Creating enabling environments for electric vehicles in African countries

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Transport presently comprises 10 percent of Africa's total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which is anticipated to increase with urbanization and rising incomes. Checking out the six countries that comprise around 70 percent of sub-Saharan Africa's yearly automobile sales -South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nigeria works.
There is some progress in the form of some tax and financial rewards for the uptake of in Kenya and Rwanda and naturally SA and Egypt as vehicle manufacturing countries are being cautious to safeguard regional market.

Some crucial things African countries need to consider
1 Supporting electricity grids and addressing high tariffs.
▪ # are a medium to long-lasting strategy as energy capacity grows
▪ Charging throughout off-peak hours at lower tariffs
▪ Roof #solar charging
▪ Long-term shift to to capitalize on

2 Charging infrastructure and dealing with bad roadways.
✅ Some motion in Kenya looking for to pilot facilities & Morocco set up incredibly chargers.

3 Tax and financial incentives
▪ Upfront expenses are high.
▪ #climatefinance and de-risking credit guarantees will contribute.
✅ Movement in Kenya and Rwanda on this, though not enough.

4 Innovating local production and supply chains
✅ Movement in Kenya & Rwanda with in your area assembled e-motorcycles & in your area produced e-buses in Uganda.

5 Reviewing counter-productive policies on importation of low-grade second-hand ICEs and low-grade fuel.

Opportunities for employment creation
✅ Diagnostics.
✅ Battery innovations, charging and switching stations.
✅ Regional assemblage short-term and manufacture in the long-lasting.
✅ Recycling: presently recycling of lithium-ion batteries is only at 5% internationally. Africa let's innovate #circulareconomy

Things to watch out for:
✅ Concentrate on the masses, e -2 wheelers, in the kind on minibuses, Light Rails, and Bus Rapid Transits.
Research into the depreciation of pre-owned EVs to ensure African countries aren't discarding grounds for obsolete used EVs from the west.
DRC, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa, will provide raw materials used in battery production such as lithium, copper and cobalt. Required to secure ethical mining and sustainable mining practices that empower neighborhoods


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