I ‘crashed’ the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 😐

Presenting the brand new Ioniq 6!

It's the follow-up to the excellent Ioniq 5, and Mat's about to discover if the 6 has what it requires to match the popularity of its predecessor!

Beginning with the style, you clearly won't be mistaking either automobile for the other. The Ioniq 6 has a sleek, swooping body style, paired with double spoilers at the back. It comes with a pixelated light style similar to the 5, although it also has a little a weird rear bumper design. The sleek appearances continue around the front, and all-in-all it's pretty clever! It even comes with vents which stay closed when the cars and truck's driving at sluggish speeds.

On the inside the style is quite comparable to the Ioniq 5 – but that's not a bad thing! There are good quality products across the dash, and a big infotainment & digital dial dual screen mounted to the middle of it. A centre console has actually been contributed to the 6, which features a great quantity of storage and a number of physical buttons.

There's just one battery available, a 77kWh pack which is supposedly helpful for 338 miles of variety. There will be two variations of the Ioniq 6 available – a rear-wheel drive edition that produces 228hp, or a four-wheel drive edition that can put down 325hp.

The cost of the Ioniq 6 is pretty similar to the 5, beginning with ₤ 47,000. However is it the noteworthy to buy in 2023? Or should you pick something like a Model 3 or 6 instead? Stick with Mat to see for yourself!

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Style
02:32 Interior
05:29 Rear seats
07:27 Boot
08:15 Annoying Things
11:08 Good Things
13:37 Variety, Batteries & Power
14:36 Town Driving
18:52 Dual-carriageway Driving
20:04 0-60mph
20:34 Decision

Ioniq 5 vs 6 – Mat's choice!

Ioniq 5 :

BMW i4 :

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77 responses to “I ‘crashed’ the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 😐”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Ioniq 5 vs 6… Which looks better? VOTE BELOW!

    1. Andrew Lumsden Avatar
      Andrew Lumsden


    2. Udai Singh Kanwar Avatar
      Udai Singh Kanwar

      5 in picture and 6 in person

    3. magnavolt Avatar


    4. Diesel's Car Talk Avatar
      Diesel’s Car Talk

      The Ioniq 5 is a throwback to 80s hot hatches and I love the way it looks

    5. B8YOU Avatar

      Ioniq 5

  2. Steve Frain Avatar
    Steve Frain

    We have owned the ionic 5 for 12 months now and to be honest it’s a game changer and can’t wait for the N model

    1. Bowie Avatar

      elaborate on game changer ?

    2. Alex  Avatar
      Alex 

      @Purwanti Allan you almost had me say it ngl.

    3. Mihails Akulenkovs Avatar
      Mihails Akulenkovs

      @Asif Khan Believe me, I’m driving IONIQ 5 for the second winter and I never felt sorrow about the lack of the rear wiper. If that’s the deal breaker for you, I promise you, once you get the car, that won’t be. I’m more pissed by the lack of the headlight sprinklers than the rear wiper.

    4. Asif Khan Avatar
      Asif Khan

      @Mihails Akulenkovs hah well I’ve never had headlight washers so I can’t miss that

    5. Mihails Akulenkovs Avatar
      Mihails Akulenkovs

      @Asif Khan Oh! And I’ve never had a rear wiper 😀

  3. Pablo H Avatar
    Pablo H

    I think the 5 and 6 both look great personally

    1. 24K - J Avatar
      24K – J

      Lolol, if you squint one eye and close the other eye, yeah maybe.

    2. 24K - J Avatar
      24K – J

      @Oscar that doesn’t matter when its this UGLY.

    3. Mayon Wickramasinghe Avatar
      Mayon Wickramasinghe

      Yep 🙂

    4. Voke Avatar

      The ioniq 5 and 6 look robot mobile

    5. Hassan Ger Avatar
      Hassan Ger

      They both look crappy and ugly

  4. Sony Plays Avatar
    Sony Plays

    The reason why it has 4 dots on the steering wheels is because in morse code, 4 dots is the letter “h” 😮

    1. Khris G. Avatar
      Khris G.

      ​@Triggers World of Old Cars how thoughtful, so blind people can drive knowing it’s a Hyundai 😊

    2. Virtual Anomaly Avatar
      Virtual Anomaly

      That’s perfect for all us blind drivers! 🤦‍♂️

    3. Tore Avatar

      @Triggers World of Old Cars I was about to applaud their accessibility, but… yeah…

    4. N911GT2 Avatar

      Stolen from Honda.

    5. 1 Prime Avatar
      1 Prime

      You can’t feel morse code 🤯 🤦‍♂️

  5. Jay Mason Avatar
    Jay Mason

    Are roads in town in the UK tight in general? I always have that feeling whenever Mat is reviewing a car in town. At least that is how it looks, compared to The Netherlands, where I live. Great car btw. Don’t even mind the double spoiler, but would take the Ionic 5 as well.

    1. SkyLine Avatar

      Ligt er aan grote steden prima ruimte over het algemeen de kleinere steden/dorpen zin vaak smaller maar komt vaak ook dat er veel auto’s geparkeerd staan half op de stoep en half op de weg.

    2. JUPA Avatar

      @David W same but I think some roads in the UK are ridiculously narrow compared to the Netherlands only exception being the roads which are mainly just walkways with some parking (canal areas). Central London is bad but not as bad as some of the roads in ye olde town Townships in Kent

    3. Jay Mason Avatar
      Jay Mason

      @KingArthur8 hahaha wat mooi, lekker man. Met jou?

    4. an username Avatar
      an username

      @Mark Hickman 1800s is modern for most of our towns.

    5. Mr Dave Avatar
      Mr Dave

      In comparison to some countries, they are likely narrower, but that being said, I’m a lorry driver in UK. All these car drivers talking about how “tight” our roads are are completely naive.

  6. nk7274 Avatar

    I reckon you can make a great looking estate version of this car

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      More like the semi upgraded Ford Espace.

  7. RogerM Avatar

    The Chinese market is probably the most important to the BEV Automakers. Part of the reason sedans have more appeal. VW under performed in sales in China, because their ID line was more SUV like. No surprise the Hyundai Ionic 6 and the new VW ID7 are Sedans.

  8. tattttu9 Avatar

    5:00 The throwback to carbuyer’s days with Matt and Rebecca pulling out bananas off glove boxes or other storage areas 🤣

    1. DI ZAZZO Avatar
      DI ZAZZO

      The lovely Rebecca Jackson.

    2. Az Avatar

      Glad i wasnt the only one who clocked it !

    3. Svision M Avatar
      Svision M

      Where is Rebecca?

    4. tattttu9 Avatar

      just checked, and she’s working with car gurus uk

    5. Mycr0bi Avatar

      I thought its for scale. 😀

  9. Helllad Avatar

    The way carwow presents a blooper is just 🔥

    1. inbox @OfficialMatwatson1 Avatar
      inbox @OfficialMatwatson1

      You won new year surprise package, quickly message me now on telegram to claim package. 🎁🎉.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Always top of their game.

  10. Metsane Mosehlane Avatar
    Metsane Mosehlane

    That left mirror scene reminds me of my uncle in his Ranger, he was doing a reverse maneuver and he never looked at his screen and we all asked why he didn’t and he just said “I don’t trust it, I rather use my mirrors”.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The Ioniq 6 is more like Honda S2000 2.0

  11. Ethan Wainland Avatar
    Ethan Wainland

    15:30 for the “crash”

    1. Alex STOIAN Avatar
      Alex STOIAN

      I love you

    2. Actimel420 Avatar

      Thank you

    3. Coneter Avatar

      So glad he survived 🙏

    4. Dauge Yo Avatar
      Dauge Yo

      That was a horrific crash. Thank God everyone is okay.

    5. jacodraco Avatar

      im surprised there were no fatalities..😮 he is lucky

  12. givemeajackson Avatar

    This is an EV that makes sense. All this talk about range anxiety and everything, yet everyone’s building and buying huge, heavy, brick shaped SUVs….

    1. Matic Avatar


  13. Lawrence Garikaiy Avatar
    Lawrence Garikaiy

    I really like this. I actually think the rear quarter is the best angle. The most intriguing ev so far imo. Bravo.

    1. Oscar Avatar

      @Lawrence Garikaiy Ik, i dont even like the model 3

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Lawrence Garikaiy Tesla is too bland like the Ferrari 1990s cars.

    3. H-79 Avatar

      @Oscar Still prefer the model 3 over this
      Especially the model y

    4. TheMadmax0609 Avatar

      @Lawrence Garikaiy It’s amazing how everyone’s tastes differ. I think the Ionic 6 is hideous. The 5 looks kind of cool. I like the Model 3’s looks over both the Ionic 5 or 6.

  14. The Devil Riser Avatar
    The Devil Riser

    It looks like what people would imagine a Porsche 911 would look like in the year 2000 when the first Porsche 911 was released

    1. עומר גור Avatar
      עומר גור

      Funny that in reality the 911 looked exactly the same in 2000 and the year it launched sometime in the 70s

  15. Memes._ng Avatar

    I quite like the rear end, the Double spoiler and those vertical lines looks like something Porsche would do.

    1. Mikey J Avatar
      Mikey J

      Porsche?!! 😂🤣😂 It looks like tracked on crap. Nothing is purposeful. Hyundai/KIA are the kings of junk design.

    2. Tim kinley Avatar
      Tim kinley

      @Adrian Maulana Muhammad So a car designer was inspired by a car design. Got it.

    3. The Echelon Avatar
      The Echelon

      Porsche would never do that lol

    4. Blesson Wilson Avatar
      Blesson Wilson

      @Tim kinley actually he was a former Porsche designer

    5. Tim kinley Avatar
      Tim kinley

      @Blesson Wilson Looking at this design, I can see why he is now a ‘former’ designer for Porsche.

  16. alen vranac Avatar
    alen vranac

    While we all love you Mat. We also have to give major props to Lewis. He is also a crucial part of the succes that you guys are having and it is well deserved!

    1. Colors 66 Avatar
      Colors 66

      You are welcome sir!

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Matt always nailed this somehow.

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Colors 66 Colors 66, Ioniq 6 imo is 6/10. Whilst 5 is 7.8/10.

    4. manilove2pwn Avatar

      Should of reviewed the 4wd version

  17. HungryDaddy Avatar

    glove drawer is genius. i dont know why other car manufacturer dont do it

  18. doctordryan Avatar

    I love that it’s not an SUV. Well done Hyundai, certainly one of the better-placed brands to grab the EV market.

    1. Hit me on Nicegram👉@Carwow1 Avatar
      Hit me on Nicegram👉@Carwow1

      👆👆👆Let’s talk more I have something for you 🎁🎉🎊.

  19. Atticus Avatar

    In defense of annoying thing #2, I think if you have the wheel at that lower setting, your torso is probably a little shorter than Mat’s, so it might just work out for you in term of seeing the speedometer.

    1. 1sword4you Avatar

      Had the same issue with Ioniq 5 test drive, the actual defense for that annoying thing is the digital Heads-Up Display

  20. Magnus Tan Avatar
    Magnus Tan

    Just came back from holiday in Korea. In Seoul, these things are used as taxis, Ioniq 5s as well. Went to the southern resort island of Jeju, the car rental place I went to had them lined up for what looked like miles…. They even had ID4s, Q4 e-trona and the Merc EQS available to rent, really impressive, but I’m sure cost a bomb. My family went away with a diesel Kia Sorento… 😂 Ioniq 6 looks a lot smaller than dimensions suggests when you see it on the road. The back looks weird, but the from has got character that I like.

    1. te,legram👉@real_carwow101 Avatar

      Thanks 👆👆☝️for watching and commenting, you have won
      Kindly message on TELEGRAM to claim your prize 🎁🎉🎉🎁

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