Cheapest BRABUS v Expensive BRABUS: DRAG RACE

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … Thanks to @MarkMcCann64 for

joining us for this race!

fans, we have actually got you with this one!

We have actually brought Mark McCann together with his GLE , and he's about to face off versus the you can buy – and it's a # 1!

So let's see how the two stack up. Beginning with the GLE, it's loading an almighty 6-litre twin-turbo V8 that can produce 850hp and 1,450 Nm of torque. It's pretty heavy, mind, can be found in at 2,350 kg, and its power is sent out to all 4 wheels by means of a 7-speed automated transmission.

And then we have the # 1. It's equipped with 2 electric motors, and these integrate to produce 428hp and 584Nm. In terms of weight, lighter than the GLE, although it's still a bit heavy. It tips the scales at 1,900 kg.

So it's a ₤ 44,000 BRABUS vs a ₤ 180,000 BRABUS. Will it be an easy win for the EV? There's just one way to find out … LET'S RACE!

Mat's EV deal:

Mark crashes his Lambo Sterrato:

BRABUS 911 Turbo S evaluation:

EV Homepage:


71 responses to “Cheapest BRABUS v Expensive BRABUS: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which BRABUS would you choose? VOTE below!

    1. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Smart #1 BRABUS!

    2. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: BRABUS 850!

    3. Supreme Guardian Avatar
      Supreme Guardian

      Brabus Smart #1

    4. KingDec Avatar


    5. Sourav Paul Avatar
      Sourav Paul


  2. FPSkillerPC Avatar

    More like 500hp than 850 hp

    1. Feminism Avatar

      950hp trash engine

    2. Tobias Långström Avatar
      Tobias Långström

      First of all, who owns a Brabus that is not willing to perform service in time. +50 days due😳 maybe it’s in some kind of limp mode for safety reason.

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Feminismfor me more like 555 and not 850.😂

    4. potato Avatar


    5. Larry C Avatar
      Larry C

      Then how many HP is the EV?

  3. YouAreMopped Avatar

    Mark is such a good sport and good dude for bringing his awesome cars for our entertainment. Thanks Mark.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


  4. Papacrumbs_ Avatar

    getting gapped by smart surely is embarrassing putting into consideration the GLE had 800+hp

    1. Tirtha Pattanayak Avatar
      Tirtha Pattanayak

      Now I have doubts about the merc having more than 800hp.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Tirtha Pattanayakwell this car never go above 500 theoretically.

    3. lambo9286 Avatar

      @Purwanti Allanit has more then 500hp stock

    4. Larry C Avatar
      Larry C

      💰 vs 💰 = Embarrassing

  5. Carswith-K Avatar

    There is no way that GLE is actually putting down 850 hp and more than 1000 Nm, something wrong with it

    1. Josh Walker Avatar
      Josh Walker

      Yeah definitely, its gotten dogged in every video its been in. Definitely something wrong with it

    2. Soul&Mind  Avatar

      Nahh its defo got the stock hp they just lie it’s got the stock power

    3. Conor Avatar

      500 hp max lol

    4. Hornet☄️ Avatar

      When measuring engine power expressed in HP and torque in NM on rollers, they must indicate whether only engine power is expressed, or power on the wheels. I know that very powerful cars have losses in the gearbox

    5. j rex Avatar
      j rex

      BraBust 6.0 ltr twin turbo 850 hp for 12.4??? 🤣😂😅
      My lowly 2012 Audi A7 with 3.0 s/c engine ( ZF8 trans) ran 12.2 with a 034 Stg 1 tune. I now run on E40 tune and pulleys and run low 11s. Not super fast but very quick for 4300lbs

  6. MR E.Bowler Avatar
    MR E.Bowler

    Must be sending 50% of the fuel straight out of the exhaust bypassing the engine 😂

    1. Prince...R Avatar


    2. king Johnson Avatar
      king Johnson

      All that burbling 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      I couldn’t imagine the fuel economy especially when prices are 50% higher or more! 😂😂

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Preston P.well no doubt its cool.

  7. Desert Sandfly Avatar
    Desert Sandfly

    There’s definitely something not right with Mark’s car. There’s no way it has 850hp and especially 1400nm of torque lol. He should get it checked from brabus otherwise they are in trouble for false advertising.

    1. Jeppe Bjerregaard Avatar
      Jeppe Bjerregaard

      Probably the lack of maintenance…. It seems like he is not putting much TLC into his cars….

    2. Linus Schaal Avatar
      Linus Schaal

      since he bought it used we don’t know how the first owner treated it… I don’t think Brabus will get in trouble for this one

    3. Bảo Quốc Avatar
      Bảo Quốc

      *Service B overdue in 53 days*

    4. Feminism Avatar

      Lost for that trash engine

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


  8. Jacob Avatar

    We need to see a dyno run on that GLE

    1. Hornet☄️ Avatar

      Either they are lying, or the output power of the engine through the gearbox and half-shaft to the wheels and rollers of the Dynamometer show different results, some gearboxes know how to “suffocate”, “eat” 20% of the engine’s power

    2. mightywatcher Avatar

      ye they need to get on a dyno

    3. Daniel Boardman Avatar
      Daniel Boardman

      Would love to see that. Even an exhaust and tune on a any gle63 would be faster.

    4. Daniel Boardman Avatar
      Daniel Boardman

      I actually think I see a misfire on that gle at 9:04 in the vid. Definitely not pulling smooth.

    5. ALex Kir Avatar
      ALex Kir

      Having seen the driver’s mouth not enough??? ))))))))))))

  9. Shereif Rostom Avatar
    Shereif Rostom

    This video should have included an impromptu visit to a dyno

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


  10. martjackson Avatar

    Not a chance this has 850bhp. A standard GLE 63s should do a standing 1/4 mile in 12.5 according to a quick search, with 585bhp. This is either broken, or maybe isn’t a real brabus 😮

    1. Gyula Avatar

      Broken probably

    2. parsa mansuri Avatar
      parsa mansuri

      Probably he forgot to put it into the race mode😂😂

    3. Blago Vukovic Barbieri Avatar
      Blago Vukovic Barbieri

      Maybe someone scamed him… too many fake 850 Brabuses

    4. Hebinoplays Avatar

      Definitely a standard Mercedes

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Gyulawell this car broken frequently like Ricciardo’s Red Bull RB14 dont u?😂

  11. Amal Joe Avatar
    Amal Joe


    1. Vladimir Kolev Avatar
      Vladimir Kolev

      Yes, dyno and a redo of the race if something was wrong with it, if nothing’s wrong with it, well …

    2. Defensivebeast Avatar

      I saw another comment saying it doesn’t have the genuine Brabus air filters, if it has the wrong filters it could be restricting air flow heavily which might be part of the reason for its poor performance, it also doesn’t sound the same as other GLE 850’s 🤷‍♂️

    3. Aston Avatar

      @Defensivebeast It definitely does NOT sound like brabus GLE.. In brabus videos you can clearly see the front of the car going up massively when accelerating.. this one doesn’t even move.

    4. Defensivebeast Avatar

      @Aston yeah I remembered watching that video a few years ago, would be a shame if this one turns out to be a fake, there’s a huge thing with fake Brabus’s especially 850’s for some reason.

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Vladimir KolevBrabus Air Filter may do the job nicely.

  12. MythiC Q Avatar
    MythiC Q

    Carwow needs to ask Marc for other races with that Brabus once it’s been fixed, the numbers just don’t add up!
    Or maybe it’s 3.3 tons instead of 2.3!

    1. Gonzo Gonzalez Avatar
      Gonzo Gonzalez

      You are 3.3t too

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


  13. SanD Avatar

    Seemed like he had 400bhp max, maybe the service warning has reduced it as a reliability measure. It has to be something like that as 850 would destroy the EV.

    1. mightywatcher Avatar

      any car that says service required on dash would not put a car in limp mode

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      See? Seems like Brabus 800 only had 520 max.

    3. Youdig Avatar

      @mightywatchermaybe the motor got other issue than servicing one.

    4. SanD Avatar

      @mightywatcher maybe Brabus do? Do you have one…

  14. Bun-n-cheese Avatar

    You know its bad when Matt is rooting against himself

  15. Johannes Avatar

    An X6M wouldve smoooooked that smart with over 200hp less than the GLE

  16. NEWBWHEELER Avatar

    You gotta love it when Matt brings his rich friends on to shame them…😅😅😅

  17. Max Kreeft Avatar
    Max Kreeft

    We need more videos or challenges with Mark, makes it so much more fun to watch

  18. Q N Avatar
    Q N

    Matt’s words are exactly how I feel about owning an electric car. When I drive my gas powered truck, I don’t have to worry about missing the last exit that had a charging station. While gas stations are EVERYWHERE.

  19. John Olaoluwa Avatar
    John Olaoluwa

    When I saw Matt inside the smaller car and laughing, I knew he had a secret up his sleeves. 😁
    Good on you, Matt.

  20. Grey 3IS Avatar
    Grey 3IS

    I love how brutally honest Matt is. He ways says everything I’d want to say.

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