Is this the most annoying Mercedes feature? 🤔






28 responses to “Is this the most annoying Mercedes feature? 🤔”

  1. Anant Vyas Avatar
    Anant Vyas


  2. Kem Avatar

    That sucks

  3. J G Avatar
    J G

    Running boards are for little kids and old or short people

    1. Arnold Avatar

      Exactly the kind that drive Mercedes

    2. Javier Silva Avatar
      Javier Silva

      Right. But they are too small to even step on. So they are for nobody.

    3. tupolev and kuznetsov Avatar
      tupolev and kuznetsov

      For that one bro-

    4. Bernie Sutton Avatar
      Bernie Sutton

      @Arnold how many little kids have you seen driving a Mercedes or any car?

    5. Bernie Sutton Avatar
      Bernie Sutton

      that seems like it would be a reasonably large group within the community

  4. adrian riches Avatar
    adrian riches

    It used to be the foot operated parking brake 🙈🙈🙈

  5. phxntxm Avatar

    On the contrary if they stuck out too far I could imagine it leading to little scratching accidents quite a bit

    1. Emilio Gamez Avatar
      Emilio Gamez

      Make it an optional extra that makes them fold in

  6. Hector8 Avatar

    Back in the day running boards served a purpose. And not talking bout kiddies or seniors! But with this Mercedes SUV they are superfluous. Yet another example of marketing taking precedence over engineering which is why I won’t buy any new Mercedes despite the tech wizardry in the S Klasse for example…

  7. Keev1990 Avatar

    It makes the car look way better, thats enough

    1. Paul Avatar

      Its gonna take more then running boards to make that car look good 😂

  8. Sodathief Avatar

    yes i hate those things on vehicles that don’t need them. they do it to charge more

  9. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    More like “not so running boards” 😅

  10. Jonathan Smith Avatar
    Jonathan Smith

    It’s for the bad guy convoy, so the masked extras can hang on to the outside of the car

  11. Ionut Catalin Avatar
    Ionut Catalin

    then just don’t buy the car with them..

  12. Dr. Skillz Avatar
    Dr. Skillz

    You’re right, Matt. They do look cool.

  13. Paul Avatar

    If this is your biggest concern in life , then your doing OK!😂

    1. Snake Eyes Avatar
      Snake Eyes


  14. NMN Avatar


    Not practical coz IT’S NOT STICKING OUT enough.

    Annoying COZ IT’S STICKING OUT and making Ur trousers dirty.

  15. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow please a generation drag race or any Getz please day 340

  16. Irgendeine Random person Avatar
    Irgendeine Random person

    On some older cars there was actually a sticker on there telling you to not step on them…

  17. Timmy Li Avatar
    Timmy Li

    On the XC90, they bash my ankles im everytime…funny how Mercedes fixed it with the deployable running boards on the Maybach GLS

  18. the rock Avatar
    the rock

    facts is so annoying. mostly when raining and it has mud and everything down there and then you try to get out and all your pants get covered with dirt

  19. steven moran Avatar
    steven moran

    Dirty trousers all because Mercedes are light years behind the French who, make car doors that cover the sills.

  20. Rob Tuffin Avatar
    Rob Tuffin

    Matt’s obsessions with keeping the back of his trousers clean will never cease to amaze me 😂

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