Introducing the Radnor Draig – A Drivers Car for a Non Fossil Fuel Future ! *WORLD EXCLUSIVE* | 4K

Introducing the . A drivers automobile weighting simply 1200kg with 450bhp, a manual gearbox and four wheel drive. The Draig will have a variety of powertrain alternatives starting with a hybrid rotory engine and electric motor with a bonkers 10,000 rpm redline, in addition to hydrogen combustion and fuel cell and complete battery electric.

This job requires financial investment to make it occur. if you would like to know more about how to get associated with this unbelievable job drop Will an email. The VR demonstrator and time spent with Will can bring the vehicle to life. Let's see if we can make this happen.

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00:00 – Crashing the Prototype!
00:34 – The genius behind the and truck
02:48 – The vehicle with any drive train
05:55 – The future is more than just !
08:13 – JCB and hydrogen
10:14 – Existing status of the job
13:55 – Driving the
17:34 – Unique Powertrain!
22:27 – External walkaround
25:10 – Investment Opportunity!

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    Mr Mawson

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  2. Aidy Madd Avatar
    Aidy Madd

    Hydrogen seems to be the new buzz fuel but there is one big downfall to it. It produces water as a by-product!! I know you nay sayers are gonna say it’s harmless and non polluting etc and if it was one or two cars then that would be ok. But the way the internet is talking right now, is that Hydrogen will take over where petrol/gasoline left.
    Now in theory this is fantastic, but if a single vehicle produces one pint of water in say; a day, that’s not too bad yes?? But if then in a year or so, a million hydrogen powered vehicles produce one million pints of water a day, that is a LOT of water. A DAY!! Well that’s my concern anyways!!

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