Is this BMW i7 feature pointless?!

Would you utilize this?!





46 responses to “Is this BMW i7 feature pointless?!”

  1. Kubose Avatar

    Eh, rich toy, its fine. The biggest thing that surprised me was how hideous the door handles (or rather door holes) are, they look like open wounds.

    1. Richard Roberts Avatar
      Richard Roberts

      I thought the same thing about the appearance. It looks like the actual handle has been broken off.

    2. Jonathan Duddy Avatar
      Jonathan Duddy

      Well BMW have clearly had some dodgy design choices over last few years

  2. Anton Key Avatar
    Anton Key

    Imagine being chased by someone and thinking you could get away in your car and then have to wait for the door to open💀

    1. Fevo 61 Avatar
      Fevo 61

      Happens all the time

    2. T R Avatar
      T R

      ​@Mephistopheles It’s an upper-middle management car…most folks who have this can’t afford a full-time bodyguard.

    3. Ulugbek Ruziboyev Avatar
      Ulugbek Ruziboyev

      Nuh, not really. I know guys with luxury cars, and believe me, they act normal and do not walk with guards

    4. Moritz Ulbrich Avatar
      Moritz Ulbrich

      imagine not realizing that this is the passenger door. normally a passenger doesn’t have access to the car at all, so this way it may take some second but you can at least access the car

    5. jawbreaker Avatar

      @Mephistopheles Its EV so the maintenance is close to 0.

  3. Knickerson Avatar

    For the owner who often says to their passengers, “You’re leaving finger prints on everything!”

    1. detaart Avatar

      so yeah leave your fingerprint on the glossy plastic RGB gaming dashboaard thx

  4. Andrew Vincent Avatar
    Andrew Vincent

    Probably after a week of owning one of these, I would have raged at how slow it opens

    1. Need4Speed Avatar

      Bro you just proved your poor cause your in rush, rich people take life slowly. So slow it down to get more money.

    2. Andrew Vincent Avatar
      Andrew Vincent

      Well, I don’t plan on buying one. So I guess it won’t be a problem

    3. Escapade Avatar

      @Need4Speed but rich people are still human so they are going to have human experiences meaning of they probably would still rage

    4. Andrew Fossatti Avatar
      Andrew Fossatti

      No worries it would break quickly and you would be back to manual doors in no time. 😂

    5. AZURE Gaming Avatar
      AZURE Gaming

      @Andrew Vincentwe’ve had our i7 for a month now and we stopped using the auto doors in the first 3 days 😂😂

  5. Tony Cashman Avatar
    Tony Cashman

    Opening the door is £10 per month subscription

    1. Nicholas Campbell Avatar
      Nicholas Campbell

      Just about to say that 😂


      “0” – Here you go, you dropped a 0 off of the end of that £10 😏

    3. PeanutButter&Jelly Avatar

      ​@STOP PRE-ORDERING VIDEO GAMES! Naah bro, £10 is believable. 100 is too much.

    4. Danny Seville Avatar
      Danny Seville

      Beat me to it haha. It’s not ‘that’s something else to go wrong’ any more, it’s now ‘that’s another subscription option’

  6. Groovy Tirma Avatar
    Groovy Tirma

    Didn’t see you complaining about this feature in the Rolls royce.

    1. Harald Weidinger Avatar
      Harald Weidinger

      @Blacktrous Tesla’s doors open during driving as well 😏

    2. Paul Dilley Avatar
      Paul Dilley

      Slight difference in customer, Rolls Royce and BMW, even though technically same company.

    3. AJ Avatar

      @Harald Weidinger hmmmmmm i think you’re talking bs bud

    4. Harald Weidinger Avatar
      Harald Weidinger

      @AJ no. The quality of Tesla is so incredibly poor. But no Tesla fanboy would admit that. But that’s ok by me 😁

  7. Matic Avatar

    I would be scared of it not stopping before hitting something each time

    1. LaRay Hale Avatar
      LaRay Hale

      It has a sensor so it doesn’t hit anything

    2. Matic Avatar

      @LaRay Hale yeah….

  8. Cj McMaster Avatar
    Cj McMaster

    I’m sure you can adjust the swing time and pressure. I had shaved door handles and was able to have them open faster by adding more voltage to the actuator and spring lb

  9. Richard Roberts Avatar
    Richard Roberts

    I’d be asking the dealership if I could spec my car with normal door handles.

  10. Kazuki Shinomiya Avatar
    Kazuki Shinomiya

    Honestly if you live with someone who has a chronic illness and whatnot this is a nice feature. I wish my car had this so my dad won’t have a lot of problems trying to get in the car without help

    1. Craig Jones Avatar
      Craig Jones

      Make him get the bus 👍

  11. Darsheel Sethia Avatar
    Darsheel Sethia

    When Rolls Royce does everyone appreciates when BMW does it everyone is thinking about the dumbest reason to say it’s bad

    1. Article19 Avatar

      Rolls Royce is owned by BMW

  12. Rob Manser Avatar
    Rob Manser

    The powered boot opening on BMWs is this slow, but you can do it from the key as you approach so it doesn’t matter. Can you do that with this? Another question: will it stop if it’s about to hit something (a car next to it, a pillar or post, a high kerb if the road’s cambered and the car’s on a slant, etc.. you’d need a lot of sensors!)?

    1. LaRay Hale Avatar
      LaRay Hale

      It does have sensors so it won’t hit anything. The key part I can’t remember. Hopefully someone answers because I’m curious also

  13. Dominique Charriere Avatar
    Dominique Charriere

    Man, we will end up like the humans in WallE. What’s next, the seat getting out of the car so you can seat down in the street and then get brought into the car? Man, opening cars is good for your joints and muscles!

  14. Godfrey Chipo mukonde Avatar
    Godfrey Chipo mukonde

    Pressing an waiting is not better than grabbing and opening

  15. Robert de Forest Avatar
    Robert de Forest

    Depends on whether I can use the normal method as well. That would address all of the complaints I’ve seen in the comments. I certainly wouldn’t pay extra for it, but I wouldn’t complain if it were an additional feature on top of normal opening/closing and the normal way weren’t any slower.

  16. richardreynoso91 Avatar

    If you travel with a massive cake everyday in your hands. I see this working

  17. 9dewm Avatar

    No good for when it’s pissing down with rain and you’re in a rush to get inside

  18. Poovesan Naidoo Avatar
    Poovesan Naidoo

    At that point just buy a car that opens and closes the door, as you approach it and when you get inside, automatically

  19. Elton Louw Avatar
    Elton Louw

    This feature helps with PPL who always bangs your door and avoids you from banging the door on your fingers.

  20. Sage Oldmann Avatar
    Sage Oldmann

    The best part about that door is if the motor goes you have to replace the entire door 👍🏻

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