FIRST DRIVE – VW ID.7 – Game changing Tech and Range are a match for any Tesla ! | 4K

The all new all electrical ID.7 has game changing tech and variety that make it a match for any Tesla. In this first drive video I look at the styling and drivetrain choices, deep dive into the new infotainment system and put the vehicle through it's rates on the very wet roadways around Milton Keynes.


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00:00 – Welcome to ID.7.
00:33 – Outside Styling.
02:36 – Drivetrain options.
03:26 – Initial driving impressions.
05:08 – Game Altering HMI!
08:56 – lastly as excellent as Tesla!
12:12 – It's huge!
14:16 – How much area in the back?
15:25 – How to spec your ID.7.
16:28 – Range and charging.
18:08 – Driving Characteristics.
19:59 – Final ideas.

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49 responses to “FIRST DRIVE – VW ID.7 – Game changing Tech and Range are a match for any Tesla ! | 4K”

  1. @vMaxHeadroom Avatar

    First of, love your reviews…The price is just way too much for a saloon car at near on £60K…I am just stunned at how prices of cars have ballooned to such heights, and I know that inflation and other factors are hitting us, but deep down I just get the feeling we are being screwed/crushed at every turn from simple household shopping, energy like gas and electric all the way through to larger cost items like cars.. Sorry about the rant…

    1. @jogabonito8989 Avatar

      I’m sure this is down to consumers’ increasing acceptance of the ever popular PCP / leasing / financing options. People are happily fooled into thinking they’re able to afford purchasing a shiny new car when they’re effectively renting them. And the financing companies / car manufacturers are happy to cash upon this new revenue stream.

    2. @richardwells1709 Avatar

      This car will be worth less than £25000 in three years time. 😂

    3. @beatles4sale2007 Avatar

      @@jogabonito8989 Great point….are they car manufacturers or just Finance companies who happen to sell vehicles (VW also own Scania and Man trucks)

    4. @system11yt Avatar

      They’re massively more expensive than they need to be – just look at the criminal prices of headlamps now. Just why? The simple bulb lamps in my old Fiat light the road just as well (possibly better) than the fancy LED ones in my Jaguar which are like an overly focused torch and have zero ‘peripheral vision’ in the light. Bulb cost to replace: £4, lamp unit in Jag: £1500+

    5. @tomjardine100 Avatar

      Vote Labour

  2. @AndrewMcDonald Avatar

    Old topic, but you drive a lot of vehicles every year. How hard is it find the controls on the tablets in each car? Maybe a short piece on your experiences working with HMI? Would be interesting to us mechanical luddites. 😅

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      It can be tricky. On this launch we actually had a one to one session with a product expert to walk us through the system 👍

  3. @MotorScotti Avatar

    It looks promising. On a personal note, I would have preferred if VW had kept the model names Polo, Golf and Passat for their electric cars. These ID names don’t click with me, but I’m sure they have their reasons.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Yeah I like cars names too rather than code names 😂

    2. @cosmicpop Avatar

      I think the ID names are temporary until the ICE models stop being made. It’s possible that there’ll be one more generation of Golf and ID.3, and then just the Golf after that.

  4. @ma40 Avatar

    I sat in an ID.7 on Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn’t get to drive it, but I did play with the infotainment. Completely agree it is night and day better than the early cars, materials are so much nicer, and it finally(!) has battery preconditioning.

    The launch edition is still too expensive, but it will clearly get discounted thanks to the ZEV mandate. A Pro S estate will be the one to have IMHO.

  5. @beatles4sale2007 Avatar

    I sat in one of these today, irrespective of the EV hater / lovers…55 + big ones for a what is a basically a Passat is nuts, with epic depreciation (also what is it with VW and Audi with piano black plastic). Not loving the VW designs as well, but too smooth and bulbous. Good work though Pete, keep them coming bud!

    1. @planestrainsdogsncars4336 Avatar

      They all do shiny black plastic…I just wish they would call it what it is …SHINY BLACK PLASTIC!.

    2. @gordonmackenzie4512 Avatar

      But a Passat lost 30% as soon as the tyres got dirty. Within a year it was down 40% regardless of propulsion method.

  6. @kiae-nirodiariesencore4270 Avatar

    Thanks Phd for an interesting and thorough review, as always. After their cheating over diesel-gate I just couldn’t consider a VW but that’s just me. This looks like a fine car with a much improved interior and software than the early ID models…but no heat pump as standard at that price?…C’mon VW!

    1. @solentbum Avatar

      The Heat pump is a deal breaker!

    2. @josefv8708 Avatar

      Check “Battery Live” an experienced VW ID Driver, who owns an ID7…only 20km Difference…not even worse to think about wasting 1k for this.
      Thanks god it is an Option and not added automatically to the base price.

    3. @bordersw1239 Avatar

      Interesting, so you were OK buying them after they made cars for the SS in WW2 but dieselgate was just a ‘goose’ step too far?

  7. @PixelVibe42 Avatar

    Excellent review, as always. Irrespective of it being an EV – £60k and VW still putting in a manual bonnet strut? Cheaping out wherever they can, that’s sad really.

    1. @PHADAVIES Avatar

      Go buy the equivalent Audi for £70k then to get your strut..

    2. @PetrolPed Avatar

      But you don’t need to go in the bonnet that often 🤔

  8. @user-ti8yk2ve7h Avatar

    Thanks for the review Pete. Do you think it would be possible to add on estimated waiting times for these new vehicles? I am sure that it would make a difference between 6-8 weeks or 9-12 months. Thanks once again.

    1. @oneeleven9832 Avatar

      If your thinking of buying a new electric vehicle don’t unless you can put through a business or are prepared to lose a fortune on residuals..sorry for being blunt.

    2. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Good question 👍

    3. @timoliver8940 Avatar

      Or you could lease one and not have to worry about it’s value at the end of the lease as you hand it back to the leasing company who has to face the depreciation problem. Note LEASE not PCP. There are plenty of lease companies now doing personal leasing as well as business leasing.

  9. @stevenbrown3151 Avatar

    EVs are slowly getting nearer to being a realistic proposition for me. Interesting video. I currently drive about 20-25k miles a year in an Octavia diesel, including 410 miles in one hit about a dozen times a year. Still needs proper buttons for functions instead of a touch screen though

    1. @Joe-ud2hb Avatar

      It’s the way forward Steven, I’m doing 50k kms /yr in an Eniro. Did 900kms in one day last year – 3 stops to charge of 35 min each. Discussing it later with my son we agreed that it was only the 3rd stop that we felt the wait as we needed the 2 earlier ones. The trip cost bout €50. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

    2. @Mizzkan Avatar

      Will be the worse decision you make but up to you.

    3. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Proper buttons are rapidly becoming a thing of the past 😢

    4. @justinfletcher1612 Avatar

      @@Mizzkan what is it with you?

    5. @Mizzkan Avatar

      @@justinfletcher1612 Hi ugly. I just ❤️winding fools like you up. Makes my day …..

  10. @ObiePaddles Avatar

    As a 7 VW owner over my life it’s great to see VW genuinely in the EV game. Brilliant efficiency and integration into charging network at last.

    Tesla beater? Not yet. Good competitor? At last.

    I’d like a variant like in the Type 3. (station wagon)

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Yep 👍

  11. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    Hi Ped A good launch review I must say it looks a nice car. I’d prefer a plug in hybrid rather than a full EV it be the best of both worlds. When you get one for a longer period it be great to see how it actually performs real world and if the sat nav charger interface works in real usage as good as it appears to be

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Will do 👍

  12. @Statimtek Avatar

    Looking forward to see if the GTI EV comes to fruition in its current format. It looks great and could potentially be an exciting canyon carver.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      I will. We saw pictures at this launch 👍

  13. @dangreasley7934 Avatar

    VW have finally go their life together and produced a compelling family saloon EV car… I felt the other ID’s weren’t great but this one looks very good and the range is what most people will look for. The sat nav, interactive charger intelligence etc is a real game changer. I will considering one of these when my car is up fore renewal. What other similar cars can boast a range of the ID7? Well done Pedro, another first class review.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Yep 👍

  14. @adheal9530 Avatar

    I get 260/270 miles from my Q4. The extra range in this is seriously impressive, will deffo consider it next, if the 86kw version is out then even better.

  15. @technohamster4783 Avatar

    Nice to see its not an SUV and doesnt have a poitless 600hp. However are there any extra safety features to stop thermal runaway occurrence? Can the car simply just not work if it requires a software update? I do think youre right about the price point for this, but it shows how much overpriced things like the corsa you mentioned actually are.

  16. @johnminshall242 Avatar

    It does look promising, but I’d be keen to see (as you suggest) longer, more detailed, range testing; price should – of course – be about £10k lower, but prices are what they are!

    Encouraging effort from VW. Personally, I’d wait on the LR ‘86’ and spec it on maybe 19s… that should eke range up close to 375-400 real world, which IS a game changer!

  17. @jameschilton3556 Avatar

    Definitely an improvement on initial IDs but ~£60k seems a little steep. Not sure the tech and efficiency are a match for Tesla quite yet but it’s good to see the improvement. I realise that some do like enormous cars but was hoping that the arms race in size could be reversed with efficiency and handling trumping bulk.

  18. @peterclark8327 Avatar

    Another good balanced video Ped, however for me another big miss from VW I’m afraid. £60k is an outrageous cost for an EV with options including £7k for a sunroof and a bit of stying is obscene! A heat pump should be standard and not a £1k option. I can’t see who is going to pay list for this and after the launch hype it will be heavily discounted by dealers. You can get a year old Model Y LR for £36k – £40k which still is in my opinion a far superior car to this with (looks aside), better tech, practicality and range. Given past EV products from the VW group, I suspect the ID7 won’t get anywhere near it’s quoted range. Being generous, the ID7 will be a £32k car after a year, which may present a better proposition. It’s good to see the incorporation of charging stations in the sat nav but the new HMI looks like a stuck on cheap ipad. It will look dated very quickly. I think with more competition in the market now from BYD and others VW really do need to price their vehicles much more competitively. Cost of living crisis aside, the public are much better informed and are not cash cow fools and will not fall for the hype around this and other similarly specced priced EV,s. With Tesla missing it’s last earnings forecast and BYD having a lot of scope to reduce prices due to low manufacturing costs and the general poor uptake of new EV,s by the non company car driving public I can see VW,s competitors reducing list prices again this year. This will be a good thing for the consumer and hopefully a bit of a wake up call for VW!

    1. @mudplugging Avatar

      Yep, the latest VW flop, with other reviewers getting around the 200 mile range.

  19. @Dolph681 Avatar

    A great review as always Pete, thanks and keep up the good work. I’m a petrol head, was and always will be, own petrol and diesel at the moment. My issue with ID 7 and all EV’s is with their price, its ridiculous compare to the competition ICE. The New 2024 Skoda Super 2.0 petrol or diesel will be about £38-40K with 4×4 and estate option, better value for money. Albite smaller still fun Skoda Octavia VRS hatch is £36K
    £60k for ”passat” ………hard pass.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Yep. EVs just cost too much to make 😢

  20. @tomashley5869 Avatar

    Another great review Pete! Have owned VWs and Audis for the last 35 years and have never found them to be anything other than great versatile cars provided you choose the right engine. Am still not convinced with the depreciation of these EVs so would wait a few years, but clearly VW have worked hard to get the ID7 right. Tesla and their Chinese competitors are not making things easy for VW though. Hope you can get to drive one for at least a week. Cheers, Tom

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