Incredible ambient lights in the Q6 e-tron 🚦






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  1. @vihaanj5560 Avatar

    No it isn’t. Ercedes ambient lighting is better

    1. @cpmmaster13 Avatar

      Says the guy without a licence:
      Oh yeah. And knows nothin abt cars:

  2. @AndreiV2008 Avatar

    99.999% of the comensection is filled with bots. Wtf?

    1. @siddhj2206 Avatar

      Welcome to the Youtube Shorts experience

    2. @sufianshahid3690 Avatar

      @@NuSuntRaresh my comment is kind of true and kind of a joke

    3. @sufianshahid3690 Avatar

      ​@@NuSuntRareshcalm down I can just delete it

    4. @sufianshahid3690 Avatar

      ​@@NuSuntRaresh look it’s deleted

    5. @sufianshahid3690 Avatar

      ​@@NuSuntRareshnow take a deep breathe

  3. @Jayz0507 Avatar

    gotta see in the night

  4. @Il_Lebowski9815 Avatar

    Interiors of Mercedes are top

    1. @vladniculita4176 Avatar

      top compared to Dacia haha

  5. @sirhopealot6958 Avatar

    Just another copy of an idea from Benz

    1. @sirhopealot6958 Avatar

      S-Class 2005 was 1st

    2. @Manu-Official Avatar

      Can apply same logic in reverse and say Merc copied Audi’s DRL.

    3. @yosangle Avatar

      ​@@Manu-Official Volvo had drl in 1984 , much before any audi.

    4. @ko_rubin Avatar

      @@yosangle LED DRL?

  6. @BillBaldwin-dt9uy Avatar

    Love your perspective, it’s like a breath of fresh air in a sea of sameness.

    1. @Manu-Official Avatar

      account reported

  7. @Khalifa_r Avatar

    The bmw has the quality and material, Audi has the vision and elegant look, Mercedes has the art 😅 tbh I love them depends on the model

  8. @Monk362 Avatar

    Mercedes ambient lighting is way better

  9. @NekoWinters Avatar

    Sad they need to have gimmicks cause no one actually wants an EV thats a driver

  10. @skylerhickman3646 Avatar

    You say better than mercedez like thats anything difficult 😂

  11. @JC-ti3hf Avatar

    Yo lo que quiero es conducir no entrar en un Club.

  12. @Escape_Raz Avatar

    Mercedes is on another level with the ambient

  13. @bavariancarenthusiast2722 Avatar

    Is it? I like the active part of it with Mercedes – if you have somebody coming up from behind, warning etc. it changes color by context.

  14. @cocioxy Avatar

    Anything about the grave in the central console and hard plastic around the car ? And all of that for the price of Macan ?

  15. @jz129 Avatar

    Yeeyyy und wieder ein SUV 🫠

    Außerdem der gute altbekannte Klavierlackkunststoff. Oder wie ich in meinen Vorlesungen gelernt habe: die billigste Oberfläche, sie man erzeugen kann, da sie so aus der Form kommt, ohne dass man mit Trägerfolien arbeiten muss oder eine Nachbehandlung braucht.

    VW „Qualität“ halt. Machen zwischenzeitlich selbst die Chinesen besser zum halben Preis.

  16. @jeanalexandre9348 Avatar

    Wow nice! Now where’s the full review!?

    1. @abdur3662 Avatar

      Fr why they keep posting so many shorts of new cool cars without any actual review videos of them? Like the facelifted cupra formentor and a lot of other cars.

  17. @AP-wd6dv Avatar

    I see BMW and now Audi have copied Mercedes style of blending the Centre console and gauge cluster screens

    1. @FinkNZRat Avatar

      Didn’t Mercedes copy it from someone else ? Like Tesla ?

  18. @joelbloxham5023 Avatar

    You can also do that in a Tesla Model 3

  19. @FinkNZRat Avatar

    Its a CAR for gods sake ! Not a night club !

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