Introducing The All New Tiguan – VW’s Best Selling Car ! | 4K

Introducing the all brand-, 's finest selling automobile. I recently went to Germany for a technical deep dive into the new MBQ platform that underpins the new Tigaun, Passat and Golf. The Tiguan is a compact and this 3 Generation Tiguan is packed filled with brand-new and innovative innovation.

In this very first appearance I stroll you around the car and reveal you some of the main features.


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Video Contents
00:00 – Intro
00:23 – 3rd Generation Tiguan
01:28 – Drive Train options
03:06 – HD Matrix Headlights
06:34 – Rear Styling
08:33 – Rear passenger space
09:33 – Front seat tech and BUTTONS!
13:17 – My Finals Ideas!

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24 responses to “Introducing The All New Tiguan – VW’s Best Selling Car ! | 4K”

  1. Paul Staniford Avatar
    Paul Staniford

    Great to see the 3rd Generation car arriving in Europe. Lovely looking car especially with the electric range now at 60mins. Imagine most people could run this regularly on full electric without ever needing the engine. Looks like a great family car with excellent build quality. Well done VW.

  2. Chris Murphy Avatar
    Chris Murphy

    Good to see these first look videos from you Pete, lovely looking motor with some interesting tech

  3. Mark Rathbone Avatar
    Mark Rathbone

    Looks interesting, however rather having a knob that you have to swipe across a couple of times to get to a volume button, why not just have a volume button? – simpler, safer. Why are manufacturers continuing to do this ?

  4. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    That is a game changer in my mind. If I could turn the clock back a year knowing what I know now and having access to the cars that have come through in that time I would go down the route of a Plug in Hybrid. Although I am a fan of JLR and would probably go for a JLR product I have in the past owned both a Passat And Golf estates and liked both for the room and laterally in the golf the technology. If and when we change our car I think that car would be a contender and if I was looking for a change right now it would be very close to the top of the list. I guess there was no mention of pricing yet. Another very informative review and I nearly forgot about the control wheel I loved that in my JCW and that was pretty basic in the Mini the VW one is a different level.

  5. Ian Franks Avatar
    Ian Franks

    Fascinating view of the next gen Tiguan Pete. However, do you not think that there is space in the market for a cheaper car with knobs, buttons and no fancy electronic gizmos? I’ve managed over 40 years of driving without self-dipping headlights. I also think that touchscreens are fundamentally distracting whereas I can find all the controls (that I need routinely) without looking away from the road. Or am I just a dinosaur?

    1. Mark Dawson Avatar
      Mark Dawson

      No you are not an old fossil. You can feel for a button or knob and use it instinctively, where as you can not with a screen because you still have to avert your eyes. We have a Tesla and a 10yr old Volvo V70. Volvo for me every time.

    2. reinmansmith Avatar

      Agree entirely, what is so difficult about reaching for a volume knob? Oh I know, let’s reach for a knob low down, have to swipe that to a volume setting (having to look down to see if it’s now on ‘volume’) and then adjust the volume!! And they call this progress aahhhh!!

    3. Mcscotty 1 Avatar
      Mcscotty 1

      I agree there is far too much tech in these new cars. I want a basic car with a manual gearbox. I do not even want electric windows. I have a new A4 Quattro with DSG but I much prefer a simpler car. I do not want a digital cockpit or touch screen. I have them in the Audi and just do not use them preferring Wayes on the phone satnav. Wait till these lights go wrong and it needs replacement. That will not be cheap compared to a bulb.

  6. The Vintage Appliance Emporium Avatar
    The Vintage Appliance Emporium

    Great to see that they’ve gone back to physical steering wheel buttons and moved away from those god-awful touch sensitive ones

  7. Ian Noble Avatar
    Ian Noble

    VW have obviously learnt nothing we don’t want a multifunction jog wheel just simple backlit switches and controls.

  8. Matt Hersch Avatar
    Matt Hersch

    Great video. I agree about the EV range but the rapid charging is the key! The ability to charge as you go quickly will be great. It will obsolete the trickle charger PHEVs in no time. I’m looking at used PHEVs but may wait until these rapid charger cars start becoming more affordable in the used market.

    1. Neal M Avatar
      Neal M

      Plugging a PHEV into a rapid charger at a busy charging hub is a great way to make yourself highly unpopular with BEV drivers. But I guess some will just love doing that.

  9. Neil Swift Avatar
    Neil Swift

    Thanks for another honest video mate. Let’s hope VW have addressed their DSG problems 🤞

  10. YellowA4 Avatar

    Seems like VW have finally admitted their shortcomings regarding the touch buttons. Some good tech in there, but I’m sure at quite a cost, and it will be interesting to see how those numbers equate in the real world.

  11. invisiblekid99 Avatar

    This is what we should have been getting for the fuel of the future. Hybrids with big batteries. The majority of traffic using electric day to day and the efficiency and much cleaner long distance.

    My old Tiguan had matrix LED and they were a revelation. Amazing even back then. Made night driving a breeze and not on flash from oncoming traffic. Was amazed how you were basically driving with full beam where you needed and not at other cars. Amazing tech and I miss it very much on my current car

  12. Colton Cleveringa Avatar
    Colton Cleveringa

    A very well done video. I like the amount of engine options a lot.

  13. Martin Hutchinson Avatar
    Martin Hutchinson

    Nice looking car, great infotainment, excellent interior and decent engine choice, looks like it will be fairly steep on price though!

  14. Ceefeesh Swim Avatar
    Ceefeesh Swim

    Great video and commentary on the latest features. I am in the market for a new SUV and this is attractive. Probably some of the features going into the Mk 8.5 Golf and GTI too. Excellent content, very slick presentation. Keep it up.

  15. MCJC Avatar

    I currently own a 21 plate top spec Tiguan and love it! I will buy this new Tiguan on the proviso that the infotainment is not pants like the current golf 8, ID 3/4 etc. The rotary dial is a big plus. Plug in hybrid for me as well, very good figures

  16. Lewis Hunter Avatar
    Lewis Hunter

    Being a Tiguan owner I think this a great upgrade, love the new hybrid system which is such an improvement over the current one and it’s a good looking car, love the interior and upgrades to the dash, might have to speak to me a Julie about a change of car 👍

  17. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Another great video Pete what I find interesting here is VW engine options here’s a major car brand that is offering an across the board range of engines whereas the likes of Ford, Jaguar etc are going hell bent down the EV only route Well done VW for giving us drivers the options we want and expect of car manufacturers

  18. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    The displays in this car don’t seem too ill-proportioned or distracting. I like the lines of it. Alleluia…it has real exterior door handles, too! 😆🤣This is a perfect EV trainer vehicle for the nervous, as you’ve mentioned. An excellent choice!

  19. Tom Ashley Avatar
    Tom Ashley

    I like it! VW have nailed it with the new Tiguan (and new Passat) but the volumes are on the Tiguan. It is guaranteed to go on selling well! Cheers, Tom.

  20. Jason Shaw Avatar
    Jason Shaw

    Great video Pete. An aesthetically pleasing car both externally and internally

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