Dream Car joins the Garage…this could prove VERY expensive ! | 4K

It's time to collect my brand-new Hendy Long Termer. After almost a year of running an EV this time my joins the garage and it's NOT electrical! However I fear living with this vehicle could show to be really expensive!

As constantly a huge thanks to The for the support they provide the channel. I am happy to be a Brand Ambassador and the handover experience gathering this and truck was exceptional!


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20 responses to “Dream Car joins the Garage…this could prove VERY expensive ! | 4K”

  1. Sean Austen Avatar
    Sean Austen

    Hi Pete. Great vid. Not a huge fan of the wheels on this. I would probably change to silver or gun metal grey. I also like the white wheels on the van model. Looking forward to your long-term reviews on this bad boy.

  2. Ian Banister Avatar
    Ian Banister

    Looks very nice Pete (apart from the colour coordinated alloys) 😬

    I am however keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻 on the JLR reliability front!

    Everybody I know who has owned one of their LR products has had trouble (multiple & different issues), those I talk too within the industry who have had experience (working with them) tell the same story.

    I only know of one latest Defender owner, he did have teething issues but seems to be past them now…….

    Keep us posted….. this should be interesting 🤔

  3. bryan Avatar

    I like your partnership with hendy, it doesnt tie you to 1 manufacturer, so you can give heart felt comments without risking the dealer being concerned you are diluting the brand

  4. Carl Hughes Avatar
    Carl Hughes

    Nice vehicle and would love to own one but would never be able to afford it. The only thing I’m not sure on is the alloys. Hope you enjoy your time in it and look forward to seeing your content on it. Would also be interested to see about build quality and if you have any issues with it.

  5. Rotorhead500 Avatar

    Lovely Landy! (Apart from the side pod – guaranteed to get removed by passing truck or caravan within your first 3 trips to Cornwall!)

    Not sure George is quite up on his Landy history though… Defender wasn’t around 75yrs ago! 😁

  6. GRfourfun Avatar

    Firstly did you mention Joe’s thoughts on the design ☺️😉
    Absolutely love the new long termer, I think it looks stunning, wheels work in the daylight too as I was on the fence in the handover bay. Always wanted to know what these Defenders are really like and I can’t wait for your thoughts on it.

  7. Stuart McKnight Avatar
    Stuart McKnight

    Congrats Peter, saw the same model/colour in my local JLR while getting my IPACE serviced. No more Jaguar cars on the floor at my dealer though – they will be transitioning to just Land Rover as Jaguar goes full EV. They will still provide warranty services to Jaguar vehicles (including mine) but that is an interesting turn here in the US. Not sure if the UK dealers are the same. Basically I think the dealership looked at the Jaguar sales as a proportion of total business and decided it wasn’t an ROI going forward. Interesting times. May have to switch out the old LR3 and IPACE for a Defender too.

  8. Trevor Gilson Avatar
    Trevor Gilson

    Brilliant long termer Pete. I hope it stands you in good stead enough for you to get one as a keeper. Let me know if you want a second opinion when you’ve done with it, just to compare it with the Series 2A I once had – I’ll certainly have it for a few months😊. It’ll be interesting to see if your cycle carrier fits on the back with the spare wheel carrier fitted to the rear door. Enjoy.

  9. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    I really like that colour! Looking forward to seeing your whole Ped Family enjoying camping trips if you’re so inclined. Safe travels, always!

  10. Mason & Motors Avatar
    Mason & Motors

    This is quite brave of them? Aren’t LR bottom of the reliability survey right now?

  11. Rhys Picton Avatar
    Rhys Picton

    Keep the varied content coming 👍🏻 far too few focus on ‘everyday’ cars (although not sure your new Defender quite falls into this category given its cost!! 😂)

  12. Dave G Avatar
    Dave G

    Well, this is going to be interesting! What will the reliability be I wonder? Looking forward to this one! D

  13. john coleman Avatar
    john coleman

    Love the look of the new daily Pete though might not go for diesel. Colour coded wheels look great. Hope you enjoy it M8, cheers, John.

  14. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    Being a huge JLR fan and guessing correctly this was going to be your new long termer I am fairly smug and extremely jealous. I was not a big fan of the colour scheme after seeing three of them parked up outside Jaguar, Hillington just outside Glasgow but after seeing one parked outside the house of one of the keepers on the Royal Estate at Balmoral it certainly looked right at home in that situ. Having driven three different iterations of the new Defender including a bit of serious off roading in a snow storm I think I am sufficiently qualified to say it is just an epic car and it would be first in my dream garage on winning the lottery. Enjoy.

  15. Reginald Henry Avatar
    Reginald Henry

    Nice! I would be interested in hearing about the reliability of the car, we owned a Discovery and a Range Rover they were great cars but they both spent more time in the garage than on the road. Congratulations drive safely.

  16. Steve E Avatar
    Steve E

    Nice one Pete, however if you do end up buying one, especially the 75th anniversary edition, I would take it straight to Urban Automotive and see the twist they have done on it. It’s very respectful but looks absolutely stunning (in my opinion obviously, everyone will have their own thoughts though) either way I’m sure this is going to end up being very expensive

  17. Car Mad Dad Avatar
    Car Mad Dad

    Congrats on the new LT car PP – love the spec on her!
    Be interested to see your thoughts… currently trying to talk the wifey OUT of a RRS for one of these 😮

  18. Naturshoot Avatar

    The D300 is a peach of an engine, and even makes a nice noise for a diesel! Smooth as silk, you’ll love it. Silver wheels would look better and match the other silver bits outside. Hope you do the LR Experience as well.

  19. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Fantastic.Absolutely stunning vehicle.I was raised with Land Rovers and have always had a soft spot for them.I really like the interior.Especially the centre console that reminds me so much of the series 2a that my dad had in the early seventies.Looking forward to some great vids on this one.

  20. Clare Leaton Avatar
    Clare Leaton

    Stunning looking vehicle. The spare wheel cover needs straightening up though 🤪😂 I look forward to future videos 👍🏻

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