RWD Koenigsegg, in two years when the Gemera deliveries start we can see how an AWD Koenigsegg performs…

    4. bryan richardson Avatar
      bryan richardson

      ​@Willard Wadeawd would certainly help acceleration but theres zero chance it would hit 180 in the 1/4… it hit 190 in a half mile starting at 40mph where traction wasnt much factor. 180mph is like 7.5s 1/4 mile which is about 1.5s quicker than the quickest production car

    5. Emanzenaman Avatar

      @Rapunzelsf90 and nevera aren’t even close to the same league though

  8. Sobangiwa Masilela Avatar
    Sobangiwa Masilela

    The launch of that Turbo S is just insane 😳
    And consistent with every race 🙌🏾

    1. ROBOLOX  and content. Avatar
      ROBOLOX and content.


    2. Jesper Karlsson Avatar
      Jesper Karlsson

      Yepp, decent power to handle not to slip all over the track from zero

  9. Oliver Hartley Avatar
    Oliver Hartley

    It’s incredible how a Porsche 911 with 650hp can beat a 1000hp Koenigsegg on the 1/4 mile. Still my dream car, hats off to Porsche for creating such a beautiful machine.

    1. Elia Allegri Avatar
      Elia Allegri

      It really is NOT impressive lmao

    2. Q Avatar

      Rwd vs Awd its nothing really impressive about that.. whats impressive is the trap speed of the Koenigsegg

    3. Wurstfetischist Avatar

      @Elia Allegri you really have NO knowledge lmao

    4. One Punch Man Avatar
      One Punch Man

      @WurstfetischistI mean, it’s not impressive. They were in wet roads. It’s an rwd vs awd

    5. Chi Square Avatar
      Chi Square

      @Elia Allegri I agree with OP. It’s not ‘just simply because it’s awd’ why it is beating almost everything, regardless of their hp. I believe Porsche did some black magic trickery regarding balance, traction and power delivery. This model-year Turbo S is clearly overachieving in regards to launching from 0 mph.

      Porsche performance quality is also shown in how the GT3 RS is lapping so fast with such ‘low’ hp and especially torque. I don’t know a more efficient supercar. I don’t think there is one. They are extremely impressive.

  10. jazzy Avatar

    So much HP and still the Turbo S delivers and beat it. What an amazing car. Craftmanship at its best

    1. Håkan Selvander Avatar
      Håkan Selvander

      The grip and the 4wd didn’t you aspect that ?

    2. Rafis Inkiad Avatar
      Rafis Inkiad

      the porsche really is the grip reaper

    3. ThatParticularGame™ Avatar

      ​@Håkan SelvanderThey are all kids amazed because a AWD beat for a millisecond a RWD

    4. bbkangs Avatar

      @ThatParticularGame™ with half as much HP… and a fraction of the price…

    5. ThatParticularGame™ Avatar

      @bbkangs Top speed? Handling? Acceleration? Best looking? Better sound? More hp? Even it you race in the road, the portche is going to lose even with a Tesla

  11. Dzon Travolta Avatar
    Dzon Travolta

    Man the launch on the Porsche is crazy ,every single time it delivers … 💪🏼

    1. Jayson B Avatar
      Jayson B

      Plaid launches better

    2. LK Avatar

      @Jayson B no, since its a electric..

  12. Ben Goodbrand Avatar
    Ben Goodbrand

    The 911 is mega off the line, but the way the Egg picks up speed once it has traction is mind blowing.

  13. Randall C Avatar
    Randall C

    And yet another Turbo S victory off the line. It’s the perfect real-world car. Makes me wonder if Porsche will ever update it. As good as the current model is, that an exciting yet scary thought!

  14. A bot Avatar
    A bot

    damn that Porsche never ceases to amaze me with how it rockets off with every launch, Porsche really dialed that thing in perfectly. ‘Only’ 650 bhp by the way.

    1. Simon N Avatar
      Simon N

      Better to use all the power you’ve got available than just use some of it

    2. The Stoic Whinger Avatar
      The Stoic Whinger

      The brake test was more impressive

    3. Jayson B Avatar
      Jayson B

      The plaid takes off better

  15. Arno Db Avatar
    Arno Db

    that porsche never dissappoints! Definitly the car i’d buy if i could

  16. Jordi El Nino Polla Avatar
    Jordi El Nino Polla

    Say it all the time, but nothing (nothing) in the combustible engine world gets off the line like a 911 Turbo S. The way that thing puts the power down is phenomenal.

    1. Imleocalm Avatar


    2. Rapunzel Avatar

      Nothing, including tuned drag vehicles?

    3. Johan Derksen Avatar
      Johan Derksen

      ​@RapunzelThat’s the road not the car.

    4. xtn's youtube Avatar
      xtn’s youtube

      I’m sure you mean nothing that’s ICE, stock, street legal and on DOT legal road tires.

    5. Psilocybin Enthusiast Avatar
      Psilocybin Enthusiast

      Well I mean that’s pretty obvious…. All the weight is directly in the back wheels🤣🤣🤣

  17. Stefan T Avatar
    Stefan T

    This episode is one of the best arguments for the 911 Turbo S. What a car that can beat a 3 million pound hyper car in a quarter mile race!

  18. John Olaoluwa Avatar
    John Olaoluwa

    Yanni can be so funny, especially when he’s tried everything and sees Mat zoom past him, his face is hilarious! 05:50 😁

    1. Ben Lecluyse Avatar
      Ben Lecluyse

      #Facts 🤣

  19. CYJANEK Avatar

    Owner of that Audi has very nice attitude, you don’t have to be mad when you lose, thats part of the sport. Still amazing to have modified car with this much power

  20. Will Detilli Avatar
    Will Detilli

    I’ve commented in the other video about the Koenigsegg time be slower than the turbo S in quarter mile even though it has 2x power!! Now is the proof! They should ask help to Porsche to learn how to launch a car. For those who use the RWD as excuse should watch gt2rs launching. Porsche is just on another level, period!

    Koenigsegg is really impressive in a rolling race, though! It couldn’t be different when you have 1:1 power ratio!

    1. gustavo g coelho Avatar
      gustavo g coelho

      Boy oh boy just let the gemera get released and you will see if awd makes a difference or not

    2. Sonic G Avatar
      Sonic G

      Over 1.3k hp all sent to the rear wheels obviously the koenigsegg will have wheelspin, and the gt2 rs has around 700 hp, so it’s easier to put that power down

    3. Will Detilli Avatar
      Will Detilli

      @Sonic G have u seen tuned turbo S +1000 HP? They launch incredibly well, doing quarter mile in low 9’s. It’s about traction control and put the power gradually to optimize grip on the floor. Porsche is incomparable on that technology!

    4. Sonic G Avatar
      Sonic G

      Because AWD

    5. M 3 Avatar
      M 3


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