Just Ferrari problems…





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  1. @HannaODonnell1 Avatar

    Your channel is like a cool breeze in the online world for me. Thank you for your quality and engaging videos.🥩🍏🥞

  2. @JuliaPats1 Avatar

    Your videos are a real pleasure to watch. They always spark interest and add positivity to my day.🦞⬛️💓

  3. @xusannomonov1262 Avatar


  4. @pabloestradagutierrez6073 Avatar

    Damn not even 1 minute and its already full of bots

    1. @UFC_MMA_Clips Avatar

      Innit it’s bare annoying

    2. @XavierAway Avatar

      You’d better get used to it, they’re constantly evolving to look more and more legit, eventually they’ll be giving philosophy lectures and writing poetry

    3. @toonistiny Avatar

      Not to mention the nude profile pictures! What has society devolved into…

    4. @DerSnipOr Avatar

      @@XavierAwayyou mean besides showing their „character“? 😅🎉

    5. @high-captainofangbandgothm3926 Avatar

      It’s a script, the accounts are sold hence their creation by engagement

  5. @Matilda_Zahn52 Avatar

    Ich habe Ihr Video gesehen und mein Tag wurde sofort angenehm💧

    1. @ThatsT-U-F Avatar

      Damn that profile pic is hot af🥵🥵🥵

    2. @ThatsT-U-F Avatar

      But unfortunately have to report cuz it’s a bot

  6. @Mr_AfricaTwin Avatar

    Wish I had a car too

  7. @TheTurtleOffDoom Avatar

    That is why I had to pass and get a 1994 mazda instead

    1. @singingLeaf123 Avatar

      Looks like a cx30😂

    2. @AJzilllaPro Avatar

      @@singingLeaf123Compliment to both Manufacturers.

    3. @jmoney8580 Avatar

      Trust me it was touch n go between the Ferrari and 2004 fiat punto

  8. @bradleythirumurthi Avatar

    I don’t get it

    1. @RaidHossain-9910 Avatar

      The window buttons are difficult to press, so that makes this Ferrari hideous

  9. @apoorvgarg_ Avatar

    Yeah he can’t use left hand 👍👍👍

  10. @kubaszmyty123 Avatar

    like in e46, dont see problem

  11. @do4katagaming-rx5ok Avatar

    Like the late 90s and early 2000s BMWs

  12. @freitaspitangui868 Avatar

    Someone tell him he has a left hand.

  13. @MA-xo8cf Avatar

    Just because of this problem i bought a 2005 toyota yaris instead

  14. @MLO74 Avatar

    NO ! Double click ! 2 windows open

  15. @CAPTAIN33-bz4ej Avatar

    I want to see a drag race of Ferrari Purosangue, Lamborghini Urus and Bmw xm red label.

  16. @stre622 Avatar

    Just dum

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