Ford GT v Corvette Z06: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everybody for helping to establish this race:
– Peterson Museum: @PetersenMuseum
: @jesse_iwuji

It's another all-American !.

This time we have the new and magnificent going up against the great GT.

Let's enter the stats. The utilizes a 5.5 litre naturally aspirated flat-plane crank V8 that puts out 670HP and 625NM of torque. Power goes to the rear wheels just via an 8-speed Dual Clutch gearbox and it weighs in 1,585 KG.

The is fitted with a twin-turbo 3.5 L V6 that outputs 650HP and 750NM of torque. Power once again goes to the rear wheels only via a 7-speed Dual Clutch transmission and it weighs in at just 1,385 KG!

So will the more recent and more affordable Z06 take the win or will the mighty Ford GT prove its worth and put the Corvette in its location? LET'S RACE and learn!!!.

Corvette Z06 evaluation:.


80 responses to “Ford GT v Corvette Z06: DRAG RACE”

  1. @Swayyboy Avatar

    Hope Mat and the carwow team are all well and keep bringing the spectacular content❤

    1. @Thespeeddemon_carworld Avatar

      Yes you are right 👍

  2. @Grand_PrixGTP Avatar

    That Ford GT pulling actually impressed me I won’t lie lol

    1. @Monica-lr8kh Avatar

      Its aero is impressive

    2. @Youcallthesebagels_ Avatar

      Throttle house did a comparison and the gt is a different animal to the zo6

    3. @kevin6666123 Avatar

      I was gonna call modded until I heard the final 11.2s time…

    4. @Corvolet5 Avatar

      Cause they had no professional behind the wheel of the Vette. I’ve seen Carrera S do a quarter mile of 11.2 seconds before, let alone a base C8 with proper launch.

    5. @Monica-lr8kh Avatar

      @@Corvolet5 cars will have different performance based on location if ur a car fan u will know this already, both of this car can do 10.5 easily

  3. @meamfighterjet Avatar

    Can always appreciate Matt to make funny remarks and jokes lol

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Hundred percent approved bro. 👍

  4. @draincctv8659 Avatar

    Now all you need to do is find someone who knows how to drive that Ford GT.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      RUF RGT can be also challenging to drive like the Ford GT.

    2. @nickallen3138 Avatar

      Get Yanni in it!

    3. @neilneilorangepeel Avatar

      Driving it in Auto for roll-race dont help.

    4. @ImOldGregg Avatar

      @@nickallen3138too fat

    5. @mentat1341 Avatar

      I’m amazed at how badly the owner drives it

  5. @wikeyy Avatar

    Camilo looked high af

    1. @ryanshields4842 Avatar

      Honestly? I think he is autistic.

    2. @raphaelfrene880 Avatar

      yeah he was so weird…

    3. @donleo8037 Avatar

      He’s weird for sure

    4. @akazi1582 Avatar

      ​@donleo8037 bruh leave him alone hes just autistic or sm

    5. @mediocreman2 Avatar

      Might have a personality disorder, like Asperger’s.

  6. @joshuawilson1582 Avatar

    I’m surprised the GT wasn’t in V Max mode drops the wing down to its lowered position and reduces the drag for drag racing it would have pulled even harder! I have so much love for both of these pieces of art though

    1. @dennissmith7214 Avatar

      Probably too low for that dusty bumpy road is my guess, dude was a little weird to be honest……..maybe that’s just how it works to be a genius! 😳😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    2. @albert_zweistein7196 Avatar


    3. @bro89174 Avatar

      Incorrect. That makes it slower on drags… in race mode it drops n makes the car more sticky and track based…

      Watch the Grand Tour bro 👍🏽

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@bro89174Grand Tour starts to rival Carwow now.

    5. @BeBarnee Avatar

      @@dennissmith7214 it was already dropped in race mode. You can see how low it is. Vmax mode just lowers the spoiler for less drag. It definitely would have helped.

  7. @shtopfl5247 Avatar

    That dude designed one of the most amazing cars ever made ? He seemed like the dude that collects the shopping carts at Walmart 😂

    1. @notagain2856 Avatar

      He was on Jay Leno’s Garage talking about the 2nd gen GT

    2. @ellomirza Avatar

      Yeah seems a bit of a spazz.

    3. @drangus3468 Avatar

      It would seem the method you’ve been using to judge people is shallow and inadequate.

    4. @robertsrt Avatar

      @@drangus3468Nahh…some rather odd bizarre awkward people can be brilliant at certain things. Like design.

    5. @Dayz3O6 Avatar

      @@drangus3468 he might be a great car designer but other skill like using a walkie talkie is not one of them.

  8. @dsmatts Avatar

    That dude had more lag than the turbos

    1. @Bigwes13 Avatar


    2. @Taylor___ Avatar

      Sounds like he’s drunk!

    3. @mrbotski5307 Avatar

      @@Taylor___ very drunk!

    4. @Clouda7xx Avatar

      The guy was putting faces like the meme guy who is on a classroom holding his thoughts😂

    5. @acidDJclay Avatar

      It is California, dude is probably high af

  9. @montlejohnbojangles8937 Avatar

    It might be missing two cylinders but that Ford V6 sounds incredible.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      As incredible as 2014 Mercedes F1 car?

    2. @WalterWen Avatar

      That doesn’t compare @@purwantiallan5089

    3. @wesleysilva8932 Avatar

      That’s probably due to the ford GT’s Titanium exhaust system

    4. @stefanomarcellino6701 Avatar

      Whats wrong with a V6 lol why is everyone obsessed either more cylinders 😂 anything past 4 is 👍

    5. @shonyfreshayzzz Avatar

      What’s wrong with a v4 lol why is everyone obsessed either more cylinders 😂 Anything past 2 is 👍

  10. @lvdeluxe1 Avatar

    The Corvette I discovered in the Gran Turismo game, it is the pathway to challenging race cars without the price burden of owning a race car. Great respect for it because on the track with sticky tyres, stiffened suspension and a sports NA tune up, it can hold it’s own against many cars that cost 5 – 10 times more. Mad respect for it, I’m impressed how the game never exaggerated it’s real world potential.

    1. @choch4075 Avatar

      America’s sportscar, baby.

    2. @saltyfloridaman7163 Avatar

      The Corvette ZR1 of each generation always steals a few world lap time records for a production car, so in reality, Corvette is one of the few names in the car industry that’s truly considered a world beater, company shared with McLaren’s top spec cars like the P1 and Senna, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and a few more

    3. @lloydlee2176 Avatar

      Yes, yes.

    4. @tammyforbes2101 Avatar

      My favorite is the Chevy Camaro pace car that ended up being faster then the race car’s it was pacing for. They couldn’t keep up with it! 😂

  11. @nikosyrros6809 Avatar

    Matt we all absolutely love your content, keep up the great work but if I may suggest you incorporate the 100th decimal place in the quarter mile time ? Seeing just how close it actually was I think is pretty interesting. Just a suggestion 🤝

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Toyota Supra RZ 600bhp alone can also go faster than Ford GT 2016.

    2. @akshayy_xd Avatar

      ​@@purwantiallan5089dude who asked

    3. @devery_ Avatar

      ​@@purwantiallan5089didn’t ask

    4. @sdcraig Avatar

      Only makes sense if they have proper timing gear and use a light system instead to start.

  12. @Tirah5 Avatar

    Camilo is the friend who, in an emergency, unloads jerry can full of gasoline to put out the fire.

    1. @kovy689 Avatar

      Lol what the heck haha

    2. @trapstationagain4508 Avatar


    3. @spacemonkey7461 Avatar


    4. @BobbyDazzler888 Avatar

      Sorry, i thought you said more fire. 🔥

    5. @fraserhenderson7839 Avatar

      Oh look, he’s a bit unusual! let’s ridcule him and make random derogatory comments… How many Ford GTs do you own?

  13. @danielknight7256 Avatar

    The Ford GT is one of the most spectacular cars to look at in real life.

    1. @michaelriley8770 Avatar

      I had the privilege of carry out a 30 hour detail on one a few weeks ago 🤯

  14. @garethpendlebury7996 Avatar

    “What will win in a drag race…” Usually whatever Matt is driving. But there is always that exception. I love these.

  15. @cgtactical6619 Avatar

    wow great race! Even if the Ford is a bit quicker when comparing the price it makes the Z06 seam like a great deal!

  16. @dljunior2852 Avatar

    I’m a Ford guy but the Z06 really impressed me. More than likely to see one on the street than a Ford GT. N/A is surprising.

    1. @fraserhenderson7839 Avatar

      since a GT cost 10 times more… it only exists because Ford needed to homologate production to make it eligible to race. it’s a hand built carbon fiber race car.

    2. @johnmitchell2269 Avatar

      Go back to 2012 when Ferrari produced the F12, a 733hp naturally aspirated car. Go way back to 1994 when the McLaren F1 first came out, 620hp naturally aspirated. You don’t need metal snails to have a powerful car.

    3. @joser.5322 Avatar

      @@johnmitchell2269thing is all these cars are v8 and above. So snails are key to making the gt competitive. Keep in mind we’re talking bout race cars not regular cars

  17. @tayborden3780 Avatar

    I love how Matt is so animated with excitement and the other dude is quiet, he doesn’t even blink LOL

  18. @trebm3 Avatar

    I’ve never seen someone struggle with the roll race like this one.

    1. @TinkerTailorSoldier1 Avatar

      We got to see more shots of the GT in action, not a problem.

    2. @MrFonzylicious Avatar

      The dude in the ford was tweaking 👃🏻❄️❄️❄️💊💊💊

    3. @drkilledbydeath87 Avatar

      That designer guy is a bit…. Slow.

    4. @pr33tu68 Avatar

      He’s acoustic

    5. @re14437 Avatar

      Artistic type on ❄️, not an engineer lol

  19. @time_on_target Avatar

    Awesome cars. GT needs a driver mod. Matt is a very patient person.

    1. @frankwank4580 Avatar

      I wanted nothing to do with him!

  20. @florenciogarciapiqueras2259 Avatar

    Ruta espectacular!!! Gran mañana, con risas y buena compañía!!

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