I supercharged my MX-5 to beat THIS!

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …… Thanks to everybody who helped establish this race:- Mk2 NB:

– Mk3 NC: Just how much extra power does including a supercharger( and a few other
mods … )to your MX-5 provide you? Well, we will find out! Mat's brought his Mk2 NB MX-5 along, and it will face off against a stock Mk2 & a supercharged Mk3 over the quarter-mile! So let's see how the three compare. Beginning with the stock Mk2, it's powered by a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder NA engine that can deliver 146hp and 168Nm of torque. It's geared up with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and this sends out power to the rear wheels only. Along with it we have Mat in his Mk2 NB. Generally it would have the very same naturally-aspirated engine as the stock Mk2, however, he's had a couple of mods added to the , consisting of a supercharger! As an outcome, power is well up on the along with it, with the ability to put down around 190hp. Then finally we have the Mk3 NC. Similar to the other vehicles, it would typically have a 1.8-litre 4 cylinder NA engine under the bonnet, however it's also been equipped with a supercharger. As a result, it can provide 248hp and 289Nm! It's geared up with a 6-speed handbook gearbox that sends power to the rear wheels, and it's likewise the heaviest cars and truck here, tipping the scales at 1,100 kg. So will the most effective Mk3 snatch it? There's only one way to find out … LET'S RACE! Offer your car with :


37 responses to “I supercharged my MX-5 to beat THIS!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Should Mat sell his MX-5? VOTE below!

    1. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Sell it!

    2. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Keep it!

    3. casianp12 Avatar


    4. NIKI123BXD Avatar


  2. Battery Powered  Avatar
    Battery Powered

    Those races with more affordable and tuned cars are always great fun to watch !

    1. SlavPlaysGames Avatar

      20k in a trash car like a mx 5 is affordable ? Are you ok? You can get a used cayman for that money… stay delusional also you will pay double for these parts because you are not Matt from carwow…

    2. Battery Powered  Avatar
      Battery Powered

      @SlavPlaysGames I believe he said his car cost him £6k

    3. DN Swag Avatar
      DN Swag

      ​@SlavPlaysGamesYou wouldn’t get a Cayman with brake, suspension and chassis mods, and you’d also have a hard top… Hot take to say an MX-5 is trash, given that pretty much everyone agrees it’s a great driving experience…

    4. SlavPlaysGames Avatar

      @DN Swag ye for youtubers and people who have more then 1 car .. you think any person who likes cars and is not a influencer would buy and spend so much money on a mx 5 ? Doubt … also a cayman is just better…

    5. SlavPlaysGames Avatar

      @Battery Powered you really think you could get the same high quality stuff he got for the same price ? Stay delusional…

  3. Tomahawk Avatar

    Having driven a 270hp turbo mk1 mx5 (1.8s) I can say it was SCARY 😂

    1. SlavPlaysGames Avatar

      Bro spent 30k on a trash car lol I’m fascinated by these decisions ….

    2. Corban Churchill Avatar
      Corban Churchill

      ​@SlavPlaysGamesif I had “30k” I’d do the same tbh. Can’t beat a fun time

    3. Tomahawk Avatar

      @SlavPlaysGames man said 30k…. try 6.5k cos that was the total build cost of it. And it was sold for 7.5k 😂

    4. SlavPlaysGames Avatar

      @Tomahawk so I’m guessing parts were low quality ? How this guy spent 20k on that trash car and its same horsepower as you claim .. or your friend is some genius who achieved same hp for 7 k that the guy in the video got for 20? Bro…make it make sense …

    5. Tomahawk Avatar

      @slavplaysgames  you’re clueless. GT2560, boost pipes, log manifold, custom downpipe from a local exhaust shop, ME221, RX8 yellow injectors, custom oil feed and return pipes, intercooler (and piping), wideband controller, uprated clutch, lightened flywheel. Smaller things like boost controllers etc.

      Had some of the stuff lying around from other projects but was all done for <£6.5k

  4. Matt Kendrick Avatar
    Matt Kendrick

    Starting off it would be more interesting to see the supercharged versions versus a brand new stock Miata and a New Miata with only a Tune.

  5. Yannis Fotiadis Avatar
    Yannis Fotiadis

    You should make mg tf vs z3 vs mx5 of the same age it definitely would be cool!

  6. Filippo Avatar

    Mat, your MX-5 is pretty good. Really impressed with it. It’d be a shame to sell it

  7. ai Avatar

    So happy you’ve started mic’ing up and filming Sam, Rory, and Nick for these races! The whole CarWow crew kicks @ss!

    1. ISAK.M Avatar

      Its been like that for atleast a year maybe 2 bro

  8. Bayo Omole Avatar
    Bayo Omole

    I really enjoy watching these races when Nick, Rory and Racing-man Sam are in these videos. They’re my favourite.

  9. Brandon Buckles Avatar
    Brandon Buckles

    It’s so funny how personally he took this 😆

    I think Matt should mod his car further and hold more races with it as it gets faster.


    Adding the lapel Mic’s to everyone is a great addition BTW!

  10. jagger2001 Avatar

    The more I see videos like this with people having a blast driving a Miata, even when they aren’t tuned, makes me want one more and more

    1. jagger2001 Avatar

      Makes me think the saying is true,

  11. Pugwash Avatar

    Good to see some more affordable cars with the correct number of seats and the roof down!

  12. geoff Avatar

    One of the most fun cars to drive. Supercharged would make it perfect

  13. Racer- X Avatar
    Racer- X

    I had a Mark 1 with a Lysholm/Whipple style supercharger fitted. It ran in the 12’s for the 1/4 mile. Great car.

  14. Peter Hamilton Avatar
    Peter Hamilton

    Loving the MX-5 races! Love to see a BBR GTi drag race for the ND now. Needs to be standard vs the 3 tuning options they offer, Super200 vs Supercharged vs Turbo.

    1. Shaun Lanzon-Bartolo Avatar
      Shaun Lanzon-Bartolo

      Agreed! Cmon matt take notes! 😂

  15. Paul Mansfield Avatar
    Paul Mansfield

    Lots of great videos featuring the MX5 of late. I bought a 4th gen 1.5L a year ago, love it, I still put the roof down in winter, the heater will cope even when ambient is 6C, so long as you wear a hat, scarf, and good coat!

  16. DPCcars Avatar

    Absolutely loving the dynamic energy of the CarWow crew in these recent races! Sam, Rory, and Nick really bring a unique flair to each video. It’s cool to see more affordable cars getting the spotlight – it brings a relatable and fun twist to the channel. And speaking of fun, those MX-5 races are a blast! How about challenging the crew with a themed race? Each picks a similarly priced car, tunes it within a budget, and let’s see who comes out on top! It would be awesome to see how creativity and knowledge play out on the track. Keep up the fantastic work, team! 👍🏁 #CarWowCrew #MX5Challenge

  17. Bill Kerr Avatar
    Bill Kerr

    Matt’s car shows what good base material the NB MX-5 is for building a quick fun sportscar.

  18. Throttle Body Avatar
    Throttle Body

    I’m glad that you still own this, Mat. More content with this car is needed! A Mat x autoalex mx5 episode would be awesome

  19. Gothy Chris Avatar
    Gothy Chris

    Loved it, more MX-5 content please Matt.

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