Corvette Z06 review: The most powerful NA V8 in the WORLD!

Thanks to Jesse for lending us his :

Meet the brand-new !

It's the hardcore, track-focused variation of the routine C8 , and Mat's about to learn just what's changed over the basic car.

Beginning with the style, there's more than just some brand-new badging to help the stand out from the routine C8. In advance there are some bigger air intakes (to assist cool the bigger radiators) together with a bigger, extending splitter. Along the side the wheel arches protrude even more to help house the bigger & larger wheels, while there's likewise extended side skirts and bigger air intakes. Then around the back, the twin tailpipes from the C8 have actually been combined to make quad tailpipes in the centre of the vehicle, and a gurney flap has also been contributed to the rear spoiler.

It's a different story on the inside, though, with just a handful of modifications to be found. The steering wheel now features Z06 badging, and it's possible to upgrade it to consist of some carbon fibre. Some new figure-hugging sports seats have actually been included, and there are Z06 kick plates on either side … However that's your lot! Otherwise, it's the very same as the regular C8.

However naturally, the most significant modification includes the engine. Regardless of the Z06 having a smaller-sized engine than the C8 (with the 6.2-litre NA V8 switching for a 5.5-litre NA V8), it has a lot more power. You see, this is no routine V8 … Chevrolet have taken a Ferrari 458 engine, reverse-engineered it, and given it 100hp more. As a result, the Z06 pumps out an eye-watering 670hp, making it the most powerful naturally-aspirated V8 on the planet!!

The Z06 starts from around $100,000, which is around $40,000 more than the regular C8 . So is it worth it? You'll need to stick to Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:36 Engine
01:26 0-60mph
05:28 Brakes
05:51 Chassis
06:08 Driving
08:47 Style
09:58 Interior
10:32 Boot
11:42 5 Annoying Things
14:26 5 Cool Features
16:05 Verdict

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68 responses to “Corvette Z06 review: The most powerful NA V8 in the WORLD!”

  1. Juul Avatar

    Can’t wait for this to have a 50% MSRP markup!!

    1. Master Olu Avatar
      Master Olu

      😂….. they already have that. Literally every one on the market are 100k over. They list it for whatever b.s price, but when you can in……. it’s 100k over.

    2. technom3 Avatar

      They only do about 40k over now.

    3. Lone Rider Avatar
      Lone Rider

      Cars guys laughing at the clowns who buy it😂

    4. pator fllied Avatar
      pator fllied

      so sharp more than what.

  2. ahasif Avatar

    Matt reviewing cars is just watching a kid in a candy shop

    1. Jessica Dion Avatar
      Jessica Dion

      Z06 V8 candy

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Jessica DionZ06 C5 candy too.

    3. Jessica Dion Avatar
      Jessica Dion

      @Purwanti Allan Got it

  3. Jacob Rev Avatar
    Jacob Rev

    The corvette Z06 is such a amazing sound

    1. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
      Jesse Iwuji

      Thank you!!

    2. Jacob Rev Avatar
      Jacob Rev

      @Jesse Iwuji you welcome

  4. Nico 27 Avatar
    Nico 27

    Mat needs to test the Z07 Package on Track it will show the full potential of this car 🔥

    1. James Carabajal Avatar
      James Carabajal

      I agree

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The ZR1 CORVETTE C8 when it unveiled maybe gonna priced $500.000.

    3. Nico 27 Avatar
      Nico 27

      ​@Purwanti AllanIf they gonna make a ZR1 they have to top this thing first than they can talk about the price 👀

    4. 992 Turbo S Avatar
      992 Turbo S

      More than a full second slower than the claimed 0-60 times? C’mon, that’s ridiculous.

    5. Plup Avatar

      @992 Turbo S American manufacturers often use 1ft rollout. Like the Model S plaid doesn’t really do 1.99 seconds.

  5. Chartreux Avatar

    I’ve seen these tested on the Nürburgring here in Germany quite a while ago and with cameo. Too bad they cost almost double the Price here in Europe than what they cost in the USA.
    That said, the sound of the V8 is spectacular, it sounds more like an Italian V8 from a Ferrari than the typical deep growling Muscle Car V8 you’re used to from American Cars. And i think it fits the Car much better than the normal deep rumbling V8.
    Glad to see the USA in general building more Supercars, now i hope also that Dodge brings the Viper back.

    Prost & Cheers from the Bavarian Alps

    1. Kian Grey Avatar
      Kian Grey

      Oh they cost double the price here too lol

    2. BeyerT1 Avatar

      It sounds decent, but just like the Mustang V8, sounds like it’s running on gravel at higher rpm. It just doesn’t have the silky smoothness of the Ferrari V8’s.

    3. Real Talk Real Things Ent. Avatar
      Real Talk Real Things Ent.

      @BeyerT1right it does, but they even quoted that Chevy is trying to go Ferrari style and feel.

    4. Bear Lemley Avatar
      Bear Lemley

      Yea this a car for the ring. These silly show think the best car is one that accelerate 0-100. Silly.

  6. Jason Hardy Avatar
    Jason Hardy

    It didn’t look like traction was the problem Matt. It felt like the car was hanging in low revs for a second or more before really getting going on every run. I’d be interested in seeing someone get 2.6 seconds . Thanks for the review as always.

    1. auwz66 Avatar

      Yeah sounded to me like it needed at least 1000 rpm more on the launch, was well down in the revs. Clutch engage time also sounded quite long. My guess is the claimed time was done with revised s/w.

    2. Jessica Dion Avatar
      Jessica Dion

      Dragtimes did 2.7 secs

    3. Lukas Avatar

      @Jessica Dion Bro they almost ran down mount everest lmao. That is not a legit way to measure acceleration. Also they only displayed numbers god knows if they are even right instead of showing a draggy or some sort of gps acceleration meter device.

  7. AoToGo Avatar

    This version looks stunning, sounds great, probably the best mainstream US sporty car! 👏👍😀

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree. Also even rivalling Audi Lemans Quattro.

    2. raz beats Avatar
      raz beats

      U mean Ferrari 😂

  8. Michael Gomes Avatar
    Michael Gomes

    When launching the zo6 you have to dial
    Up or down the amount of clutch slip the computer allows. It sounds like in the video they have it on the higher setting . Dial it down and it will lock up harder

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The sound of Z06 Corvette C8 looked like sound from Pagani Zonda C12S.

    2. Davie Dave Avatar
      Davie Dave

      @Purwanti Allan What did I just read. A sound cannot look like something, nor does it sound like a Pagani. It sounds like a Ferrari 458

    3. Josh Perkins Avatar
      Josh Perkins


  9. marksapollo Avatar

    What an engine noise! Looks really cool in Jesse’s spec too. Nice car. But that engine noise wow! 😮 like an extra angry Ferrari.

    1. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
      Jesse Iwuji

      Haha 👌🏾👌🏾

  10. JulliaStark Avatar

    Those wheels look amazing 😍

    1. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
      Jesse Iwuji

      Thank you!

    2. ECHO Avatar

      ​@Jesse Iwujiits a p*rn bot lol

    3. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
      Jesse Iwuji

      @ECHO lmao

    4. NewEra0G Avatar

      Look like BBS FI…..

  11. Bob Grant-beer Avatar
    Bob Grant-beer

    Nice work Matt! It would be Quicker 0-60 with the Roof on and Windows up, me thinks. 🇬🇧🤙🇺🇸

    1. sinfulta Avatar

      I’ve had a few coupes. The wind drag is bad with the targa off. I’ve shaved 5-6 tenths on average with it on.

    2. giovanni Avatar

      He had the windows up tho

    3. sinfulta Avatar

      @giovanni It’s the wind coming up and over. He even mentions it in the video his hair getting messed up. It’s a TON of force pushing the air to behind the back of the front seats where the glass is. It’s basically like a giant cup strapped to behind you catching air.

  12. J024 Avatar

    Matt becomes instant mates with everyone, i love it.

    1. morrice Avatar

      its called being social XD. luv it too

  13. John Nicholas Avatar
    John Nicholas

    Jesse has been very generous with YouTubers testing his car. Hopefully Chevy is giving him some nice perks for being such a great ambassador.

    1. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
      Jesse Iwuji

      🎉🎉 thank you sir!

    2. Mike Avatar

      Jesse is an impressive person, but let’s be honest, his family probably has wealth we’ll never comprehend.

    3. The illiterate librarian Avatar
      The illiterate librarian

      @Mikedoesnt seem like it. He was a marine. Anyone born rich wouldn’t be a marine. Dont assume

    4. InterPublik Avatar

      @The illiterate librarian You just made an assumption with that statement lol

    5. The illiterate librarian Avatar
      The illiterate librarian

      @InterPublik i just assumed he was not born rich, correct lol. Kinda giving him the benefit of the doubt that he became successful through hard work not being born rich thats all

  14. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
    Jesse Iwuji

    Thank you for having me on the show and using my C8 Z06! It was a fun day!!

    1. SUPERIOR Avatar

      thank you for letting us see this beautiful car on carwow
      You have great taste

    2. Mechadondada Avatar

      Is your C8 going to be on every YT channel? Keep it away from those Donut maniacs.

    3. Oskar Niklas Avatar
      Oskar Niklas

      You look so happy with your car, I wish I could experience the same feeling one day, you know, driving my very own sports car 😃

    4. Sean Fein Avatar
      Sean Fein

      Well done for owning one of these mate, enjoy it ! Every single one of us would love to have this car in our garage

    5. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
      Jesse Iwuji

      @Sean Fein thank you sir!

  15. Thereal MVP Avatar
    Thereal MVP

    I’m happy this car was featured on the channel ,they did great with it ,sounds so good and looks gorgeous ,many said they’d love to own it .Usually I don’t give a damn but I followed Jesse on ig ,he’s a nascar driving ,awesome dude .

  16. Niko Sky Avatar
    Niko Sky

    Jesse is a awesome dude with a great heart. Thank you jesse for showing us your beautiful car and being a big part of the c8 community.

    1. Jesse Iwuji Avatar
      Jesse Iwuji

      Thank you!

  17. Khalifa Al Khoori Avatar
    Khalifa Al Khoori

    Awesome wheels. Suits the car so well. Good job

  18. Stefan Rose Avatar
    Stefan Rose

    Absolutely gorgeous car, colour suits it perfect too. And the noise.. well 🤤

    1. Stefan Rose Avatar
      Stefan Rose

      The standard Corvette looks horrendous in comparison. So out of proportion.

  19. marcoxtv Avatar

    Those wheels and the lack of spoiler on this specific model is beautiful

    1. Trader1618 Avatar

      Yea the spec is perfect

  20. Pete Doyle Avatar
    Pete Doyle

    Cannot believe how much better this looks than the standard c8. What an upgrade!

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