Every car should come with this feature!


33 responses to “Every car should come with this feature!”

  1. @EvaFitzgerald1 Avatar

    I would like to thank you for this exceptional content. Thank you!
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  2. @EvaDyerko Avatar

    Ihre Videos sind einfach guter Inhalt ohne überflüssige Emotionen. Machen Sie weiter so! 😛 ! 🛼

  3. @dylanpogemiller6836 Avatar

    Classic automakers fixing the problems with the same problem. Instead of using buttons like everyone wants they let you put your most used features in a screen like people do not like. But this is still a great solution that I am not upset about!

  4. @Ddotwot Avatar

    Don’t most cars have that already for yearssssss but with radio presets haha😅

  5. @rafa9220 Avatar

    Kind of moronic to not say what car that is

    1. @Ben-kp6bp Avatar

      It’s the all new Peugeot 3008

    2. @lexfrancis5916 Avatar

      If you look closely there’s a bright blue box with text in it

  6. @user-xh3wr1do7k Avatar

    Just give us back buttons instead of dangerous touchscreens ffs!

    1. @coastaku1954 Avatar

      Nah, Touch screens look better

    2. @martimbarreiros7558 Avatar

      ​@@coastaku1954 like Fr PPL hate it without any reason

    3. @cw205mi16 Avatar

      @@martimbarreiros7558I’ve loads of reasons they’re awful to use for hvac and volume etc, require more concentration, no feedback, ergonomically a failure, miss pressing etc etc They have their place but not for controls you want to use frequently when driving

    4. @user-xh3wr1do7k Avatar

      @@coastaku1954 Mine has both. Thankfully, I rarely have to use the touchscreen.

    5. @coastaku1954 Avatar

      @@user-xh3wr1do7k Sounds like you’re over the age of 40

  7. @Fr00stee Avatar

    could they not have just put a dial or a down and up button?

  8. @renessance Avatar

    In a certain electric car brand starting with a T, stuff like this is automatically saved in your driver profile. No need for a touch of a 🔘…

    1. @joelbates8243 Avatar

      in every other car, starting with every fucking letter, we had this feature called a “button” which would let you control EVERY function of the car! – imagine that!

  9. @jaybeemhardscrote7466 Avatar

    My car has these weird plastic things, I think they call them dials and buttons, well basically what they do is allow me to easily control whatever I want in the car quickly and easily without even looking down!

    1. @coastaku1954 Avatar

      Buttons and dials can still break

    2. @xxstealerxx Avatar

      youre delusional if you think dials and buttons break sooner than bloated car software @@coastaku1954

    3. @xjmg007 Avatar

      ​@@coastaku1954and they can be replaced? What is your point

    4. @coastaku1954 Avatar

      @@xjmg007 It just doesn’t feel as futuristic

    5. @kevinmitchell766 Avatar

      A dial always saves your last setting.😊

  10. @weeeeee374 Avatar

    More screens i see on a car, the less i want it.

  11. @Manchler Avatar

    Imagen the repair cost

  12. @ronniemartinez8034 Avatar

    Every car should come with physical buttons. Fuk touch screens…

  13. @kevinwall795 Avatar

    No, every car should come with physical buttons.

  14. @ryanfrisby7389 Avatar


  15. @TiptronicSS Avatar

    Stearing wheel in middle of the display, confusing media center. Cars should have this

  16. @cw205mi16 Avatar

    It’s ridiculous to think this is a solution to a problem manufacturers have created. How about a goddamn set of buttons for HVAC, volume and heated seats? Should be law. Everything else (that you hardly ever change) can go in the menus. Interior design and ergonomics honed over decades are being ruined by manufacturers creating cars so complicated they’re now painful to use, especially so if you have several cars you regularly drive.

  17. @liambergans344 Avatar

    What is your favorite car between the BMW M3 touring and the Audi RS6?

  18. @joelbates8243 Avatar

    Still got to drive a Peugeot though

  19. @AdrianMcDaid Avatar

    Peugeot has been knocking it out the park on the last number of their cars.

  20. @weaponxi4456 Avatar

    No need, am more of a A/C MAX button guy in the summer

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