24 responses to “GR YARIS New vs Old DRAG RACE!!!”

  1. @AshleyNunezi Avatar

    Your videos are like entering an alternative reality, where each frame tells a captivating story.💪🏿 3 👍

  2. @AnnaWeiss19 Avatar

    Das Ansehen Ihres Inhalts ist wie eine Reise in die Welt der Magie. Danke für diese Expedition! 💓💓 ” 😱

  3. @AmadeusChaplin Avatar

    Wenn du Zeuge eines historischen Ereignisses sein könntest, welches wäre es?😛

  4. @EvaLemenko Avatar

    Your videos are just good content without unnecessary emotions. Keep it up!🤪🤪 № 😕

  5. @LesaMeardon Avatar

    Gli effetti speciali sono strabilianti. È come guardare un film di successo direttamente sul mio schermo.🍭

  6. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    Old Yaris is destroyed by just 20hp?

    1. @fuzzy-daddy83 Avatar

      A bit more to it than that, watch the full video

    2. @mqk135 Avatar

      Probably weight production also and a couple more things

  7. @WanderingExistence Avatar

    I love manuals but this is really good content thanks for showing the reality of how transmissions affect driving style. Much love!

  8. @adrianlawnicki7681 Avatar

    I just reported about 8 spam and well… very inaproprate coments and why idk

    1. @unpopularopinions1776 Avatar

      Same man. YouTube is getting super annoying with all the bots and spam.

    2. @adrianlawnicki7681 Avatar

      @@unpopularopinions1776 very much so true man

  9. @0delaisse764 Avatar

    Still would have the manual

  10. @atillaonurkayan Avatar


  11. @Millianairevvs Avatar

    Toyota Yaris is unmatched!

    1. @Kangkung1st Avatar

      🗿…. Yes(?)

  12. @conorf8091 Avatar

    This is why I’m not fussed about a new car… that old gr Yaris is now junk

    1. @AndyWood71 Avatar

      It’s the same car and actually looks better than the new one.

  13. @meero3125 Avatar

    With a manual when racing you need experience and actually to be calm.

    Too much adrenaline you won’t get consistent good gearshifts

    1. @ProXcaliber Avatar

      It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, you can never out shift a good enough automatic.

  14. @smlbeats9353 Avatar

    Obviously mat is in the auto😂

  15. @Until_It_Is_Done Avatar

    I love these vids but there’s too much human error going on to take them seriously or at face value.
    The results might not change in most vids but certainly the gaps would be different if these were done under more controlled conditions…👍

  16. @guillesl9997 Avatar

    Carlos en mi capitalll, olé ahí el circuito del Jarama representando 🇪🇸

  17. @AndyWood71 Avatar

    The gen one GR Yaris can do sub 5 seconds 0-60 not sure who was driving the one in the test but they must have been asleep!

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