F1 Car vs Rimac vs McMurtry: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everyone for joining us for this race:
: @redbullracing
– Rimac:

Prepare yourself for the most amazing drag race in carwow history!

We have actually got the World Championship-winning RB8 going up against the 1,914 hp and the Goodwood Hillclimb record-holding !

So let's see how these marvellous makers compare. Beginning with the Rimac, it's geared up with four electric motors that can produce an eye-watering 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm of torque. It's packing a 120kWh battery pack, so as an outcome it's pretty heavy, tipping the scales at around 2,300 kg. And as you can picture, all of that power doesn't come cheap, with the Nevera costing around ₤ 2,000,000!

Together with it we have the McMurtry. This single-seater EV is a whole lot lighter than the Rimac, weighing in at just 1,000 kg. It's also geared up with 2 electrical motors that produce around 1,000 hp, while also loading an extraordinary fan system that helps to produce 2,000 kg of downforce! As a result, it can shoot off from the line like absolutely nothing you've ever seen before! But there's a catch – it's limited to a leading speed of only 150mph …

Then finally we have the F1 car, driven by Red Bull's reserve motorist, Liam Lawson. He's driving Sebastian Vettel's Championship-winning RB8, which is geared up with a 2.4-litre V8 that can produce 800hp. It's easily the lightest vehicle here, at around 700kg, and all power is sent out to the rear wheels just.

So it's an absolutely extraordinary line-up, but will electrical power accomplishment?! Or will the F1 automobile prove triumphant? There's just one way to discover for sure … LET'S RACE!

McMurtry evaluation & 1/4-mile:

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49 responses to “F1 Car vs Rimac vs McMurtry: DRAG RACE”

  1. Labib Manzar Avatar
    Labib Manzar

    This is the quickest drag race EVER!

    1. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      Yeah, this one tops Tripple F Collection’s one during this week.

    2. Abbas Abdullahi Avatar
      Abbas Abdullahi

      9.5 sec looks slow in these race😂

    3. Sam Avatar

      top fuel says no

    4. Lars Avatar

      Well, Dragster do Drag Races and they are obviously much much faster.

    5. SAMK Avatar

      ​@Preston P.they should just lend carwow their cars coz carwow know how to do proper drag races

  2. Chrisjk Avatar

    This is an INSANE line-up, wow!!!

    1. HD Motsadi Avatar
      HD Motsadi

      Powerful ❤

    2. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      Imagine the McMurtry without a limiter!!!!

    3. Ferdy Avatar

      ​@Presto_001 it doesn’t have a limiter. It topped out because it was running a gearbox for Goodwood festival of speed. So it topped out in gear, not because of a limiter.

    4. Chrisjk Avatar

      In race 2, the McMurtry took off like a rocket – I also want to know the distance which Liam stopped in from 100mph, F1 car in the brake test was crazy

    5. Laid Back Racing Avatar
      Laid Back Racing

      A TT Lambo or R8, ES motor Porsche or a tuned GTR would have been so much better than that F1. It just lacks a lot of power.

  3. ArisenGladiator Avatar

    This channel has really reached some amazing heights! What a drag race!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      This drag race is top tiered, zura.

  4. Mat Watson Cars Avatar
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hi Mat here. What would you like me to drag race next?

    1. KamileQ Avatar

      opel/vauxhall astra H

    2. Ghostlock Avatar


    3. Life with chippy Avatar
      Life with chippy

      Vw all gen

    4. TerminaQ Avatar

      765LT vs SF90

    5. Okith De Silva Avatar
      Okith De Silva

      A McMurtry Speirling again, Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, Yianni and You, Fighter Jet and everything possible!

  5. Yiannimize Avatar

    Now this is levels!!!!! 🐐’s of drag racing

    1. SamTV YT Avatar
      SamTV YT

      Want to see you in Rimac Nevera Vs modern F1 car vs moto gp bike or Kawasaki H2R

    2. SNM Avatar

      We all wanted you on this race

    3. Osc_meme Avatar

      Init bro

    4. Y G Avatar
      Y G

      We both now you’d have done a better job in those cars

  6. Naman Agarwal Avatar
    Naman Agarwal

    10:00 Mat gave in everything in the world he had to press the pedal hard🤣 Thnx for this drag! Three cheers to entire Carwow team🙏

    1. James Ardrey Avatar
      James Ardrey

      to press a pedal?

  7. Phantom Sno Avatar
    Phantom Sno

    Was waiting to see the McMurtry against another group of cars for a long time. I’m glad it had a chance to shine after all this time! It’s amazing!

  8. Mijo Pejic Avatar
    Mijo Pejic

    Liam was dying inside when Mat was revving hahaha

  9. Our world Avatar
    Our world

    Whatever this rimac thing is made of it’s unbelievable!

  10. Droningup 82 Avatar
    Droningup 82

    I thought Mat’s head was going to pop with excitement 😂 love it. 👍🏻

    1. Changrila Avatar

      Hahaha, same here! It was so fun to watch!

  11. Luke Avatar

    Liam’s first ever F1 launch being from Carwow is amazing

  12. Madmike Avatar

    Wow this drag race is the stuff of dreams, thanks Matt 🔥👌

  13. giovanni stifani Avatar
    giovanni stifani

    It would be interesting to have the times of all 3 drag races, expecially in the second run .

  14. Rudi Larno Avatar
    Rudi Larno

    That Neverra is absolutely amazing.

    Being that this is a production type car. Like the sound insulation seems top notch.

  15. Chandra Kiran Avatar
    Chandra Kiran

    mat and carwow are in a league of their own now!! what a dream lineup!

  16. False Evidence Avatar
    False Evidence

    The McMurtry’s second launch was insane! These cars are absolutely crazy because they made a 9.5s 1/4 mile look pedestrian 😂

    1. Yanni Blumstein Avatar
      Yanni Blumstein

      I want to see something like a Huracan besides that to show how crazy this is

  17. Fureddo28 Avatar

    This was so epic…! Can we agree this drag race is going to be hard to surpass?

    1. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      MotoGP bike is gunna whoop all of them over the rolling 1/2 mile like they were nothing.

    2. Doggy Dinner Time Avatar
      Doggy Dinner Time

      They should bring in a top fuel dragster

  18. Just LevlUp Avatar
    Just LevlUp

    12:15 it’s crazy how as soon as the Rimac’s wing went down, the speed shot up from 200 to 220 so fast I’ve never seen anything like it!

    1. TylernolX Avatar

      It didn’t actually shoot off, the McMurtry has hit its speed limiter, good timing though

    2. derek benoit Avatar
      derek benoit

      It’s still absolutely mind-blowing.

    3. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      McMurtry was cutting the motor down to its 1st setting of the 3 settings it has so acted as a limiter basically. If you watch Henry Catchpoles vid on them you will realise what the McMurtry has done here. The qtr mile it won easily is its 3rd setting the motor and the fans had the full power for that full qtr mile. The McMurtry basically halfs the motor power and keeps both fans on or if it gets an issue with the fan on one side it shuts that down and reduces the motor power by half. Watch the previous vids on it like i said and it will make sense why it seemed to just stop like that.

  19. Nino Krizanec Avatar
    Nino Krizanec

    Goes to show just how amazing of a job the guys at Rimac have done to make Nevera so easy to drive and do things like these with 0 effort.

  20. Andreas Wiese Avatar
    Andreas Wiese

    The McMurty is insane. It’s ability to corner is even more impressive.

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