Driving a 1983 Lotus Esprit Turbo S3 and it broke down…TWICE ! |4K

What is you favourite James Bond Vehicle? I got to drive mine, the Lotus Esprit Turbo S3, and it broke down two times! I have actually always thought the Esprit was among the coolest of the 80's and 90's and it's status as an icon was confirmed when it appeared in not one but 2 James Bond movies.

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Video Contents
00:00 – Introduction
01:03 – My favourite Bond
02:22 – The history of the Esprit
05:02 – Pop-up Headlights
05:49 – Tiny wheels!
06:38 – The engine
07:42 – Interior and getting in it!
11:17 – Driving the Esprit
14:05 – You can drive this vehicle!
16:19 – Great Deals Of Problem Generally Severe!
19:01 – Driving Characteristics
24:25 – Oops!

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21 responses to “Driving a 1983 Lotus Esprit Turbo S3 and it broke down…TWICE ! |4K”

  1. @francoisg3500 Avatar

    Evening All! Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

  2. @Satu-no4ew Avatar

    Cinematic brilliance at its finest; these creators are setting a new standard for online storytelling.πŸ’š

  3. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Lotus Esprit πŸ‘

  4. @shakesnbake Avatar

    Anyone else go straight to Pistonheads after this?!

  5. @cephasmakuzva Avatar

    Extremely special you got to experience this beast even for however short a period. Very cool. Tim is doing great things with RGN Classics.

  6. @trev.suelloyd2985 Avatar

    Hi Ped, that’s why the Mini driver was trying to catch you, he had the exhaust.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar


  7. @davidlloyd-cx3er Avatar

    I’ve owned an Esprit,Elan Sprint,Europa and an Elise for my sins all are great drivers cars .
    They need to be maintained properly and if they are they take some beating for pure fun at not daft speeds.

  8. @terryjones6504 Avatar

    I had a JPS Elan +2 back in the day. Kept it for 3 months, changing into 3rd the gear stick came off in your hand. In the end I could refit it with one hand whilst still driving.

  9. @Chester-UK Avatar

    Oh yes please! What a legend Tim is, letting you enjoy that Lotus. Hope you managed to find it (no spoilers!) πŸ˜‚.

  10. @alij100100 Avatar

    Great video, brought me back to my childhood memories of a poster I had of this lotus model on my bedroom wall. I bet the guy in the mini had a good time following you guys too. 😎 amazing car.

  11. @johnbrown3951 Avatar

    Now that’s a car in an iconic livery for a man of a certain era and I am that man now that I have entered my 60’s. I am not a lover of squeaks and rattles in my cars but if I owned that I think I would forgive it but I might not forgive a friend who broke my exhaust when I gave him a test drive. I hope you are really good friends.

  12. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    What a lovely classic car. I love the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger but my favourite bond film car is the white Toyota 2000GT Roadster from you only live twice.

  13. @Defender90Reviews Avatar

    Loved this. Particularly fact as you say, driving these vintage (in my case slightly later classic Impreza) driving them up to 60 on twisty roads is best thing of all time…

  14. @johnymodem1326 Avatar

    Dude! You should know that “Choke” works by decreasing the amount of air (valves restrict the air entering the carburetor) so making the mixture richer. It’s the same amount of fuel just less air with it! Great car, when it works. One of my poster cars as a kid. The Spirit of Colin Chapman, add lightness! πŸ™‚

  15. @trev8591 Avatar

    Fantastic, Pete! I’m pretty sure Tim’s collection will be pretty much my dream garage.

  16. @lewishunter Avatar

    Great Vid, I remember my Dad bringing one home once, he was chased by all the kids asking if it was a Ferrari, took great pleasure when he dropped my off at school in it πŸ‘

  17. @markwood5073 Avatar

    Love this video, bought back memories of my Esprit Turbo. Had the same issue when changing gear meant hitting your knuckles on the radio. You develop a different grip on the gear lever after doing that a few times!

  18. @udosteinhauser5661 Avatar

    Great fun to watch that video, PP. Bring up the others from the 80s, what a great time that was.

  19. @EuropaSman Avatar

    The Lotus test driver mentioned was the legendary late Roger Becker. His son, Matt, followed in his footsteps at Lotus and later joined Aston Martin.

  20. @gordonmackenzie4512 Avatar

    Drove the Esprit Turbo S4 once, and only once. It was fabulously fast and very yellow. Late 90s and my Boss bought one as a toy.

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