Jeep rolling up with some 10/10 safety tech!






21 responses to “Jeep rolling up with some 10/10 safety tech!”

  1. @EmilyNixons Avatar

    Thanks for such fascinating content! Your channel is a real treasure on YouTube!😄😄 ! 🐥’

  2. @EmmaHubbard1 Avatar

    I can’t stop being amazed by your talent. It is not just content, it is true art. Keep inspiring us!🌭🪖🧀

  3. @iogi5428 Avatar

    Hi Carwow❤❤❤

  4. @Lorah_Benter81 Avatar

    Ich finde dieses Video und Ihre Videos im Allgemeinen wirklich gut und sehr informativ. Außerdem haben Sie es sogar sehr interessant gemacht. Man merkt auch, dass Sie sich sehr viel Mühe gegeben haben🌸🌸

  5. @Baileytoonz Avatar

    Hyundai Ionic does that 😂 mine is 67 plate. Old feature

  6. @johnmoloney5296 Avatar

    Until the fiat genes kick in and its too late to find out that Tony has to Fix it again 😮

  7. @Freda_Kastner11 Avatar

    Tolles Video, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste💪🏿

  8. @elcrackengaitos_bs4804 Avatar

    My Peugeot Rifter does that 😂

    Edit: Ayo what’s up with all these bots 💀

    1. @gudnytX Avatar

      Yeah. Remember when the comments section used to be a wonderful place?

  9. @Marlene_Wassmann Avatar

    Wie viel Aufwand wurde aufgewendet, um dieses Video zu erstellen? Ich bin sehr stolz auf Sie, Sie haben eine großartige Arbeit geleistet!🐨

  10. @patrickalecu7278 Avatar

    Tesla: If you don’t drive, we break your ears and lose Autopilot for a week

  11. @officialnotonlyjames Avatar

    the chimes the same to my 21’ tahoe 🗿hondas going down badddd

  12. @loydkhabelane8238 Avatar

    Speed being on 69 is crazy business

  13. @spsfitnessstrudley7718 Avatar

    My cla does that from 2014

  14. @weeeeee374 Avatar

    Wife 2.0

  15. @TiptronicSS Avatar

    Either drive or don’t! ‘keep your hands on the steering wheel’, what’s your job then?

  16. @yesitsme-qr1nt Avatar

    What exactly is so special about this? It’s a really old feature that many many cars have

  17. @wumi8027 Avatar

    Pff, my Seat Tarraco does this all the time when lane assist is activated. It does this even if my hands are on the steering wheel and if I don’t grab it harder, that damn car is antilock braking like a crazy maniac

  18. @Ross01111 Avatar

    Doesn’t translate well in this video lol

  19. @RetroKingOG Avatar

    Subaru or Volvo invented that lol

  20. @TheLeeattwood Avatar

    Is I want to sleep,and crash that’s what I want 😂

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