Ferrari Purosangue v Lamborghini Urus: DRAG RACE

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The Ferrari is lastly HERE!

Mat's rolled up in the , and he's about to see if it has what it takes to lower this brand new !

So let's check out how the two compare. Beginning with the , it's powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that can put down 666hp and 850Nm of torque. It's equipped with 4×4, weighs in at 2,150 kg, and has a beginning rate of ₤ 209,000.

As for the Ferrari, well it's loading a much larger engine – a 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12! This can provide 725hp and 716Nm, and it weighs in at 2,033 kg. It's a bit more expensive than the Urus, with a starting rate of ₤ 313,000.

So the Ferrari has more power, however the has more torque! Will the additional weight of the drag it down? There's only one way to find out … LET'S RACE!

Thanks to everyone for lending us their vehicles for this race:
– Ferrari:
– Lambo:


67 responses to “Ferrari Purosangue v Lamborghini Urus: DRAG RACE”

  1. @AND1X113 Avatar

    I never opened a video this fast🤣

    1. @M_k-zi3tn Avatar

      You know you have

    2. @Beni_CPM24 Avatar

      Me to😅

    3. @g7m3r_dark95 Avatar

      Same here

    4. @AshanRanasinghe98 Avatar


    5. @n0dy583 Avatar


  2. @PlayMasters5 Avatar

    Bro the sound of that purasandwich is incredible 😅😅

    EDIT: 2.5k Likes 😮😮😁😁 Thank you all ❤❤

    1. @milinddixit6583 Avatar

      It does, I’m glad Ferarri put a V12 in the pureosongwee. Edit: I wonder if Buckingham Crackerjack is going to get one.

    2. @vavi1999 Avatar

      Purasandwich is amazing. I laughed so hard. Purosangue it’s a difficult name even for me that I’m Italian. Same level of quadrifoglio.

    3. @pandeygamer584 Avatar

      pure v 12 symphony of prurasangdich

    4. @sicebim1 Avatar


    5. @valkyries_007 Avatar

      Sounds much better than the Uranus.

  3. @jamesclark8271 Avatar

    That naturally aspirated v12 😍

    1. @bekeneel Avatar

      Better than any V8, V10 or Turbo yes. 812 Supahfast is my dreamcar.. I hope I get rich B4it all turns to shite (electric).

    2. @Islam_is_the_truth.4 Avatar

      Na its overrated many smaller engined cars with turbos are quicker​@bekeneel

    3. @MARCO-rq2ph Avatar

      @@Islam_is_the_truth.4 its about emotions,who are u gonna race on 50 limit street fool?

    4. @Prince_Vegeta_BMW Avatar

      ​@@Islam_is_the_truth.4That’s true, with a turbo the V12 would be a beast. But no V6, V8, V10, W12 or W16 can match the properties of the missing mass moment + first and second order forces. 🙂 That makes the Ferrari unique among SUVs.

    5. @Islam_is_the_truth.4 Avatar

      @@Prince_Vegeta_BMW Fastest cars in the world are v8 twin turbos lol go look at the kornegseggs

  4. @Billionairebefore30 Avatar

    The Ferrari changing colors in the background, looks exquisite. 😂

    1. @hughraynor8670 Avatar

      It’s the nasty front window tints of the Urus.

    2. @PuerRidcully Avatar

      Only through polarized side glass of the Urus. Kind of weird.

    3. @dellclouds3090 Avatar

      ​@@PuerRidcully because its the glass and not the Ferrari

    4. @Beluga.. Avatar

      It’s black….

  5. @adityachampawat1414 Avatar

    Yianni gonna be MAD after this one 😂

    1. @valkyries_007 Avatar

      Real mad 😂

    2. @conor7154 Avatar

      Lol the new aventador replacement (can’t even remember the name) was like 2 car lengths behind the 5 year old SF90 too. And the same thing happened as this race where the Lamborghini got out in front first.

    3. @valkyries_007 Avatar

      @@conor7154 Clearly that was due to the fact the guy didn’t launch the Purosangue well, put Mat or racing driver Sam in the Purosangue and watch how it drops the Urus.

    4. @thek1n599 Avatar

      Yanni will buy this Ferrari

    5. @mthobisi8877 Avatar

      Yianni is having chest pains week in week out, Lambo is not delivering🤣🤣

  6. @lutz_utz-utz Avatar

    You really should swap drivers in each drag race to see what really is depending on the driver and what’s the car’s fault

    1. @de_stroyed Avatar

      Mat has TONS of experience drag racing cars. Lambo lost fair and square. It’s the cars fault.

      And it is to be expected, Ferrari likely used the Urus as a benchmark to beat. Would make no sense if they came out with a slower car as the competitor to the Urus.

    2. @dipanshugupta1606 Avatar

      @@de_stroyed exactly. Can’t say the same about revuelto tho

    3. @Coffee17990 Avatar

      @@dipanshugupta1606that lost badly

    4. @book_add5151 Avatar

      ​@@Coffee17990sorry but how did the revuelto lose “so badly” I mean, looking at that video the races were close, it even won one round

    5. @heshanking Avatar


  7. @MatWatsonCars Avatar

    Poor Lamborghini – maybe we need a rematch with the new Urus SE.

    1. @sufianshahid3690 Avatar

      Yes we do lol

    2. @JobJoseph-mm3cw Avatar

      Yes bruv

    3. @sovenok431 Avatar

      maybe u need better driver in the purosangue)

    4. @El_Negro2003 Avatar

      Matt watson.

    5. @currycel470 Avatar

      Cayenne turbo gt

  8. @attartchris Avatar

    1/2 mile , the V12 does THAT sound between gear changes….ohhh that’s pure perfection

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      The FXX EVO also has amazing sound like Purosangue.

    2. @iLLGT2 Avatar

      Yea the clacks of the DCT box/gear shift… my FF and F12 both did it also with the valves unplugged

    3. @attartchris Avatar

      @@iLLGT2 in my Golf Gti DSG it sounds like a fart hahaahahah its somewhat powerful like 400hp but a 4 cylinder will always be a mere 4cylinder

    4. @kokokoko3298 Avatar

      You can say that again … glorious thoroughbred racing sound.

  9. @noelowiti9326 Avatar

    ”i got a nitrous button here i dunno what that does”

    1. @kenlaw04 Avatar

      That was hilarious!

    2. @Qu.Z. Avatar


    3. @sarthakyadava Avatar


  10. @arshvindersingh3182 Avatar

    That V12 is just amazing 😍🤌 🔊

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Aston Martin Project Vantage V12 engine also amazing.

    2. @jawadulkarim8877 Avatar

      @@purwantiallan5089 That’s borrowed from AMG?

    3. @janck1000 Avatar

      @@jawadulkarim8877 I think Aston has their own V12 engines.

    4. @rickjones5399 Avatar

      Still couldn’t outdo the Urus

    5. @valkyries_007 Avatar

      @@rickjones5399 Outdo the what? Did you watch the video?

  11. @CoolPlaneKid711 Avatar

    Imagine when Carwow roles in with an Urus SE. Thats REAL competition. Also, the SF90 – Revuelto and Lamborghini Urus – Purosangue have been one of the most anticipated races, and these videos are blowing up everywhere!

  12. @PatriciaStream Avatar

    you have changed the level of the car channels, this is mental! We dont even know we want to see these races as much until we see the thumbnails

  13. @Buffy_Miyagi Avatar

    Always great to watch a bloke sharing his toys for us to enjoy. Top work Lucky!

  14. @Juliaa09-lq3cb Avatar

    Love the new camera drone following the first few seconds. Makes it feel like I’m there lol

    1. @simonmorty8344 Avatar

      A full overhead drone shot would be the best from start to finish. It would really bring clarity to the differences and perspective of speed. Come on, Carwow! I’m sure you can do this with 9+ million subscribers.

  15. @GeorgiosStavropoulos-hj8gi Avatar

    This Drag Race was Epic!!! Keep on doing it this way. You are the best 👍 I’m a great Fan ❤

  16. @ryyflyy2738 Avatar

    12:57 That Ferrari upshift aggressive 🤯🔥

  17. @thegreeneyej Avatar

    That was great! The classic Lamborghini vs Ferrari battle… Thanks.

  18. @robertthompson176 Avatar

    That Ferrari V12 soundtrack is one the carwow GOATS. Sounds truly amazing.

  19. @LukeAndrewKelly Avatar

    Just now noticing how you manage to make that quarter mile race seem like so much longer, its amazingly entertaining because of that, like real life fast and furious 😂😂

  20. @aicapne2823 Avatar

    Long time waiting for and finally arrived

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