Ice Drifting with Nissan e4ORCE in Finland had surprising results ! | 4K

Can you drift an EV on ice? An easy question that required exploring. I took a trip to Finland to drive the X-Trail and Ariya both equipped with the extremely impressive e4ORCE 4 wheel drive system. I drove on an ice lake, snow field and through the roadways of the 1000 Lakes Rally before completing the video delving into a frozen lake!


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00:00 – Cinematic Introduction!
03:36 – X-Trail e4ORCE
04:58 – X-Trail Amazing Cross Axel Test
09:02 – Impressive e4ORCE
10:28 – X-Trail on ice with Max Vatanen
16:17 – Thought on the X-Trail
15:48 – e4ORCE
16:35 – Sliding an EV on ice!
21:12 – Driving the roads of the 1000 Lakes Rally
22:58 – Time to jump in an ice lake!

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21 responses to “Ice Drifting with Nissan e4ORCE in Finland had surprising results ! | 4K”

  1. @Ping-gl5xl Avatar

    The soundtrack is the heartbeat; it pulsates emotions, orchestrating the mood effortlessly.✨

  2. @Alvara_Wehrle11 Avatar

    A very impressive video! Thank you for your work🧡🧡🧡

  3. @8arcbal Avatar

    Welcome to Finland 🇫🇮 Mr Petrol Ped👍

  4. @francoisg3500 Avatar

    Early again! Peter you must be having one of those weeks! Anyhow hope everyone is doing well and have a great weekend. Currently watch the F1 Quali will save this to watch late this evening.

  5. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    Another great video Pete, whats the thing about 4pm drop time are you still in another time zone

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Yep. I think that’s it. My YT Studio is still on Finnish time 🙊

  6. @ezraschwartz5201 Avatar

    Impressive production Pete!

  7. @dickiemcvitie1752 Avatar

    That looked like amazing fun!! Not sure about the ice lake dunking though, did chuckle as your voice started to go high pitched during your out-tro… Wimm Hoff would have been proud, lol!!

  8. @PetrolPed Avatar

    Sorry for the early drop. My YouTube studio is clearly still set to Finnish time 🙊

  9. @jamiep61 Avatar

    A great video 😊

  10. @cinqiwc Avatar

    Wow great video and kudos for that ice cold dip in the end 🥶. Loved your dedication of doing the closing words while entering the water 🙏

  11. @Russell_G Avatar

    Mad……mad tells ya, still glad you’re doing it though, another great watch…keep it up Pete!!

  12. @guylambrechts2303 Avatar

    oh man, that’s a nice video!!

  13. @mgmarrison Avatar

    Okay, hands up 🙌… I was sat watching this thinking, ‘why do I care about Nissan 4×4?’ Then you started getting shown the tech 😂 👍. Impressive.

  14. @solentbum Avatar

    It was interesting to see the cars on wet ice, exactly what we get in the UK, so very slippery. unlike very cold Ice/snow which gives good grip.
    Being an EV owner I look upon the E-force system as a gateway ‘drug’ to full EV.

  15. @glenhains3513 Avatar

    Great video as usual 👍🏻
    Was good to meet you in town yesterday. Especially after seeing you before and not saying anything! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂Shame I was literally getting on the bus that was sat there 🫤😂

  16. @reinmansmith Avatar

    Mad Wim Ped!!! 😳😱

  17. @johniooi3954 Avatar

    Was it more fun on the lake or in it…. Great video.

  18. @alasdairwilson4806 Avatar

    Great vid,very nicely filmed.Fantastic content.Looks like you had a great time but that lake dip looked anything but enjoyable,and full Wim Hoff mode at the end,excellent.

  19. @user-qr4se9wt4z Avatar

    Oh Ped brilliant video thanks for the entertainment 👍

  20. @HQBProductions Avatar

    Hello Peter! Well…I’m glad that slushy ice didn’t break through….it could have been an expensive moment! The cars show that maybe preconceptions about brands and their abilities need to be reset…..the Nissan was nowhere on my possibility list…..but it might be a whole lot better than most Chinese budget buys now rolling up. As for the Lake….well I have tried the sauna in Finland and Sweden with a bunch of worrying long distance lorry drivers….i didn’t stay in there long….😬😬🫣🫣🫣. Well done on the dip…you are a very strong man for your age….people will say that to you a lot soon!…good work and fine video composition! Stay safe….dont eat ice cubes! Richard🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😵‍💫😵‍💫😃😃😃

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