I never understood the VW Golf GTi until now… | 4K

I am unsure how I prevented driving the GTi previously. A and truck that has never ever truly attracted me. So I recently invested a week in the Mk8 and I think I get it now!


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00:00 – Why they never interested me
03:10 – Mk8 styling
04:43 – Rear styling and practicality
05:48 – All of it goes wrong inside!
09:34 – B Roadway fun
12:38 – Tree in the road!
14:18 – Long journey cruiser
16:09 – Final ideas in terrible rain

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27 responses to “I never understood the VW Golf GTi until now… | 4K”

  1. @malcolmbrew8815 Avatar

    Yes never really ticked the box for me. Test drove a couple a 6 and 7 I think. Just missing something. Was a passenger in a mk1 convertible a number of years ago and yes that was very special.

  2. @Scotty_in_Ohio Avatar

    The last GTI I drove was an ’82 or ’84 Mk I in the early 90’s – since then I’ve not parked my cheeks in the fun seat – only rode as a passenger. We were considering one before we purchase our first F56 JCW – I’d be interested in give a vee-dub a whirl….

  3. @olgagordienko8023 Avatar

    I bought a 7.5 because of that interior.

    1. @PeterKirton-nu9iv Avatar

      I have owned four golf cars two of them GTi the campaign model and the cabrio – the latter owned for 15 years- brilliant cars

  4. @edwowen Avatar

    This gen was a horrible miss for me. I took delivery of a Clubsport in 2021 and VW accepted my rejection about 4 months later. The bugs on the SW where it thought it was in Germany and braked because it thought you were undertaking, set the speed to 100mph thinking it was 100kph… The hepatic buttons were miserable, the volume and temp buttons not illuminated and the infotainment crashed all the time. Then I got creaking suspension they couldnt sort and that was the end of that! It was a shame as it was great fun to drive!

    1. @PixelVibe42 Avatar

      I bought a CS (2023) for my wife as a daily driver and she loves it. No issues with the software, and the ACC has been brilliantly intuitive. My wife would be the first to say she isn’t into cars and doesn’t like tech – but she really likes the CS. True, it takes time to adjust to the haptic buttons but once you’ve dialed into it they are not a problem. It’s a car that quietly grows on you and impresses you over time. We’ve found it economical, plenty of power, superb motorway cruiser, easy to drive and park. Build quality has been excellent. And it’s great fun on B roads.

    2. @chrisp4899 Avatar

      The creaking suspension needs a thick grease in the voids of the suspension bush

  5. @brandonzimmerman1667 Avatar

    On my 6th GTI. The only car I can really enjoy. I can use all the horsepower and not need a track. After the MK8 380, I will be going to the Golf R

  6. @pixie706 Avatar

    My brother has the golf alltrack . not new obviously but has knobs and a gearstick proper car . Great off road and has lots of oomph. He wouldn’t change that car for anything.

  7. @waynewilliams5434 Avatar

    Never had a VW until I recently bought the Mk8 Clubsport 45 .
    Stunning looking car in the right colour.
    Infotainment not great . But a great drive , light ,nimble , direct .
    (Coming from a Focus RS )

  8. @FightingGullyFarm Avatar

    Best is 7.5 3 dr 6 speed manual. Owned one since 2018 and love it. I’m lucky to live close by to many mountain roads and nothing is as fun in all weather conditions (except snow!)

    1. @eugenux Avatar

      congraz, best combo!

    2. @grahamatsea3575 Avatar

      I run a 7.5 DSG PP with the torque vectoring l/s diff and Bridgestone blizzak winters tyre’s and can assure you it’s unbelievable. Couple of years ago we had some good snow and live on a single track road….it pushed through drifts upto the bonnet height with little fuss. On one occasion it rained and froze, no gritters on these back roads and on the 1/2 mile straights I could run at 50 with plenty of control, even when braking for corners I could do so with more force than I thought possible before it locked up and it recovered almost straight away. The winter tyres transform the cars abilities.

  9. @Statimtek Avatar

    Bought a Mk8 GTI. I love it! When you put your foot down, like on an overtake, and that turbo kicks in, man does it take off!. Few peeves, the seats do get a little uncomfortable on long drives. I had the infotainment screen not come on, then later work, twice now. I find the Windshield wiper controls for both front and back to be a bit Fiddley. No problems with the haptic buttons. Many reviewers complain about accidentally turning on the heated steering wheel, it has happened a couple times, but for the most part, it’s not a problem. Overall I love my GTI, it’s a fun car on the twisties. Maybe my only regret is not going for the Golf R.

  10. @grizzlystr3445 Avatar

    Nice motor but I couldn’t get past the slider controls & why I bought a BMW 128ti. No manual option, but such is life. An absolute hoot in sport mode & sensible when needed in normal.
    Great review as usual 👍😎

  11. @nigelsmith3144 Avatar

    VW dropped the ball with that interior! A miserable effort from the designers!

  12. @geldwertinvest1521 Avatar

    Took delivery of a brand new manual MK8 GTI in Nov last year after 10 months of wait. Unfortunately, it has been a pretty mediocre experience so far. The right rear door would not open from the inside after collecting it from the factory. Car was pulling to the right from the get go at speeds above 60mph. Also I would not recommend the manual to anyone, VW seems to have used some low quality parts for the clutch/ pedal; the clutch starts vibrating and squeaking after a few km in stop and go, something I have never experienced before with any car I’ve ever driven and I’ve driven a many. Vw has not been able to fix any of those issues so far, after 5 visits to two different dealerships.

  13. @andym1908 Avatar

    With the GTI . You don’t need huge power . It’s the best all rounder . It’s like Ronseal ……. Does what it says on the tin . I love my 7,5 Manual . Puts a smile on my face every time I drive it 😊

  14. @ReubenPieterse Avatar

    I am currently owning a MK1 Golf infect daily driving it as I am from South Africa it’s the most common car ever especially here.

  15. @MrWhitehawk88 Avatar

    Had a MK6 GTi manual, loved it. Now in a DSG 7.5, and never fails to not put a smile on my face. Had a 7.5 R as well and I know which one I preferred, the GTI all day long

    1. @MartinPearson-df8xf Avatar

      I have a r and love it. But never tried a golf gti. I literally went from a stage 1 polo gti to an R….what do you prefer about the golf gti ???

    2. @MrWhitehawk88 Avatar

      @@MartinPearson-df8xf for me the R was great as well but the 4motion just seemed to take some of the fun away, knowing you can chuck it in to any corner and it would get you round there. The GTI just feels a bit more fun.

      Dad has had 4 Golf GTI now and has move onto his 2nd polo GTI now. I can see where I get it from now

  16. @ianstretton3814 Avatar

    My wife & I both owned Mk 7.5 GTi’s and enjoyed them both. On the 1st March this year I took delivery of a manual Mk 8 GTi. It was one of the last manual GTi’s ever to be built. 👍👊

  17. @derekhastings8481 Avatar

    Loved my 7.5 manual. I think it was a sweet spot. I am keen to see the 8.5 but not sure we will see another manual.

  18. @georgeoztufan4403 Avatar

    I literally picked up my MK7.5 GTI Performance on Monday, and I’m absolutely in love with it

  19. @handscombmj Avatar

    Great video. I love the Golf over the years and the Scirocco that came from it. Had a lovely bright red mk 2 Scirocco in the 80’s. Can’t wait to see the Golf 8.5. Sounds like they’ve sorted many of the issues and Golf is back to its best.

  20. @abrahamgeorge4994 Avatar

    I have a Mk2 GTI (1989) which I absolutely love. A few years ago I took it to Wolfsburg to visit the factory and it was a very memorable trip. Glad you’ll be joining VW for the drive to Wolfsburg to celebrate 50 years and the chance to drive all the variants. I’m sure VW will bring out a special edition GTI to celebrate 50 years. Now that would be a temptation as it will almost certainly be the last ICE GTI before it all goes electric with the Mk9. The GTI has always been understated and a great all rounder which is why it’s such an excellent car.

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