i3 – W16 REV TEST πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯






23 responses to “i3 – W16 REV TEST πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯”

  1. @AnnAlbini Avatar

    Every time I click on your video, I improve my day. Keep it up!😁 : πŸ”³

  2. @TionWayneisadustyYute Avatar

    @carwow you rlly need to sort these bots out

  3. @Not.The.Avg.Smitty Avatar

    The LFA making music 🎢

    1. @Neptun2006 Avatar

      As an 812 owner, I have to take off my hat.

  4. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    3cyl brrooom sutututututu

  5. @vibefactory3407 Avatar

    That Audi RS3 sounds sick 😍

  6. @reyhanghazaldi Avatar

    Tone : i5 & v10
    Raw : v6, v8 & v12

    1. @erickberman1172 Avatar


  7. @realevora Avatar

    LFA has a sweetness in its sound 🎢

  8. @110341 Avatar

    That R35 though 😍

  9. @vladimirvladimirchuk7877 Avatar

    Nissan R35 GT-R ❀

  10. @falcongamer5867 Avatar

    Right after Donut Media

  11. @MoosePolo Avatar

    Should’ve done a GT3 for flat 6

  12. @daison96 Avatar

    I’m ‘Murican, so that savory V8 for me! With extra gravy, please! 🍻

  13. @najeebalraie1371 Avatar

    LFA has the best sound in the world πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅βœ…πŸ‘

    1. @joelnilsson7129 Avatar

      Yeah, as far as cars go. Nothing stands a chance vs the merlin V10

  14. @milehighboost5521 Avatar

    Toyota/Lexus really spent wisely getting Yamaha involved to tune that exhaust on the LFA.

  15. @mateosmithy5668 Avatar

    GTR and LFA! Beautiful…

  16. @steven4114 Avatar

    A VR6 would’ve been a good addition

  17. @quentinfreeman7516 Avatar

    As a Mustang owner I’m proud to see that a Mustang was good enough to make this list!

  18. @lethukthula5620 Avatar

    That GTR has a thunderous sound. Insane.

  19. @forlatagate1 Avatar

    Matt playlist for when he gets his cybertruck, hope he enjoys the music


    That rs3 was πŸ’―πŸ”₯
    It sounds like a lambo v10, that’s because it is actually the lambo v10 sliced in half and turbocharged

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