I drove these NEW electric cars until they DIED!

It's time for another variety test!

We have actually got our hands on 6 of the current all-electric SUVs to hit the marketplace, and we will see just how precise the maker's declared varieties are! The automobiles we've got for this line-up are:

– Genesis GV60
– Mercedes EQA

– Tesla Design Y.

So how do you believe these will compare? Will the oh-so-popular Tesla Design Y win it? Or could we see a different competitor go the outermost? You'll need to stick with Mat for this all-new variety test to see for yourself!

Mat's Nissan Ariya choice:.

Hyundai IONIQ 6 evaluation:.

's 10 finest electric automobiles:.

Mercedes EQS v Model 3 v Mustang Mach E v iX variety test:.


75 responses to “I drove these NEW electric cars until they DIED!”

  1. RJ_Editz Avatar

    I can’t get enough of this series 馃槄

    Poor Ev’s haha 馃槀

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. Carwow series looked like its getting better.

    2. Marcus Jackson Avatar
      Marcus Jackson

      I don’t like evs

    3. Tonez Avatar

      @Marcus Jacksonwhy?

    4. Critical Avatar

      @Marcus Jackson 馃憫

  2. carwow Avatar

    Which of these cars will travel the furthest? Let us know below!

    1. J贸n Steinar Avatar
      J贸n Steinar


    2. Qasim Alyas Avatar
      Qasim Alyas


    3. Turra Firma Guitar Channel Avatar
      Turra Firma Guitar Channel

      Tesla indubitably

    4. Joseph Avatar


    5. Logan Wayne Avatar
      Logan Wayne


  3. Fabian Engstrand Avatar
    Fabian Engstrand

    There any chance you can include kilometer range in these kinds of tests?

    1. V C Avatar
      V C

      Any chance you could apply some extremely simple maths and use your brain!

    2. Got Game God Avatar
      Got Game God

      Just Google convert

    3. Got Game God Avatar
      Got Game God

      Just Google convert innit

    4. Ralph K. Bauer Avatar
      Ralph K. Bauer

      Just use the German version

    5. Pete Roz Avatar
      Pete Roz

      鈥婡Fabian Engstrand really? is it so hard? it takes only a second..
      add half and then 1/10…

      200m – that’s 300 + 20…
      150m -> 150+ 75 -> 225 + 15 -> 240
      300 -> 450 (300×1.5) + 30 -> 480

      simples and quick …
      although it might initially look hard or complicated 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

  4. Welfi Avatar

    Anyone else notice how most cars have their worst efficiency when Mat is driving them? 馃槀

    1. Maria CANCER Avatar
      Maria CANCER

      Thank you so much for your videos! I had a misfortune, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I also created a channel and am trying to move in that direction, but so far not very successful((ly

    2. Joseph Oberlander Avatar
      Joseph Oberlander

      That’s due to the passenger with the camera. It also tells you how much they are affected by any extra cargo/people they might be carrying.

    3. mar mite Avatar
      mar mite

      Tesla was 4.1 miles per kwh when matt got in it,, 3.9 miles per kwh when he finshed.

    4. Joseph Oberlander Avatar
      Joseph Oberlander

      @mar mite What surprised me was the Nissan. I’d take it over a poorly built and overly tech-laiden Tesla.
      Also, his tests of the driving features are worth mentioning. My Son’s SUV (normal ICE) does everything except self-drive (it will change lanes and keep you in your lane as well) and it’s had *one* technical glitch where it got confused (radar sensor was dirty from 6 months of not being washed – washing it fixed it) in two years of ownership. In that case, the cruise system shut off immediately and refused to go back on until it was stopped and cleaned. I was driving it at the time – it beeped at me and immediately went to manual control when it was confused. The Tesla had.. several oops moments just on his trip and any one is potentially an accident. Especially that two lane event. That’s a hard fail since it effectively means you’re paying for safety and driving features that simply don’t work 100% of the time. Here – buy this car! The ABS works 90% of the time!…
      That’s my only complaint about this channel is that he’s a huge Tesla fanboy and it shows quite often. And none of these are as good as a simple ICE vehicle since the 15K price difference is basically a lifetime of fuel to break even on. EVs are great, but not quite ready. And you’d think that this would be an advantage of Brexit – not being forced to be 100% EV before the grid is ready…

    5. Joseph Oberlander Avatar
      Joseph Oberlander

      @mar mite That works out to roughly 50% (when he got in it). So with 2 people in it, the efficiency drops to 3.7. So to be fair, there should be two people in each car the whole way as it is effecting the range to have the extra weight added.

  5. I_THE_ME Avatar

    The ID Buzz uses the same heating element/resistor to heat up the cabin as the ID3 and ID4. For its size this is not enough and winter tests done in Finland this year showed that even after 30 minutes of driving the temperature of the rear foot well was below freezing when the outside temperature was -15掳C.

    This van really needs a heat pump and a larger heating element.

    1. Si Raff Avatar
      Si Raff

      Heating uses power. Power use uses range. Its nonsense to make it look like it goes further than it really can.

    2. NOMSI4 Avatar

      What is the best EV for Finland? Or is it just a good old pertrol engine.

    3. IMIBUKS Avatar

      @Tonez It was kinda of a joke but ok I dont honestly know that much but as matt said on average electric cars cost alot

    4. Lone Wolf Avatar
      Lone Wolf

      @Maarten for example check the entry level audi a4. base /stock model price is around 40k euros. but if its a full s line version it may reach around 60k

    5. Craig Avatar

      like my 1.9 tdi T5 then, freeze to death in it if I didnt have an auxillary heater. Wonder how long it will be until people start fitting diesel heaters in them

  6. Conrad Nanda Avatar
    Conrad Nanda

    20:44 You can’t turn off wipers when in autopilot. Love the video Mat!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Ryan Fairfield Ryan, Tesla and Jaguar seemingly dominated those electric mileage challenges.

    2. Maarten Avatar

      @Ryan Fairfield You are right! 馃憡

    3. Janka Hunor Avatar
      Janka Hunor

      @Purwanti Allan only the tesla, not the jag

    4. Anay Makan Avatar
      Anay Makan

      didn’t know that. It’s probably because there is a front array of camera at the top of the windscreen and they need to be clear for autopilot to work hence why you can’t turn off windscreen wipers while on autopilot.

    5. Ziyaad Kabani Avatar
      Ziyaad Kabani

      I鈥檝e had the same problem with autopilot or traffic aware cruise control engaged. I had to defrost my windscreen and then the wipers automatically turned off. I guess the windscreen was too foggy for the cameras

  7. Josef Malina Avatar
    Josef Malina

    I’m impressed by Genesis and Nissan. Quite good range I think

    1. Maria CANCER Avatar
      Maria CANCER

      Thank you so much for your videos! I had a misfortune, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I also created a channel and am trying to move in that direction, but so far not very successful((ly

    2. Andrew N Avatar
      Andrew N

      鈥嬧婡GreenEarth actually, there was electric cars before we got petrol cars. First ones were in 1828 in Hungary. And in London there was up to 62 electric raxis in 1898. But as the roads got better there was a demand for cars with longer range.

    3. Get Real Avatar
      Get Real

      @Kita Yes but in reality a Tesla Model Y is more convenient day to day since it is always full by charging overnight at home. For road trips its range and charging speed make it such that you don’t have to wait for it to charge if you are human and stop for bio break or drink/food. More often it is ready to continue the trip before you are. Just drove in my Model Y from Los Angeles to San Francisco and only needed one stop for 30 minutes. We were not even done with lunch yet at that point. We charged extra time to 40 minutes because we weren’t ready ourselves. So in real world day to day is more convenient in a Tesla and with a range of 330 miles-plus is sufficient to make road tripping really no different than a gas car unless one is into wearing diapers to traverse inhuman distances at once.

    4. baronxsa Avatar

      @Pablo Navaridas actually with plug-ins you get the worst of the 2 worlds. Minimal EV range, no quick charge and inefficient on motorway due to extra weight. Only good for day to day home to work commute, but that can be done with a simple cheap EV like a Zoe or a Leaf. If you have daily access to charging point just get an EV.

  8. Lee Riley Avatar
    Lee Riley

    Please do a used electric car range test, that would be genuinely useful.

    1. Kian Grey Avatar
      Kian Grey

      @Milind Dixit personally I love EVs but I don’t want to buy one until the range is better for the batteries tbh. If I could afford to buy a lucid air, I definitely would. I want my EV to have atleast over 400 range to it with decent driving considering. You can drive 75 on a highway and you’ll have a 350-500 range. That’s the benchmark for most ice cards that are not a hybrid tbh. I’d argue if you only commute to work and you don’t use your car to travel, you’re better off getting a hybrid to save money on gas and better range since you can just mainly use your battery everyday and not have to use gas as much.

    2. Milind Dixit Avatar
      Milind Dixit

      @Kian Grey Yeah agreed. Right now a plug in hybrid is the best all round choice and what I’d get if I was searching – it’s short trips that are fuel inefficient that a 30mile battery can easily cover.

      For EVs if they can comfortably hit 4.5 miles per kWh that’s a good amount. At the moment 3.2 doesn’t seem great, and that ID Buzz is sub 3.

      EDIT – some quick maths. I fuel up my Golf R for about 140p a litre. It’s a 55 litre tank and gets about 400 miles. 19p a mile that is. That Mercedes EQA is 11p a mile at current electric rates. Hardly seems worth it right now.

    3. Adam Liu Avatar
      Adam Liu

      @Lee Riley 30k miles isn鈥檛 going to introduce meaningful degradation. @outofspecreview has a >100,000 miles model 3 performance that was thrashed on the track, canyons, below freezing to >40掳C temperatures and only saw about 10% degradation. With 30k miles you鈥檙e most likely getting over 95% of the original capacity.

    4. Ben Cole Avatar
      Ben Cole

      I have a Hyundai Kona and I’m just about to have my 70k miles service. There has been no appreciable loss in range. The car has rarely been DC charged and I do my best to keep it between 15% and 90%. I aim for 20%-80% but that’s not doable in winter with my commute. The battery must have degraded over the 2 years I’ve owned it but the battery management system must be hiding it within the buffer so the car appears to be the same. (230 miles in the worst conditions, 300 miles in the best). Hope this helps.

    5. Simon Nicholls Avatar
      Simon Nicholls

      To be fair my 2 year old kangoo ze van has done 36k and no loss of range at all since new.

  9. Nick Loong Avatar
    Nick Loong

    I just love these EV range challenge videos, they’re the real world capabilites of these vehicles.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      EV Challenge Videos are always very relaxing to watch.

    2. Boeing 737 -900ER Avatar
      Boeing 737 -900ER

      @Purwanti Allan it isnt when you comment under every single comment

  10. Francois Douglas Avatar
    Francois Douglas

    Well, considering that the temparature control was enabled, interior lights and all the extra goodies, I would say the claimed ranges are not too far off.

    1. Wasssup3232 Avatar

      @arcadeuk the claimed ranges are a split of highway and city driving. You take the MPGe number for highway to figure highway range. There is no 鈥渃atch all鈥 way to estimate range 100% accurate every time at least for right now. Most cars take a much bigger hit to their highway driving than the top performers did on this test and at 70mph for 98% of the driving to get over 250 is a win for an EV. The numbers are VERY close to US EPA range numbers with the Nissan only being around 15 miles less than EPA rating (including city driving) the GV60 was also super close to EPA range.

      Had this test been at 50 or 40mph they would have easily hit their WLTP rated ranges and probably passed them, but most peoples commutes include some form of highway driving, and most roadtripping is done at a minimum of 65MPH at least in the states with some roads up to 80. That鈥檚 why I like out of specs 70 MPH highway range videos

    2. Rick Hustwick Avatar
      Rick Hustwick

      @arcadeuk To be fair, the 80% rule also applies to most petrol and diesel cars when compared to their “claimed” mpg vs real life.

    3. Colin Nicholson Avatar
      Colin Nicholson

      @arcadeuk you mean like how mpg figures are real?

    4. Colin Nicholson Avatar
      Colin Nicholson

      @D Wade There’s always one isn’t there

    5. Pablo Navaridas Avatar
      Pablo Navaridas

      and the batteries are new, wait 3/4 years or so till they start to loose range…

  11. Sergio Messina Avatar
    Sergio Messina

    Please keep making more of these electric vehicle, comparisons, tests, and reviews! BTW, Matt, did you get your model S plaid yet?

    1. chillout1109 Avatar

      No Plaid models have been delivered to the UK yet.

  12. Paul Inman Avatar
    Paul Inman

    Saw an Aryia in the flesh and it genuinely looked like a car from the future, I was impressed.

    1. DEADLY SNIPER Avatar

      it looks ugly. There is no need that EVs must look futuristic, that’s just stupid, why can’t they look like normal cars. What’s wrong with normal cars

    2. Matt Howells Avatar
      Matt Howells

      @DEADLY SNIPER The VW ID cars look ugly for sure lol, but the Nissan does genuinely look like a normal car from the future

    3. DEADLY SNIPER Avatar

      @Matt Howells They are both ugly. The ID Buzz is the only one that looks ‘funky’, it’s like a childish car design, but better looking than the Nissan

    4. vishnoy v Avatar
      vishnoy v

      had a chance to ride in an ariya, it’s a very nice place to be in and quite the looker. Despise the touch-capacitive “buttons” but otherwise would def consider one

  13. Rick Trickshots Avatar
    Rick Trickshots

    We need more of these EV range Videos. The only thing I would change is making a list everytime you ask the others about the range. Otherwise it’s rather hard to comprehend.

  14. Karim Benallal Avatar
    Karim Benallal

    I like the quick review on the chargers when stopped. I think at the end of the video when the cars have flat batteries they should do a charging race to 200 miles or 80% just so people know what car has the best charging curve

    1. Macho Man Randy Savage Avatar
      Macho Man Randy Savage

      That would make Tesla look too good

    2. antreas toumazou Avatar
      antreas toumazou

      鈥婡Macho Man Randy Savage I reckon it would make tesla look as good as it is. How would it make it look *too* good?

    3. chillout1109 Avatar

      That would not work since all the cars run out of battery in different places where there are different types of chargers and charging speeds.

    4. Karim Benallal Avatar
      Karim Benallal

      @Macho Man Randy Savage I don’t think so as the Hyundai platform charges at 350kw. Tesla is 250kw

    5. Karim Benallal Avatar
      Karim Benallal

      @chillout1109 yeah I agree it would be difficult but when the cars battery is flat and on a flat bed. If they can go to the closest 350kw charger and do it there. It doesn’t have to be the exact charger just the same network and charging speed

  15. Scarbir Avatar

    Such a useful test. Adding a km score next to miles would be the finishing touch. Thanks so much!

  16. Peter Attwell Avatar
    Peter Attwell

    Great video Mat – thank you!
    I drive a Nissan Ariya 87kw with 19 inch wheels which, as you said, has a greater range, but also much more comfortable than the 20 inch version. The tyre sidewalls make a huge difference. My experience when I first got the car last October (15C) was a consistent range of 300 miles dropping to 250 when it was around freezing in January.
    I鈥檝e heard the criticism of the head room before – I am 6ft 2in and suffer no such issues even with the panoramic roof fitted. I put it down to the fact that when the seat is pushed further back, more headroom is created, and us tall guys tend to have the backrest more inclined as well.
    I really love the Ariya – a truly great all-rounder.

  17. Gary Hunkin Avatar
    Gary Hunkin

    I spent 6 years of my life on the design of the Nissan driver assistance feature. Good to see it in the flesh and performing well.

  18. Reckless Rogue Avatar
    Reckless Rogue

    Another great range test! It goes to show how things have changed that if I was looking for an EV in this segment it would be between the two that aren’t legacy brands. Can’t wait for the next video in this series.

  19. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat never fails to wow us with all these awesome reviews, drag races and videos!

  20. THE_JOURNEY Avatar

    This is a great test idea 馃槉 I remember when it was Teslas pushing electric it’s great to see so many other manufacturers have joined in now 馃帀

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