Driving the Most Famous Škoda Yeti in the World – What makes it brilliant ? | 4K

I recently got to drive the most popular Skoda Yeti on the planet. I have actually loved the Skoda Yeti since I saw a on the back in 2009 and it's terrific to lastly get to experience one. An automobile with a huge fan base and I can now see why. Filled with fantastic design and a style of it's own however what made this vehicle so unique is that it was the that included on the Leading Equipment that made me fall for the and truck!


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Video Contents
00:00 – Presenting my Guilty Satisfaction
00:52 – The power of Leading Gear
03:00 – The History of the Yeti
04:26 – The Yeti, the Tour and !
07:16 – Landing a Helicopter on the Yeti!
09:09 – Design Classic
10:06 – Lancia Stratos impact
10:49 – Creative design!
12:37 – Old Skool dash!
14:21 – Is it as good as I hoped?

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21 responses to “Driving the Most Famous Škoda Yeti in the World – What makes it brilliant ? | 4K”

  1. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    Brilliant review. Seems to me a fairly recent car but 2009 – That’s 14 years ago, What! I have driven one – Have to say a great car, like most Skoda’s to be honest.

  2. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    I am a fan of the Yeti. I think it is a cool little car that is kind of a miniature Defender on a budget. My sister in law has one to run back and forward to her horses and she loves it and it seems to plough on through all the abuse she gives it. I like the fact you can take out the rear seats it would make a great transporter for my electric mountain bike I am sure. Great film as usual for a car I never thought I would see on your channel and the Top Gear link makes that one very special indeed. Off to have a look on Autotrader for fun.

  3. John Ball Avatar
    John Ball

    It is in a class of its own – like a miniature Land Rover Discovery. I went with a friend to buy one about 2 months ago. Having never driven one I was very impressed by the way it performed with its 1.4 engine and 6 speed gearbox. He absolutely loves it for its practicality. Currently has the rear seats out and using it as a truck, to carry around classic car engine parts. He also likes the high driver seating position.

  4. Khris Bharath Avatar
    Khris Bharath

    I’ve owned one since new and have had it for the past 11 years. It was that very review by Jezza that got me hooked as well. Mine is a 2.0 TDI 4×4 Elegance 140 Manual. Still puts a smile on my face, every time I get behind the wheel.

    1. Hammy H Avatar
      Hammy H

      I have the same model and age as yours , but mine is really starting to rust now

  5. Phil Darbyshire Avatar
    Phil Darbyshire

    Think we share great taste Ped.
    I daily Yeti 2.0 L+K 2017 ,one of the last 81k miles and running perfect.
    Just picked up 718 Cayman Gts after 12 month wait. Put 500 epic miles last week in North Wales,except for the 20 mph introduced while there.
    Massive contrast between the 2 vehicles but both put smile on face when driving.

  6. Dave G Avatar
    Dave G

    So happy to see you having fun with possibly one of my most favourite cars and in best part of 60 years, I’ve had a few!
    Our Yeti (63 Reg) is the facelifted version and was featured in the Honest John review – is still on YT. Laughed at the compass bit. That also got me when we first got the car.
    Now in semi retirement Yeti now does around 4K miles a year, It has never let us down and passed each MoT without even an advisory. In the best part of 10 years, we had a new boot lock mechanism, an exhaust bracket and a set of front discs replaced. Everything else is original. Tucked away in the garage each night.

  7. davidthegolfer999 Avatar

    Just brilliant. A lot of fun. I STILL can’t believed they discontinued it. I have friend who has driven one from Berkshire to Thassos many times and it’s still going strong. Think again Skoda. Thanks Pete

  8. graham aston Avatar
    graham aston

    You realize how good it was now they are no longer made,brilliant car.

  9. ΝΟΜΛ Avatar

    VWs homogenisation of its group portfolio killed the Yeti. Skoda and SEAT had a character all of their own but VW decided that cloning cars and slapping different badges on them was the way forward 🙁

  10. John Thomson Avatar
    John Thomson

    I too loved my yeti and I’m thinking three years on from selling it, I’m now thinking about getting another for it’s practically and distinctive looks !! Such a shame they replaced it with the rather bland Karoq

  11. wordreet Avatar

    How bizarre to stop making such a successful vehicle! Apart from the easy removable rear seats, which I really like, it strikes me as a slightly shorter, slightly taller 2008 Astra Estate, with a 4×4 option. 😉

  12. Russell Clark Avatar
    Russell Clark

    I’ve always loved the design of the Yeti and would fancy one myself for a practical family car. Do you think the closest modern day equivalent could be a Dacia Jogger…. albeit the Jogger has 7 seats which could be seen as even more practical? Perhaps it would make a good video for you to test a Jogger! Thanks Pete 👍🏻

  13. DM 800 Avatar
    DM 800

    Wonderful review, thoroughly enjoyed and a great insight into an Iconic car. Thanks PP, please keep them coming our way. Diolch yn fawr from Wales.

  14. Nikolaos Alexandros Theodorou Avatar
    Nikolaos Alexandros Theodorou

    This feels so good. I have always loved the OG Yeti. I have been mocked about that a lot over the years. You are not alone!

  15. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    A fantastic video Pete and you could tell the sheer pleasure you had driving the Yeti. I had one for a week used it on a camping trip and it was simply the perfect car for the job. Its cancellation was Skodas biggest mistake. I got told from a dealer it was all about VW wanting to standardise on platforms across VW Seat and Skoda.

  16. Tim Martin Avatar
    Tim Martin

    So glad you had the opportunity to drive the Yeti. Several friends have them in various different specs and love them. Italian John takes his across Europe to the lakes in Italy and it never skips a beat and that speaks volumes. Cheers Ped.

  17. Mick Mulvaney Avatar
    Mick Mulvaney

    On my second Yeti, L&K 4×4. This is the longest I’ve ever kept a car, six years, bought it as a demonstrater. I’ve tried to talk myself into ev, but I can’t part with the Yeti, I still look at other Yetis on the road and compare the shine to mine.

  18. Stephen Avatar

    5 years an owner….
    Really want to try some other vehicles, but …..
    It is so easy to get into and out of.
    It is so comfortable over a long distance (400 miles in one day).
    It sticks to the road and steers very predictably.
    The ABS works! (the deer, and car, survived undamaged).
    I am really having trouble finding something that will tempt me away.

  19. Mike Procter Avatar
    Mike Procter

    I had one of the first CR140 DSG Elegance Yeti’s when they were launched. It was a great car. Being VAG I had the flappy paddle multifunction steering wheel fitted. Plus it was remapped to around 180bhp and the brakes were also updated. I took it off-road and also on a track day. It was great fun. I now have a vehicle similar in shape – a 2020 Kia Soul EV. I would love a BEV Yeti.

  20. Christopher Martin Avatar
    Christopher Martin

    Gutted when Skoda discontinued the Yeti. It was a little too small in the boot department for what I wanted, and I was hoping that a Mark II would have addresssed that, but instead they discontinued it and replaced it with “just another SUV” 😞

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