Carwow Car of the Year 2024!


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  1. @eponymous7910 Avatar

    Congratulations vulva 👏

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  2. @costisordorin5785 Avatar

    Good job ,Volvo ! Congratulation !

  3. @DoorTechnicianRick Avatar

    Bruh there was a time where car of the year winners were actually cool cars… wtf are those 😢

    Rip car culture
    Thx EU

    1. @quelandil5738 Avatar

      Thanks EU?

    2. @thedumbconspirator4956 Avatar

      It’s good that the Volvo ex30 won. It’s a shot at an affordable electric car, affordable mass market EVs is a good thing.

    3. @alvin67788 Avatar

      you mean EV ?

    4. @DoorTechnicianRick Avatar

      @@quelandil5738 It was a sarcastic thx mate… It’s thanks to the EU and it’s stupid environmental car restrictions that we ended up with these soulless cars…
      And they’re not even climate friendly anyway which makes it even worse

    5. @MinecraftMasterNo1 Avatar

      @@marcramminger7728 A channel known mainly for drag racing sports car is “for the common man”? Maybe you should think through your comment first lol.

  4. @Aatish2k8 Avatar

    GR86 my dream car.

    1. @conor7154 Avatar

      You can pick a faster car, it’s okay

    2. @jawohlbxb3534 Avatar

      @@conor7154 220 hp is more than enough for most people plus its quite cheap for a new car

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  5. @haz_raf Avatar

    But it’s still 2023. It’s not 2024 yet.

    1. @Mia-zj3ux Avatar

      Upcoming cars I guess

    2. @rehaankhan1260 Avatar

      2024 model cars are already out. The model naming runs earlier than the year.

    3. @haz_raf Avatar

      @@rehaankhan1260 That’s fine. I understand that. But we’re still in 2023, so how can they crown a car for 2024?

    4. @parthgarg4906 Avatar

      @@haz_rafno more car launches expected now. So it’s year end basically

  6. @mas5621 Avatar

    It’s been a WHILE since I’ve seen a Lotus on the Road how did it get brand of the Year

    1. @ChaosqueenMaddy Avatar

      Exactly like they made one car all year and it was their last actual Lotus

    2. @lbnewell23 Avatar

      @@ChaosqueenMaddythey made the emira and the electre

    3. @gypsyemperor7535 Avatar

      You must live in a poor area

    4. @teapartyvr Avatar

      They make absolutely amazing cars. (And carry other car manufacturers)

    5. @notagain2856 Avatar

      So, you are saying only brand with most sales should get awarded? Then it would be either Toyota or Volkswagen every year lol

  7. @Jack-bg5bb Avatar

    Was low key expecting a new Dacia Sandero

    1. @Phaevryn Avatar

      Good news!

    2. @sanji663 Avatar

      @@Phaevryn WHOT?

    3. @MrOrdinary_Animator Avatar

      Facial sandero kinda sucks I prefer renault version

    4. @MrMuz99 Avatar

      ​@@MrOrdinary_Animator – Renault are parent company to Dacia, no?

    5. @drunkenhobo8020 Avatar

      Or at least the Dacia Spring.

  8. @saswatdev Avatar

    Porsche 911 S/T beautiful practical and Limited edition manual .

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    2. @QuantumRicer Avatar

      Great car for sure, but not exactly achievable by almost anyone

    3. @hawkeye5043 Avatar

      @@QuantumRicer porsche is trash

  9. @DylenMauree Avatar

    Still 2023 and we already got car of the year 2024

  10. @Misp7423 Avatar

    A car with neither a dash nor a head up display ❤

  11. @stevennazar2102 Avatar

    Was expecting it to be the M3 touring!

  12. @michaeldschutte Avatar

    So tired of boring SUV’s and electric cars. The 911 ST is the clear winner

    1. @darthgroot9130 Avatar

      But it is entirely impractical and almost unattainable for most people

  13. @dipanshugupta1606 Avatar

    Anyone remember how fun and exciting Top gear awards and car of the year used to be? And then we have this

  14. @davidnjuguna9477 Avatar

    That was a nobrainer. At that price point and for what it offers, it will be a sure hit. It’s a big step in the right direction as far as sustainability is concerned. It’s properly quick without being expensive, with good ground clearance and the usability of a hatchback.

  15. @StarMan_1367 Avatar

    911 S/T is the G.O.A.T

    1. @QuantumRicer Avatar

      Yes, but hardly achievable

  16. @jonathanhicks140 Avatar

    Can we have a car of the year & a separate award for the electric car of the year (I.e. the least impractical one with a 500 + mile range at proper road speeds with the air con or heating on as required to be comfortable)? Because the 2 still don’t equate.

  17. @teoginga3344 Avatar

    I, a Romanian, was expecting the new Dacia Duster, it is V E R Y practical, cheap, reliable, handsome and also comes as a hybrid, very good

  18. @NZSmall Avatar

    So the car of the year is an electric car that didn’t even win the category for best electric car?

  19. @jasminderbharij5861 Avatar

    There’s a new Skoda that’s out, 24 edition. That car’s super smart and ticks ALL the boxes.

  20. @DestroyerWill Avatar

    The winner also took out the f*** ugly award for 2024

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