Ferrari F40 v Bugatti EB110: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everybody for assisting to establish this drag race:
: @PetersenMuseum
– Ferrari :


We have actually got the famous , and it will go head-to-head versus the !

So let's see how these two legends compare. Starting with the Bugatti, it was originally released in 1994, and it's powered by a 3.5-litre quad-turbo V12 that can produce 560hp and 610Nm of torque. This power is sent out to all four wheels by means of a 6-speed handbook transmission, and it suggestions the scales at 1,690 kg. When it was first launched it cost ₤ 285,000, but if you're looking to choose one up now you can anticipate to spend a cool ₤ 1,500,000!

The we have the Ferrari F40. It was first launched in 1991, and it's powered by a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V8 that can put down 480hp and 580Nm. All of this power is sent out to the rear wheels only via a 5-speed handbook, but it's oh-so light, weighing in at simply 1,350 kg! It was initially more affordable than the Bugatti, at ₤ 163,000, however if you're seeking to buy one today it'll set you back a minimum of ₤ 2,000,000!

So the Ferrari is down on power, and it's just rear-wheel drive, so could the weight difference prove definitive? There's only one way to discover … LET'S RACE!

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport v Tesla Model S Plaid:

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59 responses to “Ferrari F40 v Bugatti EB110: DRAG RACE”

  1. Sirus Avatar

    I wasn’t even EXPECTING this man. It’s unreal how the team has came over the time

    1. Aden Avatar

      u defo watched it 😆

    2. Gourab Das Avatar
      Gourab Das

      Mat definitely cooked 🗣️

    3. Jochem Avatar

      I have no idea what to do with that sentence. No one expected that man, except people in the know. Your thought makes no sense. Bot?

    4. Sirus Avatar

      @Jochem how cuh felt after typing that

    5. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      nice bot lol

  2. Aus Avatar

    Disappointed that the eb110 retired but the race between the viper and the f40 was surprisingly good when the launch was taken out of the equation

    1. Pop Laurentiu Avatar
      Pop Laurentiu

      Yeah agreed regarding launch since these are rare cars do not want to destroy them..
      but Even more impressive i really thought that Viper with V10 will destroy it but F40 kept closer

    2. BARON Avatar

      ​@poplaurentiu4148 Viper is heavier, less hp, doesn’t have turbo and was 1/3 Ferraris price. I was surprised it kept up with f40

    3. Visage Avatar

      @BARONyep once that Ferrari hits boost that things shoots off

    4. FirstDragonSlayer Avatar

      @VisageHonestly, if the other dude was a bit braver with the launch, the F40 woulda shot off way faster.

    5. Max.Racing Avatar

      i came here for the EB110

  3. Ponykotze Avatar

    I wanted an EB110 or F40 so bad a few years ago, but I opted for a 1997 Civic bc of its bigger boot space

    1. Philip Greensmith Avatar
      Philip Greensmith

      I think you made the best decision…. think of the appreciation of the civic over the next 10 years or so 🤔

    2. LEGEND 『Agent 61』 Avatar
      LEGEND 『Agent 61』

      Yup.. and ofc you can modify your civic but if you had done the same with your F40 Ferrari would give you a bigger boot space cease and desist letter lol

    3. Scorp Seven Avatar
      Scorp Seven

      @LEGEND 『Agent 61』so true 😂

    4. Paul Tasker Avatar
      Paul Tasker

      The modern civic would actually beat these two

    5. Decypha Avatar

      I get you. I got a Fiat because it has a shinier badge.

  4. Patrick D Garez Avatar
    Patrick D Garez

    Respect to the Petersen Museum for even considering this, let alone allowing it to happen. The EB110’s injury highlighted how delicate these iconic beauties are. Like asking grandfathers to run the 100 meters.

    1. Bogdan Bosoi Avatar
      Bogdan Bosoi


    2. four7 Avatar

      F. That. If these cars cant run why make them?

    3. mhigham1 Avatar

      Only because it’s been sitting in a museum rotting away. Had it been driven regularly, likely would have been just fine.

    4. Niksonrex Avatar

      Cars shouldnt be like grandpas. If i want to pull a million dollar car it should pull. Really sad for bugatti.

  5. styleemusic Avatar

    This is epic, just when you think it can’t get better

  6. M95 Avatar

    This is the most legendary and iconic drag race. What a huge achievement Mr.Watson

  7. 初音ミクサム Avatar

    Man. Gotta appreciate the subtlety of old supercars sounds. They don’t sound too loud, too mean, but it rips so hard. ❤

  8. VirginLily18🙈(Check My Bio)🙈 Avatar
    VirginLily18🙈(Check My Bio)🙈

    Its so amazing that even after so many years these cars still look so good😍😍

    1. K9V Avatar

      LOL why did a fake OnlyFans promo comment get 500 likes

    2. Object1161 Avatar

      ​@K9V to many virgins on this channel 😂

    3. VirginLily18🙈(Check My Bio)🙈 Avatar
      VirginLily18🙈(Check My Bio)🙈

      @K9V I am not fake I am reallll

    4. VirginLily18🙈(Check My Bio)🙈 Avatar
      VirginLily18🙈(Check My Bio)🙈

      @Object1161 Yes So What??? Is it bad to be a virgin??

  9. Tarus Morgan Avatar
    Tarus Morgan

    I love the F40 and EB 110 with all their turbos, but that viper really is a beast considering its naturally aspirated.

    1. greattoseerobinscore Avatar

      The viper is affordable too.

    2. Tstret Avatar

      Should it not be a beast being 8.0L? 🤣 so little HP for so much displacement.

    3. Mateen Hasanzada Avatar
      Mateen Hasanzada

      @Tstretit might not have a lot of HP stock, but that beast of an engine takes boost like a light snack.

    4. StreamC Noremorse Avatar
      StreamC Noremorse

      F40 is not pure cause of turbo. Ferrari always were atmospheric. Why they make F50 atmospheric? They should continue to design turbo cars. Instead they retire and abandoned F40 like traitors.

    5. Ondra Avatar

      @Tstret Viper can run lot of thousand kms whitout very expensive and often service. Both competitors are wonderfull but I’d take Viper.

  10. Ethan Henn Avatar
    Ethan Henn

    Matt is a fricking legend for getting these cars to drag race each other

  11. Jon O Avatar
    Jon O

    Shifting the F40 at 5500 RPM isn’t a drag race, that’s a leisure drive.

    1. Real Joshua Avatar
      Real Joshua

      That’s the sad thing about racing these high value classics that are rarely driven.

    2. Jackson Avatar

      Exactly. This video is just fake as it gets.

    3. Jackson Avatar

      @Real Joshua okay, but then why making videos of this nature? What’s the point? To make the viewers believe something else? That’s just straight-up dishonesty from Carwow. At least just say it as it is “Listen, we’re going to make the race close because of X.”, or “Listen, we won’t be driving the Ferrari F40 hard, because the owner does not want us to”, or “The F40 would smoke the Viper, so we are going to make it close by not pushing the F40 beyond 5500 RPM”, something like that.

    4. Andrei Paul Anastasiu Avatar
      Andrei Paul Anastasiu

      You need to consider that you overdrive the car and something happens, you will lose your house, lol.

    5. Jackson Avatar

      @Andrei Paul Anastasiu sure, we totally get that. But might as well either not making the video or simply saying it as is “Guys the F40 is not going to be ran hard, we will be running it just for showing off…” something like that.
      They make it seem as the cars go neck and neck all the way to the 1/2 mile mark, which is deceiving and in my eyes straight-up misinformation and dishonesty.

  12. The Clueless Enthusiast Avatar
    The Clueless Enthusiast

    These line ups just get better and better

  13. 777 Avatar

    That 12.2 second 1/4 mile from the viper was pretty unbelievable

    1. P B Avatar
      P B

      He jumped the start, and they refuse to launch the Ferrari

    2. Health is wealth Avatar
      Health is wealth

      2million I don’t blame him

    3. Ivan Avatar

      ​@P Bno he didn’t stop hating and yea I agree it’s wack they were taking the f40 like a grandma but still in the roll the f40 is a bit quicker it’s ehhhh like ya moms

  14. CaptainEdPowell Avatar

    Mat is like a wizard of cars, he shows up to drag race and amazing cars just appear

  15. Larry Royovitz Avatar
    Larry Royovitz

    I love these classic drag races, you guys and TFL Classics. I’d love to see a 90s ZR-1 drag, and maybe a Diablo, or Countache too.

    1. IlIllllIIlIIIl Avatar

      They should put the zr1 against these

  16. Eacy C Avatar
    Eacy C

    Those turbos on that F40 sound SOOO good!

  17. Quiet Storm Avatar
    Quiet Storm

    The surprising look of disappointment on Matt’s face was priceless 😅

  18. Omar Avatar

    Hey Matt, you should also add the power to weight ratio in the stats just so we can see how close the cars are

  19. vibeslide Avatar

    Can we just appreciate Mat’s INSANE launch of that Viper?

    1. Jus Goody Avatar
      Jus Goody

      It looked more impressive as the driver of the F40 respected the car too much.

    2. PIPPO-10 Avatar

      ​@jusgoody Yes this was clear as it generally looked slow. He babied the car, can’t blame Jim though.

  20. BIG GELATO Avatar

    That Museum gets all my respect for letting this happen. Wow! 👏👏

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