DRIVEN – BMW 1M – Best M Car of all time ? (Incl. VMax run at 270kmph !) | 4K

I got to drive the iconic 1M to Germany and completely fell for the child M Vehicle. It has the perfect dish for a terrific motorist automobile. An effective and awesome sounding 3.0 L twin turbo directly six, rear wheel drive and a manual transmission!

Big thank to Patrick for the drive by and tracking video footage.


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Video Contents
00:00 – Driving Introduction
00:50 – I needed to make a video!
03:11 – A parts bin special
04:34 – Rear of the year!
05:17 – Engine and Efficiency
06:34 – Back to fundamentals interior
08:34 – Let's drive!
15:06 – VMax run!
15:43 – Last ideas

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20 responses to “DRIVEN – BMW 1M – Best M Car of all time ? (Incl. VMax run at 270kmph !) | 4K”


    The 1M is a beautiful car. I’d love to drive one some day. The closest I’ve ever got to it, was a 125d courtesy car I had many years ago. To be fair, that was a lovely drive, so I can only dream of how good the 1M is. Great video though Pete. Really got across the magic of the 1M. 😊

  2. Joe Achilles Avatar
    Joe Achilles

    Fantastic trip, fantastic car, fantastic video mate 👌 #memories ❤

  3. Aaron Wright Avatar
    Aaron Wright

    What more do you need, simplicity in its beauty

  4. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    Ah. The BMW 1M! The only ICE-powered BMW (bar the hybrid i8) they made this century. The rest of the models seem superfluous in comparison… It embodied all the basic values of the old BMW firm with a minimum of useless rubbish in it. I’m glad you were able to enjoy one! I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that I also drove my Prelude on the same roads on which you drive this car. Mahalo…for taking videos of places in these places where I totally lacked the technology to video back in the day…

  5. GRfourfun Avatar

    It’s nice when a car surprises you, and what a place to enjoy it. I love the area surrounding the Ring, it’s just stunning. Great review as always mate.

  6. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. A proper drivers car. I’ve had 3 x 3 Series. I love them. Would love to have a drive of the 1M or any M car for that matter.

  7. Mason & Motors Avatar
    Mason & Motors

    Yep, that’s going in my list of cars I must have. I did have the 2.0L TD coupe and even that was a lot of fun. They are very pretty and a definite future classic, you’re right 👍🏼 Perhaps in future with performance cars you could have a camera over the exhaust to get a good audio of that.

  8. Pyrat Avatar

    Happy you finally got a drive in one, and great review!
    For those who haven’t had the chance to drive one, they can live vicariously through you for 19 minutes ❤
    I love mine – amazing car. I couldn’t leave it alone though – so now it has some modern stickier rubber, some Ohlins dampers, and double the HP 😅

  9. Tom Marrison Avatar
    Tom Marrison

    The way this video built up, I was fully prepared for you to announce you were selling the Mini and buying one!

  10. Raine Moilanen Avatar
    Raine Moilanen

    Great review! I have 2012 1M in valencia orange. It definitely is The Ultimate Driving Machine. It is hard to even think of a better car for a car enthusiast (it is quick, aggressive, nimble, responsive…)

  11. Trev Avatar

    Deffo a “modern classic”, Pete. A thing of mechanical beauty.

  12. Automotivania Avatar

    Oh yes! One of my all time favourite cars, would love to drive one one day. Great video as always loving the podcast too thanks.

  13. Nicola Bennington Avatar
    Nicola Bennington

    I’ve had a 123d manual coupe for 9 years love it. Not driven the 1M, but I did have a 135i so I’m sure I’d like the 1M 🤣

  14. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Germany looks stunning and the roads look good too.Nice to have a special car to take with you.Good review as always and nicely driven.

  15. TLoc Avatar

    For twenty years I had a Z3M. Rear wheel drive, limited slip diff and 320BHP. Mad car and very capable of frightening you. Compared with my 911 turbo and M135i it was a much more enjoyable car to drive than the two more modern cars.

  16. Tom Ashley Avatar
    Tom Ashley

    One of the nicest sounds, all cars included! It must be a gem to drive! Definitely a car you would want in your garage! Thanks Pete! Cheers, Tom

  17. John Chester Avatar
    John Chester

    If you think the 3 litre 1m sounds good and drives well you should drive one like mine with the e92 m3 V8 installed. It’s awesome!

  18. British MiniClub Avatar
    British MiniClub

    Pretty car! Where have we heard that before 😊 The BMW is superb a proper drivers car

  19. Barry Lee Avatar
    Barry Lee

    Great review Ped! Nice seeing some classics! Btw how do car reviewers such as yourself manage to not get speeding points when these days it’s so easy to get points even if you’re not trying to speed. I can imagine some reviewers have had to stop after getting 6 or more points.

  20. Dave Lawrence Avatar
    Dave Lawrence

    Wow wow wow what a dream car that is & that it must be as i owned a 125d & even that was awesome to drive so this old girl must be unbelievable!! Great review PetrolPed Pete!! 👌🏻👍🏻😁

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