Every car should come with these!

designers hold true legends





42 responses to “Every car should come with these!”

  1. badluckdaniel Avatar

    saved me from embarrasment and $$ several times when muh kids open their doors👀

    1. Reynier R.A Avatar
      Reynier R.A

      Yeah ive seen it too many times that kids throw the door open to other cars. Parents need to teach them to watch out time after time. But some adults also smack them doors open and then its oeps.😡😡

  2. Gav Chap Avatar
    Gav Chap

    Mk3 focus comes with those. They fall off occasionally.

    1. Michael Todd Avatar
      Michael Todd

      omg i’ve always wondered what the things are that are flapping about the outside of a Focus when driving past them!

    2. Detlef Schnitzelheimer Avatar
      Detlef Schnitzelheimer

      Never had an issue in my Focus with them. Great invention by Ford! 👍🏼

  3. Deano Johns Avatar
    Deano Johns

    My MK3 Focus ST has these, and that’s nearly 10 years old.

    1. Alix Castor Avatar
      Alix Castor

      Exactly ! Same here, Skoda is sleeping 😅

    2. David Nguyen Avatar
      David Nguyen

      Oh really? The US Spec needs this. My ST doesn’t have it.

    3. AJ Schroeter Avatar
      AJ Schroeter

      Automatic ones?

    4. Kenajt 3 Avatar
      Kenajt 3

      Becouse this mechanizm is create by ford a

    5. Mattias Karlsson Avatar
      Mattias Karlsson

      Wat. Never seen an MK3 Focus ST has this. Including my own one I had 3 years ago…

  4. Magnus von Daake Avatar
    Magnus von Daake

    No one should need it, just be careful 🙂

  5. Aris1956 Avatar

    Yes, this is really something useful, among many things sometimes useless. I always put extra something like that on my cars. It helps a lot when you open the door near another car or near a wall.

  6. Mehmet Aldemir Avatar
    Mehmet Aldemir

    Simply Clever

    1. Anatoliy Taranenko Avatar
      Anatoliy Taranenko

      You’ve stole my comment)))))😂

  7. Professor H Avatar
    Professor H

    I’d be happy if I never had to hear this song again.

    1. Money Bro Avatar
      Money Bro

      I’m fed up as well of this song

    2. Reynier R.A Avatar
      Reynier R.A

      Spot on 😂

    3. Cameroon 5 Avatar
      Cameroon 5

      I was gonna say that

    4. Professor H Avatar
      Professor H

      Never play this song ever again

  8. Harry Garland Avatar
    Harry Garland

    Ford have had these for years.

  9. Cartier Avatar

    But the bottom of the door sticks out more

  10. The Zanzibarbarian Avatar
    The Zanzibarbarian

    When I open my door in a car park that’s _tight for space,_ I always put my fingers along the edge of the door. Then I know I won’t damage my or the car I’m park next to. And it’s less to go wrong too.

    1. Ohandanother Onebitesthedust Avatar
      Ohandanother Onebitesthedust

      I do the same works perfectly

    2. Knäckebrot Avatar

      I drive giant VW T6s around the city as a paramedic and very much approve of this method

    3. badluckdaniel Avatar

      I have these protectors on my car and I STILL do that. common couertesy in my book

    4. fatbelly27 Avatar

      I don’t do that in case it hurts my fingers

  11. Iku Turso Avatar
    Iku Turso

    Yes. And I mean real mechanical doorhandles instead of those electrical and/or pop-up ones that wont’t work when they freeze.

    1. Graham Wiebe Avatar
      Graham Wiebe

      Initially I thought that’s what this clip was going to be about

  12. Ernis Morina Avatar
    Ernis Morina

    Your videos make my day❤

  13. Smusy K Avatar
    Smusy K

    Skoda from the vw group, when the actuators fail like the door mechanism sometimes do & u can’t close ur door, you’d think twice about having them especially when it’s raining outside

    1. Tobias Avatar

      It’s electric? I thought it’s purely mechanic.

  14. sanda ngcobo Avatar
    sanda ngcobo

    Wow! Thats 1 very helpful feature I’ve seen so far…….👏👏👏

  15. No pain No gain Avatar
    No pain No gain

    I agree … great option

  16. Engine Empire Avatar
    Engine Empire

    Skoda :- “Simply Clever”

    1. James Hedges Avatar
      James Hedges

      Ford have had this for years

  17. Mahmoud Gamal Avatar
    Mahmoud Gamal


    I saw it in my friend’s car, and i was amazed of such a simple but great idea

  18. Mac F Avatar
    Mac F

    Yes! Good old door handles are amazing.

    1. Cameroon 5 Avatar
      Cameroon 5

      Underrated comment

    2. Mac F Avatar
      Mac F

      @Cameroon 5 🥰

  19. MUCKSPREADER1 Avatar

    Love my Skoda Karoq.Comfy and quiet and so,good on juice.

  20. Ayoola Avatar

    Slick! 👍🏾

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