Every Tesla DRAG RACE

Thanks to everyone who lent us their vehicles:
– Design S:
– Design X:
– Model 3: @RSEV

Now this is what you call a line-up!

We have actually got every Tesla you can purchase (and actually drive!) going head-to-head over the 1/4-mile to see simply how various their efficiency is. So let's take a look at the contenders.

Starting with the , it's powered by 3 electric motors, and they combine to deliver 1,020 hp and 1,420 Nm of torque. It ideas the scales at 2,190 kg, and if you're seeking to purchase one it'll cost you around ₤ 116,000.

The Design X Plaid is built on the same platform, so it provides the specific very same power – 1,020 hp and 1,420 Nm. Nevertheless, it's heavier than the Design S, at 2,464 kg, and it's also ₤ 10,000 more costly, at around ₤ 126,000.

Then we have the & Design Y Performance. Similar to the S & X, they're constructed on the same platform, so they both show up with two electric motors to deliver 527hp and 660Nm. However, while the Model 3 weighs 1,844 kg, the Model Y is available in at 1,997 kg. The price is pretty similar, mind, at around ₤ 58,000 and ₤ 60,000 respectively.

So will it be a tidy sweep for the Model S? And will the Design 3 beat the Model Y? There's just one method to discover … LET'S RACE!

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64 responses to “Every Tesla DRAG RACE”

  1. Bot69 Avatar

    has to be the quietest drag race that they’ve ever done…

    1. Sorinel pustiu Avatar
      Sorinel pustiu

      EVs are snipers.
      Quiet but deadly.

    2. maerklin29800 Avatar

      Why? There have already have bean many EV only drag races on carwow

    3. Bot69 Avatar

      @Sorinel pustiu fr

    4. Baha'a Ebesat Avatar
      Baha’a Ebesat

      Or the most boring in other words

    5. i_use_model_o Avatar

      they are just bigger remote control cars with no soul or heart

  2. Dhep Goopio Avatar
    Dhep Goopio

    Imagine if the roadster had a production car I would love to see that in this drag race

    1. StopwatchGod Avatar

      With the SpaceX thruster package, it would destroy every car in the world, except dragsters maybe

    2. DrewsTurbo Avatar

      @StopwatchGodit won’t exist. 🥱

    3. K2 Avatar

      ​@DrewsTurbo it will, its going to be a limited production car

    4. mars is just a rock Avatar
      mars is just a rock

      @K2chances tesla delivers the car itself in the next half decade seem low
      Chances of the thrusters being an available add on are even lower

    5. Tom Avatar

      Too bad it won’t happen

  3. Weirdo Man Avatar
    Weirdo Man

    The different between the x and 3 is crazy!

    1. rdspam Avatar

      493 extra hp and 760 extra Nm will do that.

    2. Morgan Angel Avatar
      Morgan Angel

      @rdspam also double the price will do that.

    3. zagato77904 Avatar

      @Morgan Angeland double the weight

  4. SoLiX Avatar

    Spoilers: the Tesla won.

    1. Никита Avatar

      No, operator won 🏆

    2. אורי באבאר Avatar
      אורי באבאר

      I bet you got so many friends

    3. V0IDBURN3R Avatar

      Awww man you spoiled it all

    4. ARC Avatar

      Damm I was going for the white one

    5. pee20pee Avatar


  5. FlutyCakes Avatar

    Im impressed by the model 3 on how the acceleration is so quick,it held a little while with the Model X

    1. Franz Huber Avatar
      Franz Huber

      Ever heard about power to weight ratio?

    2. FlutyCakes Avatar

      @Franz Huber Yep,ive heard of it,And I already knew it,but still im impressed

    3. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      ​@Franz HuberDoesn’t matter with Plaids, cars with better power to weight do not have a chance (sf90 for example) because of insane engineering to provide flat 1000hp all the way to 200 mph

  6. Rea_55 Avatar

    It’s weird not hearing Matt doing the carwow sound check 😂😂

    1. manilove2pwn Avatar

      most pointless drag race every one knows matt picks fastest car

    2. Constable Avatar

      @manilove2pwnthe truck race video from 4 days ago begs to differ.

    3. KT2 Avatar

      huh i wonder why

    4. Hennessey Auto Reviews Avatar
      Hennessey Auto Reviews

      Aye I was so in tune with the video , that thought went right past me 🤣☝🏾

    5. Ronnie Martinez Avatar
      Ronnie Martinez

      ​@manilove2pwnNot always, just some times…

  7. Glenistergrot J Avatar
    Glenistergrot J

    I remember watching a s3XY drag race with the old Model S & X P100D. Although the model S & X were quicker, it was still pretty close. In this race, the model S & X plaid left the model 3 & Y in the dust like they were standing still.

    1. Landscapes ~ Rob Dickinson Avatar
      Landscapes ~ Rob Dickinson

      plaid power train is just insane

    2. Ludicrous model 3 Avatar
      Ludicrous model 3

      @Landscapes ~ Rob Dickinson It’s absolutely unmatched by an other production car! The fact that they are using the same plaid powertrain in the Tesla semi truck is awesome!

  8. Glenistergrot J Avatar
    Glenistergrot J

    3:24 I find it absolutely hilarious how a 2.5 tonne SUV blasted by the model 3 performance like it was standing still. The model 3 performance is no joke, it’s still impressively fast! It’s absolutely astonishing what the model S & X plaid can do!

    1. Chris Hart Avatar
      Chris Hart

      That’s 1020 horsepower for you.

    2. NotPoodle Avatar

      I love the acceleration in my model 3 performance. The thought of something pulling away from me that quickly is mind boggling.

    3. Nice person Avatar
      Nice person

      Wait till you see a 4mpg trackhawk

    4. CarsByKev Avatar

      @NotPoodleI’ve owned them all (well, I only Turk’s the XPlaid before deciding to get the S Plaid). I so thought my ‘20 Model 3 Performance was closer to my current plaid off the line. It absolutely feels as quick, but my Plaid is 100% ridiculous. I’m actually thinking of going back to the 3 after this one, as I want to get a 3P and maybe a Miata or Mustang for the track.
      My ‘22 MYP felt considerably slower than the 3 and was nowhere near as fun to drive.
      Actually, my plaid isn’t as fun to drive either, although it’s better now that I have the wheel instead of the yoke.

    5. CarsByKev Avatar

      @Nice personIt’s my dream to catch a tuned Trackhawk on an interstate on ramp. Nothing, absolutely nothing, comes close to my Plaid.
      Except… very fast sport bikes. But even most of them bow down up to 160. Some of these internet Trackhawks look like they pull as hard though.

  9. GreenEarth Avatar

    Absolutely insane how big of a gap the S&X had against the 3&Y

    1. manilove2pwn Avatar

      most pointless drag race every one knows matt picks fastest car

    2. Ayan Rahman Avatar
      Ayan Rahman

      @manilove2pwnhe doesn’t lmao u still believe that?

    3. zmeden Avatar

      @manilove2pwn he doesnt even do that what are you talking about

    4. Stanley Cius Avatar
      Stanley Cius

      I call this the money gap lol, from 60k to 120k is pretty big

    5. thanosian the mad titanic Avatar
      thanosian the mad titanic

      500 more horsepower?

  10. Sheldzee King Avatar
    Sheldzee King

    The difference between “Plaid” and “Performance” is worlds apart 😮

  11. Nubs Avatar

    I have a model 3 which feels ao fast, how the plaids are that much faster blows my mind

    1. Emelia Nortey Avatar
      Emelia Nortey

      Then fly away

    2. chris jebara Avatar
      chris jebara

      @nubin0807 how is this updated model 3 perf with 527ps slower than the old one with 480ps?

  12. Strolling with Si Avatar
    Strolling with Si

    The S and X Plaids are outrageous!

  13. AnotherAnonymousMan Avatar

    Was not expecting a crossover episode with RSEV 😂 awesome!

  14. Fred69 Avatar

    I have a Model 3 Performance and it is by far the fastest car I have ever owned – the way it was made to look slow by the Model S Plaid is crazy!!

    1. TheRasmusdc Avatar

      Agreed only have an LR model 3 4wd with boost package and i feel that car is faaaast and it is more like the y in that race

    2. andyuk2010 Avatar

      The 3P is only fast up to about 50mph or so and then the power seriously tails off when compared to ICE cars. You’ll be beaten quite easily by most decent Audis, BMWs and Mercs at those speeds and above. This power drop doesn’t happen on the S and X Plaids – they continue with brutal power all the way up into the top speeds. The S is still much quicker to 50 than the 3P but it really is above 50 where it massively pulls away and leaves it behind.

    3. TWF Inc Avatar
      TWF Inc

      I raced a guy with my 2018 SL63 and i won against a model 3 perf…….. but he was keeping up extremely well to about 60 mph, actually ahead of me for a car length… then it was game over, but pretty sad really when you consider what I paid for my car lol.. However, I didnt buy the SL for efficiency.. never driven a plaid, I expect it would be nuts !

    4. MrMentalSoul Avatar

      ​@andyuk20102022 Model 3 Performance owner here. It’s actually quick up to 90 mph, then trails off.

      So yes, given enough distance other performance cars will pass it. But most people are not in locations where long distance high speed driving is possible, so insane acceleration is more important in beating people.

  15. Anuhas Silva Avatar
    Anuhas Silva

    Carwow is definition of consistent high quality videos

  16. AdLP640 Avatar

    Wow, that sound test was unreal!

  17. Richard Smith Avatar
    Richard Smith

    I have a model Y and find it so so fast. I can’t imagine what those others would feel like!!!!

  18. Simon Gallagher Avatar
    Simon Gallagher

    Would love to see SOC of batteries when you do the EV races

  19. llJeezusll Avatar

    Man the way the S and X shot off in the roll race was insane
    It’s like they had an 80mph head start in the roll

  20. apekatt2007 Avatar

    My Model 3 feels so breathtakingly fast, but seeing the Plaid just rocket off like the 3 is at a standstill is surreal! I hope I can get a Plaid one day, or at least test drive one!
    Great comparison!

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