Is this the worst thing to happen to modern cars?






29 responses to “Is this the worst thing to happen to modern cars?”

  1. Flying Banana Avatar
    Flying Banana

    It’s the worst idea ever. And I’m a Tesla fanboy. I would even say that it should be illegal.

    1. Yorkshire Petrol Head Avatar
      Yorkshire Petrol Head

      Tesla? 🥱

  2. BrownSofaGamer Avatar

    Tried it in a family members Tesla and I didn’t like it very much. Really no need to reinvent the steering wheel imo.

  3. Jason Smith Avatar
    Jason Smith

    Rated the same as a wet fart.😮

  4. Inspiration Ignite Avatar
    Inspiration Ignite

    Should be illegal! You don’t steer a car the way you steer a plane. Big fail, and I refuse to buy any car with it.

    1. Wandering Existence Avatar
      Wandering Existence

      This music should be illegal

    2. David Hart Avatar
      David Hart

      @Wandering Existenceoh no

    3. the_ GOBLIN Avatar
      the_ GOBLIN

      It also has no relation to how a plane steers anyway, making it even more ridiculous

    4. steven baeyens Avatar
      steven baeyens

      The yoke is optional. You can choose the car with a regular steering wheel

    5. Inspiration Ignite Avatar
      Inspiration Ignite

      @steven baeyens still bad idea

  5. Ariel Alfaro Avatar
    Ariel Alfaro

    I don’t feel like you are in complete control of the car.

  6. Martijn Avatar

    Terrible idea, dangerous, and should be illegal

  7. Ian Anderson Avatar
    Ian Anderson

    It’s fine if your first name is Micheal and your surname is Knight 😂

    1. Hanshan5 Avatar

      Or Schumacher

    2. Stephen Middlehurst Avatar
      Stephen Middlehurst

      But that’s just it, Knight Rider has a *better* yoke than this! There’s two little handles coming up from the yoke so you can make a more natural and controlled movement. This is just a horror show of design and I’m still amazed that it’s allowed on the roads.

  8. Kevin Piip Avatar
    Kevin Piip

    The Lexus yoke is fine since its drive by wire and it turns different amounts depending on speed but the tesla one is just all around horrible

  9. ToJaPb Avatar

    This really is one of the worst ideas. Like what was wrong with the comfortable and easy to use circular shaped object? If only we had something like that in cars. We could call it the steering wheel

  10. Miles Coleman Avatar
    Miles Coleman

    It’s like no one watched Knightrider. Almost everything he designs is just him trying to build KITT

  11. Snake Eyes Avatar
    Snake Eyes

    As illegal as these sex bots should be.

  12. M Faj Avatar
    M Faj

    Imagine trying to do a u-turn with this or quick manoeuvre, This should be straight up illegal

  13. Uki Avatar

    At least it’s optional.

  14. ZettoMedia Avatar

    Let’s give a 1000+hp car a shitty steering wheel… what can possibly go wrong? 🤪

    1. Dreckiger Kek Avatar
      Dreckiger Kek

      For going straight I think it’s okay but round is better

  15. Catarina Illingworth Avatar
    Catarina Illingworth

    In a track car fine but a road car absolutely a big fat no they should be illegal.

  16. Plaid 1020 Avatar
    Plaid 1020

    I had the yoke in my Tesla S plaid for several months and hated it from day 1. As soon as Tesla released the round steering wheel I had installed. Immediately so much more enjoyable to drive and safer than the pos yoke.

  17. Julio Araujo Avatar
    Julio Araujo

    If you have to rotate it more than 100° then it should be round, not a yoke.

  18. stubones Avatar

    It’s a terrible idea. Thankfully they have revised it.

  19. Tiquays Avatar

    If you need to take hands off at any point you don’t need a yoke

  20. Little Angel Avatar
    Little Angel

    Lexus has done the yoke in an amazing way

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