I drove the longest range electric cars until they DIED!

We have actually got our hands on four electric vehicles with the greatest range on a single charge, and we will run them from 100% to 0% to see simply how accurate their claimed varieties are!

So let's look at the line-up. Mat's started off in the . It's got a claimed series of 372 miles, which is supported by its 91kWh battery pack. If you're seeking to choose one up, it'll set you back around ₤ 59,000. Then we have the . It has a claimed series of 380 miles, and the iX 50 edition we have features a 108kWh battery. Among these will set you back close to ₤ 100,000!

Next up we have the updated Tesla Model 3 Long Variety. It's packing a 79kWh battery pack which can provide a claimed series of 389 miles. It's likewise the least expensive cars and truck in this line-up, costing around ₤ 50,000. Last up it's the Mercedes EQS. It's quickly got the greatest declared variety here, with its 108kWh battery pack providing a claimed series of 464 miles!

The question is, will any of them supply anywhere near to their declared range? And will the EQS make it all the method from Oxford to Scotland? There's only one method to discover … LET'S CARRY THIS OUT!

Mat's pick of the range:



Tesla Model 3 evaluation:

Mercedes EQS review:


77 responses to “I drove the longest range electric cars until they DIED!”

  1. carwow Avatar

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    1. Oliver Pedersen Avatar
      Oliver Pedersen

      Please please please state the range i kilometres. We’re not all savages like you Brits.

    2. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      @carwow we need a Hyundai Getz sx on this channel day 159

    3. corbett666 Avatar

      Tesla is still the best bang for your buck

    4. John White Avatar
      John White

      Mustang Mach e looks the best here, be my pick of these cars in video 👌👍

    5. Georgi Mihailov Avatar
      Georgi Mihailov


  2. Ghost. Avatar

    Thanks mat for providing us with real-world data on these electric cars! 👍

    1. themeach011 Avatar

      @ferdaus bhuiyan  the charge rates would typically be set by the car moreso than the charger. I’ve seen mine charge at very different rates at the same charger depending on level of charge, and battery temp etc. If the charger is broken that’s one thing but the car decides the charge. Not the charger

    2. ferdaus bhuiyan Avatar
      ferdaus bhuiyan

      @themeach011 no the issue is for the 150kw but seemingly it is only possible 1 vehicle plugged in and more people around you plugged in.

      Yes the temperature makes a big difference as the UK was close to freezing at the time but the actual charge rates seem near impossible in ideal condition with a preheated battery, over 20% left and less than 60%.

    3. themeach011 Avatar

      @ferdaus bhuiyan  agreed. When multiple vehicles are plugged in the chargers will split the amount of charge. Good catch. I forgot about that haha

    4. Lawrence Abbott Avatar
      Lawrence Abbott

      @themeach011 Agree, but the object of the test was the connection with range and the charging points. As was displayed Matt had to use a slow 11KW AC rather than a 350KW DC rapid charge.

      The test was for long-distance where the above is a major problem. You havea valid point for mixed but with this scenario you would be using a 7KW AC home charging overnight.

    5. Templar Knight Avatar
      Templar Knight

      @USugo It doesn’t matter, these ranges are just silly.

  3. The Happy Guy Avatar
    The Happy Guy

    Can we just appreciate the effort gone to make this video in particular. I mean it is 45 minutes long, for Christ’s sake!!! This is so far the longest video on carwow you are watching right here.

    1. STRANG_ER Avatar

      And imagine driving a car for 300 miles 😂
      Hats off for Matt and his team. 🙌✌️

    2. David Antonucci Avatar
      David Antonucci


    3. 𝒔𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒅𝒈𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒕 Avatar

      Frrrr fr

    4. Damian Martin Avatar
      Damian Martin

      I did not even notice it was that long until I read that comment 😂 hats of to the editor though

    5. Snookerloopy Avatar

      They do all get paid for this, I cannot see them doing it for nothing.

  4. Kelveron Avatar

    These are the kinds of EV tests we need more of. Great job Mat and team. The lighter and (more aerodynamic) the car the more likely that it has better efficiency, so no surprise the Tesla has the best efficiency.

    1. corbett666 Avatar

      @Kelveron it was a comparison on the top 4 posted ranges, not life for like. It’s to see how they do against their posted range in cold conditions. BMW did very well by that measure due to its huge battery, but bad on efficiency, as expected.

    2. Funky Fin Avatar
      Funky Fin

      The test was mileage not efficiency….

    3. Kelveron Avatar

      @Funky Fin Yes, but they also gave the efficiency figures all the way through, including the summary table at the end.

    4. Stephen Hodgkins Avatar
      Stephen Hodgkins

      So how long to charge a battery from flat?
      When you can just walk a few miles and back with a jerry can 😂top it up and then head to the petrol station “all filled up and ready to go”
      I really hope I’m gone before it’s all electric

    5. Funky Fin Avatar
      Funky Fin

      @Kelveron so what? The test was range.

  5. Nayan Waghmare Avatar
    Nayan Waghmare

    Great series, need more of these videos to test electric cars moving forwards

    1. ᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉 mr_car_wow Avatar
      ᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉 mr_car_wow

      Wow you have won a gift 🎁 🎉🎉Dm for it ⬆️⬆️👆

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Test also about Nissan Concept 2020 EV.

  6. Eliot Avatar

    It would be good if you could also provide us with how far the cars went before they got to 5% or 10% of battery. In day to day usage, no one is going to drive their cars until they’re completely flat. They will pull off the motorway at a low percentage to find a charger. Also, behaviour of the cars once they hit 0% will change over time as the batteries age.

    1. tim Avatar

      @originalshadowfax depends which type – Tesla super chargers are far more reliable than those cheap 3rd party options. You’d think the other EV manufacturers would stop being lazy and push for better investment too.

    2. Eliot Avatar

      @originalshadowfax Another reason why you’d probably never run your battery completely flat.

    3. E. Camilo Avatar
      E. Camilo

      Just take 10% of whatever they drove and you will have what you want.

    4. Eliot Avatar

      @E. Camilo Clearly it’s not that simple. They continued to drive, even once the batteries were at 0%. You’re also assuming that the discharge curve is linear, which it likely isn’t.

    5. RadBaron Avatar

      Tesla Bjorn did a whole series of these tests. Get the battery to 0% stated charge, then drive until they were dead (some fudge factor for being able to safely pull over and recharge from a portable battery) Amazing that most cars could easily turtle-mode for 20+ miles.

  7. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Love these kind of real life tests… We all need to see what can be done & what is the best.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      These cars look cool if it tested for 2 laps around WET Imola.

    2. Snoopy Avatar

      Agreed. 👍🏻

  8. Glenn Faulkner Avatar
    Glenn Faulkner

    Glad to see you calling out the charging on the M1, it isn’t fit for purpose anymore and needs sorting out ASAP

  9. FreiherrvonWeilberg Avatar

    22:39 You got that wrong. The Ford also has a front boot. It even has a drain hole for wet stuff

    1. Marcus Hohn Avatar
      Marcus Hohn


  10. Rajan Patel Avatar
    Rajan Patel

    Love these range tests! More please Mat and CarWow!

    1. Telegram Me👉MatWatson Avatar
      Telegram Me👉MatWatson

      You won a New Year surprise package quickly message me now on telegram to claim🎁🛍

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Add TVR GRIFFITH.

    3. smzxe YT Avatar
      smzxe YT

      @Purwanti Allan why you keep replying to all comments? Are you bot or real
      And what tf you’re always talking?

  11. Matthew Neary Avatar
    Matthew Neary

    Some manufacturers just don’t have smooth regen/mechanical brake transitions. My wifes 21 hyundai has really sloppy transition, my 13 volt has seamless transition. A video comparing brake programming of the various EVs would be interesting to me. It’s not something that can be assessed on a spec sheet so we would have to go drive them all to figure it out.

    1. OfficialMatwatson01 Avatar

      Hello Matthew
      You won a New Year surprise package quickly message me now on telegram to claim🎁

  12. The Rest Of Us Avatar
    The Rest Of Us

    As a Tesla driver I was shocked by the state of public charging infrastructure in this video. I always use the Superchargers, which are absolutely brilliant compared to what we saw here. Usually get a lvl3 Supercharger with 250kW, so ~10 mins stop before I continue. I’ve never seen any of them being broken or out of order…

    1. Funky Fin Avatar
      Funky Fin

      @Neil Attwood obviously. The test is “how far will they go” not how efficient are they. The range determines as you say how often they are at the mercy of the charging network. That’s the point….. If the Tesla was to increase its range by increasing battery size it would lose efficiency by adding weight. It’s hardly rocket science. I’m not a fan of the EQS but it won the test not the Tesla.

    2. MUCKSPREADER1 Avatar

      You were dumb enough to buy one though?

    3. MUCKSPREADER1 Avatar

      @John S or get a diesel.

    4. Gurswin Blacke Avatar
      Gurswin Blacke

      @Funky Fin  doesn’t efficiency equate to your mileage?? Imagine the tesla had a battery the size of the BMW or Benz..

    5. Funky Fin Avatar
      Funky Fin

      @Gurswin Blacke it doesn’t. If it did it’s efficiency would be lower due to weight gain. The video is about range not efficiency. A Renault Twizy is way more efficient than any tested here, but doesn’t mean it has the longest range…

  13. mike z Avatar
    mike z

    this was a great test. I wish you could repeat it with the same cars during the summer, or at least on a day with ~15 degrees C

    1. Ben Royals Avatar
      Ben Royals

      @Linas Pocius Actually electric car sales are best in Norway and Iceland which last i checked are bloody freezing

    2. Ben Royals Avatar
      Ben Royals

      @Linas Pocius It’s a 30% loss on a very abnormal day with abnormal weather conditions so not a problem.

    3. Linas Pocius Avatar
      Linas Pocius

      @Ben Royals I know, lived in norway for 3 years. Allmost all of them have a backup car 🙂 i just cant afford having to cars 🙂

    4. Ben Royals Avatar
      Ben Royals

      @Linas Pocius my car didn’t loose and range in the cold, sounds like somebody is lying

    5. Ben Royals Avatar
      Ben Royals

      @Linas Pocius they still brought an EV over getting another petrol or diesel car

  14. Bogdan Danciu Avatar
    Bogdan Danciu

    Good test, and is important to note, this was a winter test, at low temperature (I am sure all ranges will be higher on warmer temperature). The SUVs are taking advantage of the low speeds at the end to deplete the battery as they will cancel the aerodynamic effects, meaning if they would have kept driving at highway speed their last part of the battery would have been consumed faster resulting in slightly less miles.

    1. Road Dog Avatar
      Road Dog

      Winter? 😂

    2. Josh Goodman Avatar
      Josh Goodman

      @Jer H not really, it’s very easy to plan your charging. I just didn’t 🙂

    3. custommotor Avatar

      @Josh Goodman You didn’t need to slow down. It would have made that fine.

    4. Josh Goodman Avatar
      Josh Goodman

      @custommotor do you have one of those special ones where the miles left is randomly generated?

    5. Allan003 Avatar

      Well sort of, but the more aerodynamic cars are also driving at low speeds… but I agree that if they could all drive at motorway speeds until they totally die, then yeah the more aero cars would obviously do better.

  15. SRS Fleet Avatar
    SRS Fleet

    Love these kind of tests. EVs are way too expensive and the infrastructure still sucks, I’ll leave it another 10 years. Thanks to Matt and the team.

    1. Frankhtlll Avatar

      True unless you live in an area with plenty of tesla superchargers. Got a model y and mainly charge from home so it’s worked out so far but in general I do agree the infrastructure needs more time to develop.

    2. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
      Shakeel Zaman

      It all depends on your circumstances

  16. RealEyes Avatar

    I’m soooo happy that Carwow has brought back the “we drove these electric until they died!” series. Thank you carwow for doing this. Shoutout to the whole team and Mat. 😄😄😄

  17. Silverghini Avatar

    When you do the range updates it would be helpful to have them all listed on the screen simultaneously. 👍

  18. Martin Avatar

    Love your car reviews! I wished Polestar had the same range as these cars.
    Benz – 324mi | 72% claimed range | 3.2mi/kWh
    BMW – 303mi| 82% claimed range | 2.7mi/kWh
    Tesla- 290mi | 75% claimed range | 4.1mi/kWh
    Ford – 288mi | 77% claimed range | 3.3mi/kWh

    1. Veke10 Avatar

      The refreshed Single Motor Long Range RWD Polestar 2 has a range of 394 miles.

    2. Josh Bridges Avatar
      Josh Bridges

      @Veke10 it is never going to get close to those numbers.

      That is calculated over the full 100% battery capacity which is not available to the driver in reality, also in the summer, at an average continuous speed of 30 mph, the lowest conventional speed limit in most countries.

      In reality it will be closer to 260 based on previous figures from polestar and metrics.

    3. Dont Read The Comments Avatar
      Dont Read The Comments

      I’d still choose the Polestar over these though.

    4. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
      Shakeel Zaman

      Thank you!

    5. Delusion2 Avatar

      corrected efficiency:
      tesla – 290mi – 79kwh – 3.67mi/kwh
      ford – 288mi – 91kwh – 3.16mi/kwh
      benz – 324mi – 108kwh – 3mi/kwh
      bmw – 303mi – 108kwh – 2.8mi/kwh

      seems like the tesla has a quite big inaccuracy compared to the other cars in its efficiency calculation

  19. ELF Kids Videos Avatar
    ELF Kids Videos

    Would have been interesting with a Model S or X. 🙂

    1. Ben Royals Avatar
      Ben Royals

      not available in the UK yet

  20. Zach Lafond Avatar
    Zach Lafond

    Bjorn Nyland in Norway has run a lot of EVs completely dead. Some go quite far after 0%.

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