Elite in-car tech…

How cool is this?!





29 responses to “Elite in-car tech…”

  1. Certified Beer Lover Avatar
    Certified Beer Lover

    Still time to delete this

  2. BigMo Avatar

    How is the shorts guy, not fired already

  3. Sebastian Tschatordai Avatar
    Sebastian Tschatordai

    It wasn’t even that dirty.

  4. Andrew Vincent Avatar
    Andrew Vincent

    When you open it is it gonna magically be clean? I don’t understand

  5. Suhas Subbanna Avatar
    Suhas Subbanna

    Just fire the guy making these shorts already.

    1. Wave Man Mike Avatar
      Wave Man Mike

      What if it’s Matt 😅

    2. AWildMal Avatar

      @Wave Man Mike 💀i hope he wouldn’t but i know some are made by him

    3. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      ​@AWildMal The quality tests are done by him and that could be the difference of whether you buy something or not so it cant be mat

    4. The Kruxed Avatar
      The Kruxed

      Bit harsh dude lol

    5. AWildMal Avatar

      @The Kruxed yeah but i mean…

  6. dolev 999 Avatar
    dolev 999

    it should clean automatically when inside

    1. Daniel Mustang Avatar
      Daniel Mustang

      seriously, a car needs to build in that feature asap

  7. Mohnish Verma Avatar
    Mohnish Verma

    ngl I was waiting for mat to do the Sigma face at the end!

  8. APT92 Avatar

    My wife hates when I take that approach with the dishes

  9. burnzy3210 Avatar

    >retract screen
    >motor for screen breaks or jams
    goodbye controls, time for a trip to the dealership LOL

    1. Conor Avatar

      Why would that happen? What cars are you people driving where everything is constantly breaking?

    2. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      ​@Conor American cars

    3. burnzy3210 Avatar

      @Conor the point is, it CAN break. moving parts are far more likely to break and this thing moves for basically no good reason.

  10. Drip 2Hard Avatar
    Drip 2Hard

    CarWow bumping that Project Pat 😮😂

  11. Wood Avatar

    The question is: Will it be clean when it comes back out?

  12. Mozambique Here Avatar
    Mozambique Here

    Carwow need to hire me already😤

  13. Daniel Egan Avatar
    Daniel Egan

    Have fun with that when a cheerio gets stuck in there.

  14. DontKnowWhy Avatar

    Petition to fire the shorts guy. +1

  15. alex prost Avatar
    alex prost

    Самому задвинуть или дать толчек задвигаюшему механизму было бы не так элитно и удобно

  16. TmK188 Avatar

    Sorry and how can i change temperature?

  17. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz sx on this channel day 208

  18. The Doc Avatar
    The Doc

    Wait and see how “elite” it will be when all these mechanical parts fail.

  19. PiKeFiSh Avatar

    Yeah, just save some bacteria for later on 🤮

  20. Richard Turza Avatar
    Richard Turza

    It should clean it automatically while retracting the display.

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