Grand Theft Auto, but it’s carwow…

DLC inbound …





35 responses to “Grand Theft Auto, but it’s carwow…”

  1. wtf gebeurd mij Avatar
    wtf gebeurd mij

    Haha i want the next gta to have matt as a main character

  2. Heisenberg Avatar

    Carwow’s GTA skit is so good they made GTA games as tribute

    1. Mr_Banana Avatar

      This guy is everywhere

    2. 24k Avatar

      ….. or NOT.

    3. amcf2000c Avatar

      Why are you everywhere?

    4. Benjamin Matute Avatar
      Benjamin Matute

      Ur everywhere. I even saw you on the bentist bruv.

    5. Taylor Ward Avatar
      Taylor Ward

      Guys it’s a bot don’t pay any mind to it or else the bots will capture u and run tests on y’all and possibly kill you guys, stay safe and survive this bot apocalypse I believe in you guys, you got this 💪

  3. R/D Avatar

    Matt, we told you to not stay under the sun for too long

  4. Gamenerd Avatar

    cameramen got some speed

    1. Creative Avatar

      Its a drone bro

    2. Glen Ashton Avatar
      Glen Ashton

      ​@creative1460 No it’s not, you can see the 360 camera on the back of the car.

    3. john m Avatar
      john m

      ​@Creativeno it was the guy running bro

  5. MRULTIMATE Avatar

    The goofiest npc in gta v

    1. Hamza Khan Avatar
      Hamza Khan

      The NPC is from San Andreas not V. His name is Orange 12 and he’s regarded as the best NPC of all the games so yeah.

  6. A A Avatar
    A A

    The new GTA has the driver on the right side

    1. 24k Avatar


  7. Crescent Moon Avatar
    Crescent Moon

    Man that was awesome
    Haven’t heard the soundtrack in forever and the camera work was top notch

  8. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    This is so funny and awesome! Carwow GTA with Mat is insane!

    1. Abdullah ismail Duzcan Avatar
      Abdullah ismail Duzcan

      Oh nice movie 😂

  9. Ramiel Avatar

    Matt is Goofy af 😂😂

  10. prawnk1ng Avatar

    This is hilarious, the only missing was the overly aggressive door open/close animations.

    1. De Motormeneer Avatar
      De Motormeneer

      HR department was lurking in the background.

  11. JoNeverDies Avatar

    Matt running into the car 💀🤣🤣

  12. Calum Cruickshank Avatar
    Calum Cruickshank

    This is a masterpiece 👏 🙌 ✨️

  13. Angrysagamer Avatar

    I had no idea you could act this good. I had to watch this more than once, brilliant

    1. Hash Peri Avatar
      Hash Peri

      Loool frfr!!

    2. Ali Avatar

      Angrysagamer? I didnt expect you here

    3. Angrysagamer Avatar

      @Ali heyyy, of course man. I love carwow.

  14. DarkWolfGaming Avatar

    A man of culture

  15. Hassans_Editz Avatar

    We all gotta love the 9F cabrio!

  16. MacatáKlobása Avatar

    I thought i would never see Matt as a GTA character but here we go😂

  17. arun bose Avatar
    arun bose

    I’d watch a 1 hour version of this.

  18. Costas haralambaki Avatar
    Costas haralambaki

    Truth is thats actually how Matt behaves

  19. Kubix0n1 Avatar

    Respect to camera man that is running behind the Audi R8

  20. Onochie Onuoha Avatar
    Onochie Onuoha

    Whoever brought up this idea needs a raise. Matt also needs a raise for that acting 😂

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